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  • danny41a
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    edited July 2018
    Hi, I'm Danny, 92 kg and my target is lose 20 kgs. I been doing OMAD for a month now and really enjoy it
  • EstrangedTiger
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    @danny41a Welcome!

  • tlblanks1
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    Welcome Danny! OMAD is awesome and it works!!
  • ericalillykristene
    ericalillykristene Posts: 27 Member
    Hi!! I’m new to Omad 72 hours. I have tried every diet there is I’m excited to adapt to this new lifestyle. Add me so we can route each other on and stay motivated and consistent
  • golgoroo
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    .your name or preferred username
    ...your weight
    ...your height
    ...any past struggles you've faced or are facing
    ...your goal weight range
    ...the time of your OMAD
    ...and your OMAD start date.

    Lifetime battle
    July 9th
  • arguablysamson
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  • marcusarand
    marcusarand Posts: 6 Member
    Marcus Rand
    394 (465 when I started caring last summer so yay for that)
    Carbs... Delicious, evil carbs.
    7-9 PM
  • jadepearl
    jadepearl Posts: 2,647 Member
    jadepearl (Geri)
    SW: 67kg on Jul 14, 2018
    CW: 63.2 kg
    Fall off the wagon due to cravings
    GW: 50kg
    OMAD: 12pm-1pm
    OMAD Start Date : 14 July 2018

    Nice to meet all of you :)
  • MendozaPum
    MendozaPum Posts: 1 Member
    Name: Njeri
    SW: 88kg
    GW: 70kg
    Start date: 30-07-2018
    OMAD: 6pm-8pm
  • tlblanks1
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    Welcome Geri and Njeri
  • EstrangedTiger
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    Welcome all!
  • MorningVeggie
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    edited August 2018
    SW: 290 (Starting weight of OMAD was 265)
    CW: 258
    Height: 5'7
    Struggles I've had was stopping my cheese addiction ( 😂 yes, I was addicted to cheese but I became vegan and that addiction went away)
    Goal weight: 160ish
    OMAD time: (between 1pm - 3pm, depends on what time im free to take my lunch break at work and just start my hour from there)
    OMAD start date: July 19th 2018

    Nice to meet you all!!
  • EstrangedTiger
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    @MorningVeggie Welcome! You have more will power than me, can’t give up my stinky cheese!
  • tlblanks1
    tlblanks1 Posts: 201 Member
    I can't go without cheese either. love the cheese.
  • Brendalea69
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    Welcome to all the Newbies :) I also love cheese so no veganism for me :p
  • narasal
    narasal Posts: 6 Member
    Hello everyone, I am mother of 4 kids and am new to omad. I decided to try this woe because I am doing keto and have hit a stall for 3 weeks. I did do intermittent fasting on keto with 2mad and I was fine with eating twice a day because I am not a big breakfast person anyways. I hope this omad woe helps. I am on day 3 of omad with little difficulty. I am hoping to continue doing it to drop weight and also for the health benefits. Hope everyone is doing well.
    Age 44 female
    Goal w 145-140
  • tlblanks1
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    Welcome Narasal!
  • dkayingram
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    Welcome to the group!
  • narasal
    narasal Posts: 6 Member
    Thank you
  • HoneyBadger302
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    New to the group, newish to OMAD.

    HB is fine to call me by
    CW: 153.9 (trend)
    5'7" (F)
    Time was my biggest struggle. Plus the hangries.
    GW: 128-135(ish)
    Started ~3 weeks ago with a not-strict OMAD, still have a slight variation but trying to cut out the small afternoon snack at this point. I still have my creamer in my coffee, and dang it, that's not going away.