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Starting OMAD? Introduce Yourself Here!



  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Posts: 626Member, Premium Member Posts: 626Member, Premium Member
    Hello and welcome to the group Gina,

    There are a few of us who are around your same weight. We can do this together. I am 168 right now and also have the goal of getting to around 145 so you are not alone.

    Start a thread like Donna said and you will have a great group of supporters. I love this group and OMAD...

  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,111Member Member Posts: 3,111Member Member
    I second my ladies!!! It's a great support system here and we're all very honest and open about our struggles and we help lift each other up!!!
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,342Member Member Posts: 1,342Member Member
    Hi there and a warm welcome ❤️ We are all here to support each other 👍
  • arguablysamsonarguablysamson Posts: 1,601Member Member Posts: 1,601Member Member
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