Does anyone else weigh themselves EVERY morning?



  • FatOldManMN
    FatOldManMN Posts: 1,116 Member
    Once a week....Saturday mornings.
  • crawfishgirl333
    crawfishgirl333 Posts: 69 Member
    i do every morning, always the same , right when i get out of bed . dont like to weigh at nite!! no way, if i do and its close to the morn weight that means the next morn it will be less. but i try to avoid the scale at nite. if i get away from my scale too long i tend to eat more and not care
  • trudywc2
    trudywc2 Posts: 233 Member
    Yes, but only log once a week.
  • crawfishgirl333
    crawfishgirl333 Posts: 69 Member
    you know whats sad about my scale, i had did a memory of when i was at 156 and i can touch that button and it reminds me that was one of my favorite weighs!
  • ksmithnh
    ksmithnh Posts: 68 Member
    I do every morning. Partially out of habit but it does help to learn more about how certain foods or too little water or travel...etc will make a difference. I don't get worried about the fluctuation day to day since it can go up or down a few pounds overnight but I like to see the number each morning regardless. Helps me stay accountable and grounds me a bit. I don't weigh myself when I'm traveling or on vacation if I'm away. I only record my weight once a week.
  • MissTattoo
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    It's addicting. I do it every morning and night. Ugh. Help! lol
  • ddkphotos
    ddkphotos Posts: 304 Member
    yes - every morning - and sometimes more than once !!! I don't freak out over it - but it's fun to watch - especially now that I'm tracking everything - I can see trends especially with sodium intake and water retention...
    Also weigh myself at night too... also not freaking out but seriously blown away sometimes by the difference...
    Like today - 7.5 lbs from this morning to after dinner... I think that is my all time most - but it can easily fluctuate 5 lbs from morning to night...
    It will be strange in a couple of weeks when I'm on vacation and won't be able to weigh myself...
  • pangepange
    pangepange Posts: 49 Member
    I weigh myself on the Aria wifi scale daily. I don't stress about the gains and losses, but just watch the trends. (I use which syncs with my MFP data.) Super interesting,

    Hopefully I don't annoy my friends list too much on here since it auto syncs daily.
  • scarrlitte
    scarrlitte Posts: 1 Member
    Yes! I can't help it, either!
  • mandyosetti
    mandyosetti Posts: 72 Member
    Yes I do but I do not obsess about minor fluctuations, it helps me to stay accountable.
  • afatakedavra
    afatakedavra Posts: 42 Member
    I do. And I log it every day. I mainly started so I could track daily fluctuations. Now I can look back and remind myself that it's very normal, and not get stressed every time I "gain" 2 pounds. I've been able to see exactly how my lady cycle, certain foods, or exercise habits are affecting the scale, due to water retention, or whatever.
  • smokinkudzu
    smokinkudzu Posts: 20 Member
    yes, as it is the most convenient time to be nekkid. however, my officially logged weigh-ins are done on Tuesdays (clothed) at the doctor's office, where they also track my weight loss progress
  • klkarlen
    klkarlen Posts: 4,366 Member
    Morning and night. It gives me an idea of how what I ate for the day impacted the numbers. I only log when I get a new low number.
  • ZBuffBod
    ZBuffBod Posts: 297 Member
    I weigh first thing every morning, but that is so I can record the weight on my phone app. I love to see the squiggly line heading downwards. LOL!

    But I only record on MFP on Mondays.
  • gvhunterollie
    gvhunterollie Posts: 74 Member
    Yep, every morning. The scale is on the way to the shower. Some days start happier than others.
  • Mhgretsch
    Mhgretsch Posts: 259 Member
    I don't stress (or get excited) about daily changes, but watch the trends, and I have an "official" weigh-in once a week on Fridays.

    This^^...I find that it keeps me mindful, and I'm less likely to slack off on working out or eat over my calories/macros.
  • messi4h
    messi4h Posts: 3 Member
    I check too often. It seems like the numbers I get are always the same and I never loose. Just bounce around. But then I check my logs and realize I'm on track and loosing.

    This week is the first week that I have only lost 1 pound. But its been a total of 19 lbs over 1.5 months to date. So I figure its time I probably should start hitting the gym again to help keep it up :-)
  • firststepformefal
    firststepformefal Posts: 181 Member
    I get my official measurement every Friday at Curves. That is the weight I track. If I feel like I am bloated or constipated, I will weigh myself to check and if I am up, treat the problem. I also belong to TOPS. I get weighed there on Monday. I do not track this, as it is a different scale and sometimes the numbers are off.
  • sarieth05
    sarieth05 Posts: 313 Member
    Yes! I can't help it. But I officially weigh in once a week. But it's nice to wake up and see that the previous morning's weight wasn't completely wrong.
  • asia_hanebach
    asia_hanebach Posts: 275 Member
    I do. I like high resolution data hehe. I just make sure I don't freak out if the number goes up from one day to the next. How ever if the number keeps going up 3 days in a row then I know I need to analyse my habits.