Diagnosed/Living With PCOS? READ ME!



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    I also have PCOS. Glad I came across this post at the start of my journey as it has some helpful information
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    I was diagnosed in 1994. I can't remember how they came to this conclusion. I didn't start to have weight issues until I was in my 30s. Skin tags under my arms. Less noticeable ones on my neck. Extremely heavy and painful periods. It's almost as if I can feel which ovary is working each month. Hair thinning. I loose clumps everytime I wash my hair but I don't have patches. Painful spots on ovulation mainly. Mood swings that effect me so badly it can change my whole personality. The doctors said when I was diagnosed if you want help come back when you want children. Never got pregnant even though I wasn't always careful. Cousins in my family have pcos, my mum, sister and niece had endometriosis. The first 2 having a hysterectomy the niece might have it to.
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    @cyn_love I haven't read through this yet, but there may be some good info in here for us!
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