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  • CrystalBellaCrystalBella Posts: 848Member Member Posts: 848Member Member
    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:

    That is amazing - way to go.... treat yourself when these milestones happen with a pedicure, or a new top or just a long soak in the tub with some chillax'n music.... you deserve it!!!

    Thanks... I get a pedicure every month regardless.. lol and I buy clothes like nobody's buisness.. I gotta thing for spending money... lol my treat to myself is drinkin this weekend! woohoo! lol :drinker:
  • abbychelle07abbychelle07 Posts: 656Member Member Posts: 656Member Member
    I am just under 200 for the first time in forever! Whoo hoo for both of us! I hope you reach all of your goals, and you are a beautiful woman from your pictures. :flowerforyou:
  • CrystalBellaCrystalBella Posts: 848Member Member Posts: 848Member Member
    Congrats Abby! We will all reach our goals if we keep it up!

    and thanks for the compliment...
  • janellybellyjanellybelly Posts: 112Member Posts: 112Member
    YAY Crystal...what an accomplishment!!!! We are so happy for you...keep up the GREAT work! :wink:
  • BlazinEmeraldBlazinEmerald Posts: 842Member Posts: 842Member
    It's great isn't it. I was so happy to reach the 299 mark , to get rid of that ugly 3 and to never ever see it again, whew what a relief. I'm currently at 297 and it can only get better right ... if ya ever need and ear gmmie a yell. I know what it is to be over 300 lbs. and I know what it is to FINALLY be under :bigsmile:
  • beepbeep Posts: 1,242Member Member Posts: 1,242Member Member
  • Nich0leNich0le Posts: 2,906Member Member Posts: 2,906Member Member
    Doesn't matter that its .2, just that you made it! Congrats on the first on many milestones, keep up the good work!
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  • watch48winwatch48win Posts: 1,671Member Member Posts: 1,671Member Member
    nice work. keep it up!

    :drinker: Cheers!
  • kasukikasuki Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    That's great. Doesn't it feel good to reach each goal you set and watch the scales and clothes sizes going down, down, down
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