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Post here if you want more friends!



  • kevinlynch3kevinlynch3 Member Posts: 287 Member Member Posts: 287 Member
    Always looking for active friends :)
  • timetolosethatweighttimetolosethatweight Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    Hello. I'm always looking for new friends to follow and who can offer advice and encouragement on this journey.
  • ayresome75ayresome75 Member Posts: 403 Member Member Posts: 403 Member
    Hey, I’m in. Feel free to add 👍🏻
  • itskaseitskase Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
    Please feel free to add me i need friends who will motivate this new mom!!!!!!
  • beccam8559beccam8559 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I’m currently pregnant and I have done a few rounds of whole 30! If anyone is currently pregnant or recently post partum or loves whole 30 please add me!!!
  • tjfrey76tjfrey76 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Always looking for new friends to share the journey
    So add me
  • shane2493shane2493 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hey everyone. Been a while since I tried dieting after daughter was born. I'm starting to get too far out of shape though and I feel disgusting and dont want to look or feel this way for my daughter. I'm just having trouble with recipes and meals. Nice to meet you all.
  • KelleyWilliams1973KelleyWilliams1973 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Would love more friends to help keep me accountable!
    Please add me😊
  • inspiredjen34inspiredjen34 Member Posts: 63 Member Member Posts: 63 Member
    It's always hard getting back at it but with amazing support it helps keep you focused.
  • finiteinfinity3finiteinfinity3 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    I’m interested in new friends
  • BravissimocurvesBravissimocurves Member Posts: 129 Member Member Posts: 129 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • bigmac760bigmac760 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Need more friends to keep me motivated
  • Peeps_87Peeps_87 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Please add me to keep me motivated. :)
  • absurdicabsurdic Member Posts: 61 Member Member Posts: 61 Member

    I've lost 12 pounds since the beginning of October, I have 88 pounds to go until I'm at my goal weight. Not rushing it! I'm in it for the long haul and logging daily. I want more friends, primarily around the same age as myself, 27.

    Add me and let's motivate each other! :blush:
  • MishymimoMishymimo Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hello! I'm quite newish here and need more friends to keep me motivated. Still haven't figured out how to add people.🤔
    Someone let me know how that works out lol. 🙃
  • CyberbartenderCyberbartender Member Posts: 1,232 Member Member Posts: 1,232 Member
    I always have room for more friends in here, that needs a hug or a like. So feel free to add me :smile:
  • MachafinMachafin Member Posts: 2,975 Member Member Posts: 2,975 Member
  • MarqiizMarqiiz Member Posts: 707 Member Member Posts: 707 Member
    Not much of a motivator but I'll return a message or two. Add me if you're up for it.
  • llozoya04llozoya04 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
  • BeamingBadassBeamingBadass Member Posts: 1,454 Member Member Posts: 1,454 Member
    Would love some more!
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