Post here if you want more friends!



  • AmyBeth_TN
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    Looking for more friends, add away! One can never have too much motivation!! 😊

    47, Southern Mama who loves lifting weights
  • errorist
    errorist Posts: 142 Member
    I'm happy for anyone to add me, particularly people who are in the UK timezone (I'm in Nottingham) and actively logging their food. I'm back on mfp for the third (major) time, doing it all again. I'd love to get some support and to be able to do what I can to support others. Cheers - Neil
  • hicim705
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    I've been a member here for some time ... RARELY visited. I was a loyal SparkPeople member. SparkPeople is shutting down mid-August and we are all trying to figure out what 'the next Chapter' will hold. Just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone!
  • HerbsandMore
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    Count me in!
  • Apeboyo124
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    Add me
  • WickedFantasy
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    Hi everyone! I've been a member for awhile and haven't really opened up to friends or the MFP community until now. I log every day and would love to have some friends on here to tag along with. I'm 29 and I live on the east coast of the USA if that matters to you. Please feel free to add me, the more support we can get through our journeys the better. We can do this!
  • ezeltner
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    Has anyone here had the Sleeve done?
  • Carried_aw4y
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    Always looking for friends near or far. Please feel free to add me! I’m 40, Canadian and log in here daily. 😉
  • OGJake12
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    I could use some new friends as I hit this new chapter of my journey. I’ve been on this app for years and feel like having active friends can make all the difference.

    I’m Jake. If you send a request, put something in the message box so I know you’re not a robot 🙃
  • Br00klynbaby90
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    Hey guys feel free to add me
  • RaymondKnight
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    Hi all! I lost over 100 pounds in 200 days and have now kept that weight off for 4 years (since Feb 2018). Feel free to add me if you want encouragement! Thanks y'all!
  • JEsTeR_4_FuN
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    edited January 2022
    Feel free to add me but plz leave a short msg with friend requests. Thanks and be well everyone!!
  • samathes
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    Hi guys!!! I'm an active gal with self control issues (I love carbs)! I'm here to lose about 20 lbs or whatever I'm most comfortable with. Looking for some friends and encouragement!
  • chris_in_cal
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    Count me in! Always looking for good supportive friends.

    Hey @Ozzzzzzzzzz How is MFP treating you? What goals or milestones are you working toward? Maintenance? Getting bigger?

  • chris_in_cal
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    BoatMan7 wrote: »
    Looking for like minded friends that can help encourage with weight loss
    What's the update @BoatMan7 ? Where are you, and where are you wanting to go with your health, fitness, and weight?