MFP Biking Gang 8/11/08



  • shorerider
    shorerider Posts: 3,820 Member
    Oops: Forgot to post my miles. Last week: 82.5.

    This week I was on vacation and then spent one day with my sick 5 year old and one day was sick myself.

    17.35 miles Tuesday
    49.9 miles today

    Total: 67.25 miles.

    Next week will be another low mileage week because I am tapering for my triathlon on Sunday.

    Good luck on the Tri! Let us know how it goes
  • shorerider
    shorerider Posts: 3,820 Member
    Got in 35 miles today--did a completely new to me area up in the southern part of the Maryland Eastern Shore, so it was pretty cool. Not too hot either. I am REALLY hoping that that worst of the summer weather is over.