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  • lina1131lina1131 Posts: 2,246Member Member Posts: 2,246Member Member
    Good Afternoon Runners,

    I did 3.27 miles today. I beat my time again. 3 miles in 43:30. :drinker:
  • Nich0leNich0le Posts: 2,906Member Member Posts: 2,906Member Member
    Good Afternoon Runners,

    I did 3.27 miles today. I beat my time again. 3 miles in 43:30. :drinker:

    wtg lina! I beat my time today too, 5 miles in 1:02:07, yay us :drinker:
  • StrawberryMargaritaStrawberryMargarita Posts: 442Member Posts: 442Member
    Wow, everyone did so great today.
    Last night I was eager to do something, so I went for a 35 minute bike ride in the dark. I need at least two more headlights to ride around here at night. It was nice and cool though and I enjoyed it even though I was by myself. I wish it could have been longer, but I didn't have a lot of time before I went to bed.

    I didn't get a chance to run yet today as I now get up and have to get ready to work at my running time. But I did a quick warm up session with crunches and stuff, so maybe I will get the treadmill in, but I think I am taking the day off. I am sooooo tired.

    The boss today requested volenteers to close one day a week (8pm) because they fired someone and so I sacrificed and said I would close on Mondays... :laugh: Ha ha ha. That way my weekend is a few hours longer and now I can run on Mondays. I sacrificed so much already and I have only been on the job a week.

    I have a doctor appointment that I don't have to leave for until about 7:30 AM on Thursday, so I am looking forward to a morning run on that day.:drinker:

    Great job everyone today, wish I was able to keep up.
  • ali106ali106 Posts: 3,754Member Member Posts: 3,754Member Member
    hey guys...late posting I ran about 4:30....did my 4 miles pushing the was nice and cool out so that was awesome but it was windy too and I was running against the wind...................I love that song.............anyway it was HARD! but afterwards I felt amazing! I need to run 5 miles again soon...but I don't think I can pushing my son...especially up those hills......we shall see!

    hugs and great runs everyone...gotta run and get some cute kid into the shower before it gets waaaaaay past his bed time LOL
  • Shannon023Shannon023 Posts: 14,577Member Member Posts: 14,577Member Member

    Well after my week of debauchery, got 5 miles in tonight! WOOOOOT!!!! :drinker:

    Soooooooo needed it! :embarassed:

    Good job today, everyone! :heart:
  • Slender1Slender1 Posts: 185Member Posts: 185Member
    Hey everyone! Did a 3--mile tempo run this evening ... felt pretty good!
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