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5'1" Ladies What are your measurements?



  • cjmilbrandtcjmilbrandt Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I am 5'1/2", weigh between 113-117 lbs. Measurements are 34.5", 27", 36". My goal weight is 110 lbs.
  • sammygoddesssammygoddess Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    I am currently 136 pounds & 39, 33, 39 (Before I had thyroid problems I was 90 pounds & 32, 24, 32)
    Seems I'm an hourglass whatever my weight.

    My goal now is to get to about 100 pounds.

  • akm0615akm0615 Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    I'm 44, 5'1" ( or 5'0" depending on who is measuring), 32:26:34, CW:105 lbs. Lost 40 lbs between Jan 2020 and Sept 2020. In maintenance now so +/- 2lbs.
  • Penny_HarrisonPenny_Harrison Member Posts: 45 Member Member Posts: 45 Member
    Hi! I'm 5 foot 0, 46-42-48, 156 lbs, wear a NZ size 20 which I believe is a US size 16. I'm 55 and diabetic. I have a very clear memory of being 138 lbs and NZ size 14/US size 10 so I guess diabetes, childbirth 27 years ago and age has taken a toll on my shape!
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Member Posts: 232 Member Member Posts: 232 Member
    I’m 5’1” and 44” 38” 40”. I’m top heavy. I hope as I lose weight I will lose it on my chest! I’m 177lbs and a size 12 pants and x-large in tops. My goal weight is 135lbs.
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Member Posts: 232 Member Member Posts: 232 Member
    I was just scrolling through and saw that I posted about about a year ago. I’ve gained 15lbs. The covid 15. I kind of gave up and stopped logging. But I’m back! People. Don’t give up!
  • baileeb2001baileeb2001 Member, Premium Posts: 10 Member Member, Premium Posts: 10 Member
    I am 5'1", 177lbs and I typically wear a size 8-10 in pants and a size medium in tops. I'm a bit heavier than I usually am right now but a good portion of this is also muscle as I do a lot of lifting. At my smallest I was 139lbs and I'm not sure I'd be able to lose anymore beyond that without losing muscle mass.
  • NicolaCross2NicolaCross2 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 5'2 and currently weigh 153lb. I was 164lb 12 weeks ago so I'm really happy with progress so far :) My goal at the moment is 136lb because that would put me in the "normal" range for BMI. I'm not hugely stuck on that number though, I'm more in it for feeling fitter and healthier so that's my main goal. The numbers don't matter so much. My measurements are 41-34-43. Quite happy with my figure actually, I've got an hourglass shape, albeit a slightly pudgy one! :p I'm in the UK and wear size 12-14. I think that's a US 8-10. If I can get down to a size 10 (US 6) I'd be ecstatic!
  • NVintageNVintage Member Posts: 210 Member Member Posts: 210 Member
    I just aim at keeping my size 7/ 8 clothes fitting well.. I don't think it matters what our measurements are, health-wise, as long as we keep our waist size at or below 30.5...
    SWEETS1234 wrote: »
    Hi Ladies
    I'm 5'1" cw 133 gw128

    I am asking because we are always taking about weight but I wondering what is the size we want to be? What is a good size for girls our height. I'm trying to figure out a good goal for myself.

    Thanks for sharing :wink:

    edited April 11
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