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Sixers Holiday Challenge - Week 2



  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Lauryn...way to see the brighter side of things! That's an example for us all! Thanks for posting your :angry: AND :heart: !
  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Ladies...I'm gonna start the new thread for tomorrow, right now. So that way you can find it and know to look for it! I will copy over the latest totals and you can edit as you weigh in tomorrow. Sound good?
  • DebLafDebLaf Member Posts: 248 Member Posts: 248
    Hi Ladies,

    I can't believe we are starting week 3 tomorrow. This is a challenging time of year. I don't expect a loss tomorrow, but hope to start getting back to normal. I am soooo tired right now. These finals really took a lot out of me. I have one more, but don't expect it to be as bad. I have let so many things go around here I think tomorrow will be a major house cleaning day and I will wear my hrm to see how many calories I can burn.

    Have a good evening:happy:
  • nellienell12nellienell12 Member Posts: 325 Member Member Posts: 325 Member
    Everyone hang in there. :flowerforyou: We can do it!! I have been feeling the same way, but I always have a hard time over the weekend because it's not scheduled. During the work week I have my work schedule so I have to work around no matter what. So, today I got back on schedule. New week new me. I have to get my butt into gear if I want to see the 100's again.

    Kristen you are so helpful. I love the advice from you and pedal and all the other girls. You guys show me that even as determined as you are, life does hit you and you do splurge and pick yourselves up. This site makes me smile even when I'm struggling. I love you guys. This group is the only reason I haven't given up yet. Because the fall back I've been on would've made me give up already.

    Anywho, I realized that tonight when I had pizza to cut my slice in half and then it makes me feel that I'm eating more, but I'm not. I even imputted everything I was planning to eat and that was easy and nice to also.

    Anyways, enough of me yakking. I'm typative today,.:laugh:

    I wish everyone luck on the scale tomorrow. If not, OH Well. We can start now, today to have a better week coming. :happy:

    Hope everyone has a wonderful night
  • rlh0614rlh0614 Member, Premium Posts: 73 Member Member, Premium Posts: 73 Member
    I am thinking after my holiday party this week ain't gonna be pretty! Oh well... I have done everything in my power (will power that is) this week! So good luck everyone!
  • drtammdrtamm Member Posts: 427 Member Posts: 427
    Hey Ladies.

    Amylou- the quotes are just what I needed. Thanks

    I love the recipes too! I am enjoying reading the quotes and getting to know more about my team mates.... or challenge buddies.

    Good luck w/ the weigh in ladies. I don't know how well I will do but, I am willing to keep moving forward.

    Nite Nite:yawn:
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