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  • TamTasticTamTastic Member Posts: 19,276 Member Member Posts: 19,276 Member
    I want to be your friend but under 2 conditions....1) I want to be friend number 250 it sounds so special! and 2) I want you to reply to my post with your 7,000th post. :laugh: See my requests are simple, you don't even have to share your rolls with me. :bigsmile:
    I am at 7,002! I didn't even realize until you said that!

    Good grief!!! :noway:

    Sorry! Forgive me?? :flowerforyou: :happy:

    Okay, but now you will have to share the rolls with me!:bigsmile:
    Well, I have a package of 8 of them. I guess I can spare 1!! :laugh: :laugh:

    1 please with extra butter is all I'm asking for. :tongue:
    I can do that! LOL!! :flowerforyou: <
    plus this flower!
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