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who needs money anyways????



  • FloridaGatorGirlFloridaGatorGirl Posts: 43Member Posts: 43Member
    So here is the story,,,,

    I am a single mom with 3 children, ages 13, 10 and an 8 year old who is special needs. And I am not embarassed to say that on average I make around 1200$ a month, I have always been low income and I make it work!!! My kids do well they have most of the stuff that the other kids have, nice clothes and are well fed....

    So yesterday I was overhearing one of my daycare kids and my 10 year old having a conversation. Of course the topic of the month... CHRISTMAS :) My daycare child is also 10, he was telling my son that at Christmas he gets 2 stockings for himself filled with toys and candies... so my 10 year old looks at him and smiles and says "thats ok one stocking is more than enough for me, I dont NEED 2 stockings". At this point my son starts talking about how sometimes he wishes that we had another computer in the house so he could play on his games (right now the computer is off-limits because its in my room ... along with all the unwrapped preasents lol). So my daycare child looks at him and says mater of factly " well just ask for one at Christmas". And my boy says "no I am not asking for a computer we already have one and they are very expensive" ,,,, then my daycare child says "you can get ANYTHING you want at christmas, i always get everything on my list!! and you can get a really good computer for ONLY around 1000$"..... at this point my son looks at him and says ... "you know rob, Christmas isnt about all the presents you get, its about spending time with your family, and i REALLY dont need a computer... I have my family and thats good enough for me."
    OMG i have done something right!!!! I had tears in my eyes while i was standing at the sink doing dishes and listening to their conversation... How can a child be so smart beond his years ... man i love him!!!
    My daughter on the other hand wants an I-phone for Christmas:grumble: at least one of them gets it!!!!:laugh:

    Kids are CRAZY AWESOME!! for the most part! I have 8 nephews and neices and while some are very greatful for the stuff that my husband and I get them because we have no childern of our on yet, some can just be little turds like "rob". On Christmas my 8yr old nephew opened a bb gun we got him that he begged us for and just looked at it and put it down...didnt say thanks or anything!! I was like boy:grumble: :explode: ! But my 3 year old nephew asked for a bike riding game you hook up to the tv and a gator jacket. I didnt figure kids would like clothes too much so I made him open the jacket first and his mouth was wide open and eyes all big:love: and said "Oh MY GOSH!! this is sooo cool thanks summy and rayray-LOOK MOMA me got a tim tebow jacket!" I laughed so hard because I was not expecting his reaction to be what it was! so I can totally relate to the different kids personalities!! lol Hope your kids had a GREAT Christmas Im sure you spoiled them like we do our "kids".:flowerforyou:
    :laugh: ah how cute is that!! I bet you make the BEST Auntie EVER!!:love: :wink:

    I hope soo we are extremely close to them we got the just about as much stuff as their parents got them! We pick him up from daycare and take them out to eat all the time! He spent the night with us about a week ago and I figured in the middle of the night wed have to take him home but nope he didnt even cry for his parents or when I told him it was bed time!
  • Fitness_ChickFitness_Chick Posts: 6,726Member Member Posts: 6,726Member Member
    bumpin cause Jackie is just SO DARN COOL!!:tongue: :bigsmile: :drinker: :wink: :smooched:
    nuff said!! reason enough to bump again:drinker: :laugh: :bigsmile:
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