Ladies: Sexy or Not? Beards with grey?



  • doctorsookie
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    So I'm just a little curious and having trouble deciding wether or not to dye my beard. I'm 37 years old and the grey in my beard is starting to become much more abundant.

    Now, I've been told by one woman.. well... it was more like a passive agressive "hint", that I should dye it.
    And then I've been told by another that it's actually really sexy and that I should keep it.

    So how bout a little bit of insight here? What is the overall opinion about Men with grey in their beards? I'm sorta on the fence about it.

    Kevin, is this you? Just kidding. My fiance and have had this same discussion on multiple occasions. I love the gray in his beard but at one point it started to look too much like my Dad which was a little creepy. He is the same age as you too. We compromised by trimming it up. Now he can have the sexy sophisticated gray without the creepy effect. LOL Keep the gray; it shows character.
  • Sarahs2576
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    I prefer it natural with the grey.....Just for Men beard dye looks odd.
  • JG762
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    If you're not proud of it shave it off!
  • I just like beards, whether they're salt and peppered or rainbow dyed. Beards are fabulous.
  • lessofme43
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    married to one with very grey/silver hair, mustache and beard, and it just makes ME look younger ;)
  • I love it! So sexy.
  • udinth
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    All these positive responses are making me feel VERY good! :devil:
  • moya_rargh
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    Dudes do not dye their beards. Either grow it or not, and certainly keep it trimmed, but come on, man!

    This post is law.
  • UncleMac
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    Love a goat or beard on a man who shaves his head.........very sexy! Your grey must be very slight, because it's not noticable in your pictures. I think a patchy grey looks bad, but salt and pepper looks hot!
    How are YOU doing? :flowerforyou:
  • OMGoodness....grey beards, brown beards, red beards, it not matter!! All beards = sexy. Period.

    But not mustaches. :oops:
  • SaintGiff
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    <--- Is liking these responses.
  • Lemonshake
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    Please say you didn't go ahead with the dying of the beard.
    Leave it natural. Grey is sexy. Actually I agree with the above. Beards are sexy full stop