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Closet Victory!!!



  • tashjs21tashjs21 Member Posts: 4,607 Member Member Posts: 4,607 Member
    I took most of my clothes to GoodWill. I have few clothes to wear to work. I mean plenty of t-shirts and I have some nice outfits. But I feel like I wear the same stuff all the time. I have trouble getting through a whole week figuring out what to wear. Plenty of skirts, dress pants, and 4 pairs of jeans. But very few shirts. And when summer comes, I need new shorts. My favorite pair ripped in the dryer. :explode: I found some clothes that were shoved in the back that at one time were too tight and now they're too lose and I've only worn them like once. So I missed the "just right fit" part for those clothes..........I guess what I'm trying to say....I need new clothes tantrum.gif

    That is all......wait.gif

    teehee, I know what you mean!!
    Whatever happened to that thread where people were going to switch out sizes as they reached their goal??

    We need to get that going again!! :drinker:
  • TamTasticTamTastic Member Posts: 19,276 Member Member Posts: 19,276 Member
    Nat!! That is SO great!!! How wonderful you must feel!! I am sorry I didn't see this yesterday.

    It's like getting a whole new wardrobe huh????:bigsmile:

    I am SO proud of you!! :flowerforyou:

  • sarabearsarabear Member Posts: 864 Member Posts: 864
    Congrat on your NSV!
  • tashjs21tashjs21 Member Posts: 4,607 Member Member Posts: 4,607 Member
    Thank you ladies!! :flowerforyou:

    I am actually excited to go shopping tonight for a Birthday outfit. (No Max...not birthday suit...birthday outfit :laugh: )
  • ShaineShaine Member Posts: 32 Member Posts: 32
    Isn't that the best feeling when you can break out that piece of clothing you forgot about, and it actually fits!
    I've a few pair of pants like that. I love it!
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