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playing fetch with dog



  • Numberwang22Numberwang22 Member Posts: 213 Member Member Posts: 213 Member
    They had me at playing fetch!
  • emeidemiller1emeidemiller1 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I, too, like "spottedlee" at the beginning of this thread way back in 2011, was looking for calories burned playing fetch with my dog. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and obsessed with her ball. In the house I don't count all the time I spend playing fetch with her, but when outside, I am at it constantly. I throw close, far, up in the air, all which ways. She is on a long lead tied to a tree stick since her nose would distract her and take her into the woods where I fear for her life with coyotes, etc. I go throughout the large yard and fields we have playing fetch with her. I am not still at all.
    So I looked up "playing fetch with dog" online and came back with some great websites. Here is one that would be informative for those who were talking about playing fetch with their dogs -
    I have added "Playing fetch with dogs" to "MyExercises" giving me 30 calories for 30 minutes. Considering I may do this many times a day, especially in nice weather, I feel it counts for something.
    I log walking with my dog separately - I have bad ankles and very flat arches, so walking with the dogs, or any kind of walking for that matter, is a feat in itself. I count my "Walking with dogs" as walking at a slow pace - yes I am slow, but because of navigating with the pain in my ankle (despite a brace) and traversing nonlevel driveway with stones and fields with uneveness, I exert quite a bit of energy just staying on my feet and keeping up with the dogs.
    Hope somebody finds the website above of use. I thought it was.
  • SCoil123SCoil123 Member Posts: 2,106 Member Member Posts: 2,106 Member
    I don't count playing with my dog. I only count workouts. And I wouldn't trust a random number from the internet about how many calories you will burn. Did the site that came up with 115 cals per hour ask anything about gender, age, weight, or fitness level when arriving at that number? Because all of those things will affect someone's calorie burn for a particular activity.
  • SCoil123SCoil123 Member Posts: 2,106 Member Member Posts: 2,106 Member
    Whoa didn't check the dates ooops lol old thread
    edited April 2017
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