What was the worst thing someone said to you regarding your



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    Just remember it isn't just fat people who get treated this way, I have two red haired nephews at high school who are both gorgeous and they get teased relentlessly. One is better at handling it than the other. "Original, I haven't heard that before" "God that is so hilarious, cough cough, no actually it isn't loser"
    It is so awful when it comes from family members and mothers can treat their daughters dreadfully, a friend of my daughters gets straight A's and my daughter overheard her saying to her daughter "God you are useless at everything", this girl also is in the choir and plays a musical instrument, I can't think of a thing this girl could be considered useless at!

    If it is a stranger, you could say "what was that, a rat squeaking?" " Nice, I am so gutted that such a rude loser thinks I'm ugly!, Not!"
    To your family member "Boy you would so be a starter for mother of the year!" To the ones whose Dad said no one wants to f*** a fat Chick, I would reply "but hang on, the same is said of ugly losers and you got Mom!"
    and remember just because someone says it doesn't mean it is TRUE! The reply f*** off! works in a multitude of situations lol

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    I had a doctor that once told me that I did not need to ever worry about getting osteoporsis because I was so heavy that simply moving was weight bearing exercise (which I guess, is good for the bones). This is not really terrible- just a strange thing to say to someone. I really didn't know how to take it. I found it to be a wierd passive agressive way to tell me to lose weight. Needless to say, I got a new doctor- one that was able to talk with me about weight loss in a real and helpful way.

    My ex-doctor told me I better just get on medication now, because I had no chance of being successful with losing weight.
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    My mother, when I took her out to dinner at one of her favorite places.

    "That dress is pretty. I'm surprised it looks so good on someone so fat."


    Well, my mom passed away back in 2000 - and honestly, I think I've pretty much come to terms with some of the hurtful things she would say - esp. towards the end of her life, when she really became much more - well, sweet. I realize that there was a lot of love there despite it all... fortunately for me.
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    My mother " If you would just loose ___ amount of lbs you would be prettier"
    " YOu would be happier if you were skinny"
    "More guys will like you if you would loose 15 lbs"
    "your not ever going to loose weight with your sweet tooth"

    there is a guy at school that i really liked, and he is really sweet, and i tutored him for 3 months for free in 2 classes, every day after school for 2 hours. one night he texted me asking if i knew any single girls. and so i told him i knew a few, so i sent him a picture of my size 4 friend. his response "yea I dont like heavy set girls" me "shes skinny" him " not really anyone bigger than her i wouldnt date" me "really" him "yea no matter what, its gross" and i was a size 14 at the time.
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    Not so much comments, but not being included in things was common. I guess the most hurtful was when my sister didn't ask me to be in her wedding party. I would've said no because I was so self-conscious, but it hurt that she didn't even ask, especially since she had bridesmaids that she barely knew in her wedding party, and it seemed the only requirement was to be thin.
  • I got asked whether I was pregnant by a little boy with intellectual disability in front of a whole heap of people, his mother and I were both mortified because I so clearly wasn't pregnant. I had a chair collapse on me too and my sister in law laughed and said that I better lose weight now, it was a sign from God. Of course I was wearing a skirt when it happened, not pants. When I had lost a lot f weight at one point someone told me that it wouldn't improve my looks that much. That was hurtful. Luckily, by the age of 41 you get to the point where you don't give a hoot what others think of you. Do this for yourself, you are worth the effort. If you lose weight for others then you will never be happy
  • the worst ever wasn't even a sentance, it was a look that a salesgirl at forever 21 gave me. she didnt think i saw, but the way she raised her eyebrows when i was trying on a minidress said it all. the worst part is that the dress ended up not actually fitting! for the longest time, everything there was a size too small- i could fit into it, but it looked awful! that was when i was over 200. some things there fit me now and look good, some still don't. soon it all will!
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    one good comeback i used when a girl on my class called me a fat pig infront of everyone, i looked around and said
    "honey i can change my body, but no one can change stupid, so your screwed!"
    ah the look on her face was priceless.
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    Yea i had a similar thing happend to me at Debs dress store. i was shopping for a homecoming dress and found one i absolutley loved. And i had been dieting, and trying to lose some weight at the time, so i was really hoping that this dress would fit. well unfortunatley for me the dress fit all but the last 4 inches of the zipper woulld close, and i felt like a gian marchmellow in the part that had zipped up, at the time i was maybe 190 with DD's. so i took it off and went to ask the employees at the counter if they had it in the next size up. when i asked, the girl of about 300 maybe 250 sumgly smiles and says,"no we dont carry that dress in fat sizes" So i ignore it and politley walk away, then her and her size 00 friends start gossiping about me right behind my back, when im less than 2 feet away. was not a great day.
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    I had a friend who was drinking one night to laugh & say I was even too fat for "The biggest loser". :devil: :noway: Well, I'm now losing weight & he's still a drunk.:laugh:
  • My sister ruined my niece and nephews when it comes to respecting people for who they are rather then what the look like. They wod make very cruel comments just too hurt me. More so my nephew but I honestly blame there mother. They both had alot of insecurities. They were both beautiful children too. My sister would tell my nephew he needed to lose weight. He was 210 pounds and6'4. Some of the things she would say to my niece broke my heart. So its no wonder they put others down.
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    My ex told me to lose weight so he can love me and not be embarrassed of me.
    The best one: he said to me, while having sex ... "if you lost this weight (moved his hands to my hips to show me) you wouldn't be so bad. "

    O lawd I would have hurt him. Or said something like well atleast I can loose weight. Not much you can do for your tiny penis. Sorry for you.

    Good one! :laugh: :smokin:
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    My crazy aunt (Dad's side): "You're too fat, you should eat only three apples a day and drink only plain water."

    My aunts and uncles (Mom's side): "One fat (me), one thin (my younger sister)."

    My Physics teacher and a bunch of male classmates: "Fat *kitten*! Fat *kitten*!"

    My family friend's daughter (6 years old): "You can't sit here, you're too fat."
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    Wow where to start...? I've always been big although I'm at my biggest ever now....

    In no particular order:

    I'm skipping school...just too much! I'll just jump to college age.

    From DR while doing a papsmear/ patted me on the stomach and said"Watch it giggle! Bet you enjoy mayo and gravy huh?"

    From Ex:
    "Why are you depriving me of being with a hot girl?"
    "If you really loved me you'd lose weight."
    "I will love you for the rest of my life. You are the most intelligent, creative, caring person I have ever known. But I'm not attracted to your body as I'm sure you can understand."
    From Ex's mother: "Your weight depresses me."

    From a different EX:
    After being together for a couple years..." OK, so I need to find someone else."
    me: "What?"
    Him: " You're great and all but I want to get married and have kids and all but not with you. I don't want my kids to have a fat mom."

    Different EX: "I love everything about you but i can't accept your weight. And don't tell me you can lose weight because even if you did I would always worry you'd gain it all back."

    Random Strangers:
    "You have such a pretty face."
    "You'd be halfway decent looking if you lost some weight."
    "Where you been all my life? At the All you can eat buffet?"
    "Geezus....Shamu on the loose"

    Department Store Clerk:
    When asked where to find the plus sizes: "just look for the ugly fabrics."

    From guy at bar after talking for over an hour. You are really the coolest person I've met in along time. We have so much in common. Do you have any skinny friends?"
    (To which I replied "YES I do but I'd never introduce them to an a88hole like him." and promptly threw my drink in his face."

    From Ex friend: "If you get any bigger you should just get a gun and end it."

    I could go on but...enough.
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    btw, i have to take my hat off to you- ive tried Tae Bo and it almost killed me. one day i want to be able to say i can do it.

    You can do it. Baby steps. Start at the beginners workouts and work your way up.
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    With me I do not think its the direct things that people say. I rarely get made fun of simply because I always have this natural "menacing" look about myself, I never notice I am doing it but every one tells me I always look so mean and serious.

    To me its the little annoying things like that my in laws do.

    For example;

    I just started this process and they come down and meet my wife and child for lunch, they all order a double fudge sundae and share it. The entire time they are eating it they are making comments like "I bet Mike is just wanting this so bad" and "look hes staring at it." It was a bit hurtful because my wife was joining in on the eating but not the talking. I wasnt staring at it I was staring at the waitresses *kitten* for the most part (hey just being honest, was a bit annoyed I did nt care)

    Or when I go over there for dinner or lunch, they make a big meal and pester me about getting seconds. "You barely ate, eat more." "Oh I bet Mikes going to want desert" I know they dont mean it to be mean but its just like wtf, shut up.

    My mother is pretty bad too, she said something snippety about how I never stick with anything so she is so shocked I have lost this much.... It probably doesnt help when I say "so hows that alcohol, smoking and 6 divorces working for you, looks like you dont like to stick with things for too long either !"

    What I really hate is getting diet advice from people much larger than me but are telling me I am doing every thing wrong... I literally just tell them "well it is working for me" and I am nice, mainly because most of those *kitten* hats are at work...
  • You have such a pretty face. Too bad you're so fat
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    as I was walking into the men's restroom I get stopped by a lady
    lady: "Excuse me miss, that's the men's bathroom."
    me: "I'm a guy."
    lady "OH! I'm errr ummm"

    @ the time I laughed it off. but it did sting a little
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    haha my grandmother said i look like a porn star made for "fatties" :0

    I think this is cool for people who can look back and laugh or maybe use this as motivation but be careful not to sweep up bad feelings about yourselves guys :/
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    I got the comments in school for being curvy before the other girls, always told foods were not for me and that I should go for a walk because I was getting "chunky" (size 6/8 in middle school), and got called "Quasimodo" behind my back.