What was the worst thing someone said to you regarding your



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    My dad telling me that I was too fat, and why were we buying clothes that were clearly too small.. I'm just going to get fatter since all I do sit on my butt all day and eat.

    My mom telling me that I was too fat, so she paid for a trainer so I'd get thinner. Now she tells me I'm too thin and need to stop losing weight.. well which one is it woman? Am I too fat or am I too thin?

    Me telling my old trainer that I lost weight this week and he goes um, do you even eat anymore? you're losing too much!

    People are cruel... and stupid.:grumble:
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    When I first started dating my husband he showed my picture to this guy he knew. The guy told him I was a "whale".
    About a month after my husband and I were married I read on my sister-in-law's blog that his grandmother did not want him to marry me because I'm so fat. (This coming from a woman who probably weighs as much as I do!) My sister-in-law went on to write how wrong she thought this was wrong for her grandmother to say and people should be judged based on their character and not their weight. I now don't trust my husband's grandmother and think a lot more of his sister.
    My grandfather always makes comments about how I can't run or how I can't do this or that because of my weight.
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    :cry: these are heartbreaking!

    I remember when I was in 7th grade (had an ED and hated myself plenty) some brat girl said I had thunder thighs& I cried for a week straight. Also, some a-hole basketball player in my grade nick named be "Obesa" (My name is Thabisa) Lets just say my ED got significantly worse.

    ETA: I literally wouldn't touch any food for 2 weeks after these happened. It sucked. I still think about these on bad days. I hate meanies!
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    All of the comments are soooo sad to read. Especially ones coming from family members who should support each other. Just know that with every comment said, you need to consider the source. Someone who says things like that isn't someone with any class or manners and certainly doesn't have respect for others.

    You are all already above any of them no matter what shape or size you are!!!!!! :)

    Go MFPs!
  • At first when I started reading this thread, my heart was breaking and my spirit was wearing down with memories.

    But as it turns out these memories have been very cathartic and healing, because I realized that with my children I broke that cycle. As young adults, they have told me that their memories of our family life and their childhood is happy and that they remember being treasured and loved. While I am sure I made many mistakes along the way, at least I strived hard not to insullt or demean.

    I encourage anyone battling these memories and these old hurts to find a way to spin gold from straw, to become stronger and better people; and most importantly, to have the self-confidence to look to the past to find ways to protect and nurture the next generation.

    I wrote the above. It was such a freeing realization for me. I wanted to thank whoever started this thread. Reading others experiences helped me decide to let go of the weight of some of my negative memories about how I was treated many years ago. They have their place in my past, but I have no room for them in my present and the future. I will not cling to that negativity and have chosen to lose them. I feel like I have lost tons of weight making that decision. I was lighter than a helium balloon all day today.
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    My dad telling me that I was too fat, and why were we buying clothes that were clearly too small.. I'm just going to get fatter since all I do sit on my butt all day and eat.

    My mom telling me that I was too fat, so she paid for a trainer so I'd get thinner. Now she tells me I'm too thin and need to stop losing weight.. well which one is it woman? Am I too fat or am I too thin?

    Me telling my old trainer that I lost weight this week and he goes um, do you even eat anymore? you're losing too much!

    People are cruel... and stupid.:grumble:

    Did you read the controlling mother's handbook? You're supposed to stay overweight so that she can keep telling you how overweight you are.
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    I have two gorgeous skinnier friends. one of them constantly compliments the other calling her a sexy skinny blonde..NEVER says anything about me:( EVER and I've said to her before, how come you only say that about her?

    My boyfriend constantly bugs me about my weight. during sex asks me to get on top.. and he just lies there with his arms at his side and when i cant do it anymore I'm panting out of breath he says this is a workout to help you lose weight!!!:(
    or one time he said his ex could easilly do a position I couldn't :(

    Dad web cams me and tells me that my weight is creeping up on me and if I dont watch it I'll get some big:(
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    I had 3 girls who didn't like me corner me at a party and take turns calling me "fat and nasty"

    My mom poked my arm with a fork and said "I think you're about done (while I was up getting a second helping at supper)."

    And... I was getting dressed in front of my (ex) boyfriend with my back to him, and I was trying to hook my bra. I got done, turned around and he said "Don't ever do that in front of anyone ever again, it's gross."

    (I was about 30 lbs heavier than I am now)
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    My bropther told me I was like the fat kardashian and he was the sexy kardashian.
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    When I was 13 I was at the pool with a bunch of friends and my friend Gabe decided it was a good time to point out that I'd gotten fat and had stretch marks in front of everyone. That was the first time I remember feeling self conscious about my body.
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    when i was in sixth form art class, we were randomly talking about which spice girls we would be most like (when they did there come back tour, not when they were first around), i heard the 'head girl' s****** 'Claire would be like Chubby Spice' What the Hell, cow bag!!!

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    I can't believe the things that have been said by PARENTS! Much less the random strangers. I feel like my measly complaints are nothing compared to what some of you have been through, how can people be so cruel?

    I was a stick in high school, hadn't broken 100 pounds when I graduated. During high school I suffered a lot of skinny girl taunting, but none of it ever really hurt because I thought people were mostly just jealous. Fast forward 6 years, late blooming and 50+pounds, I'm meeting my grandfather for dinner at some restaurant - a grandfather I have never been particularly close to and who has been overweight my entire life - he walks in the door and says 'Wow, you've really put on some weight!' very loudly as he's hard of hearing and starts laughing. He keeps repeating it off and on throughout dinner. The next time I see him, about a year later, he says the same thing, even though I was down about 5 lbs since the last time I saw him, and I pat his big belly and say 'I see you have, too, Papa!'. He hasn't commented on my weight since, though I still dread seeing him next visit home.

    People on the subway often give me their seat and I often suspect they think I'm pregnant, since they aren't offering it to any of the other passengers. One lady who I helped find something at Target because she couldn't see well asked me when I was due, I almost started crying right then and there and was able to whisper 'I'm not pregnant, just fat' before walking quickly away. I immediately called my sister and asked her honestly if I looked like I could be pregnant, she thankfully told me no and reminded me I had just helped the lady because she had bad eye sight.

    I once had a screaming/crying fit after an ex boyfriend told me he didn't think he'd be attracted to me if I gained anymore weight. I weighed around 145 at the time, and was in really great shape overall as I did a lot of biking/swimming and certainly didn't feel I had anymore than 5 pounds tops I could healthily lose. I locked myself in the bathroom and shouted at him for nearly an hour.

    A guy on the street yelled 'Can I get some fries with that shake, big girl?' I spun around and told him to **** off, he told me there was no need to get upset, he liked them big. I told him he was just digging his hole deeper and that his bad attitude was probably why he was resorting to picking up strangers on the street rather than having a healthy normal relationship, but in much unkinder words. I was petrified of the possibility of running into him again until I moved.

    My grandmother, who suffers from dementia, asked me when my baby is due about a dozen times last Thanksgiving. I know she really doesn't mean to hurt me and probably gets confused because I talk about kids a lot (I'm a nanny), but it hurts every time.
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    In high school, a guy once said I got uglier every year and since I'm very fat too, no one will want me. I cried for weeks because of what he said. D*uchebag.

    My mom used to be very critical and would tell me nobody would "want" me if I was fat (meaning a boy when I grew up. She used to also call me thunder-thighs from a very early age.

    Unfortunately, I take after my dads side of the family - we are short and have large legs. On top of that, I was always compared to my older sister who is 8 yrs older than me. She's so smart, so little, and on and on and on.

    No freaking wonder I am here with weight issues! And back then, I wasn't even overweight -- just built differently!
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    My husband told me he no longer found me attractive and that just hugging me disgusted him. That he lost me in the fat and couldn't find the normal girl he married.

    And he wonders why we still have problems..... sigh.
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    Oh MY. I only read the first page and these are super depressing. Luckily, I don't have anything like that minus the cruel kids picking on the little fat girl (my childhood), and maybe a remark made by my aunt about my chubby 11/12 year old self in a one piece bathing suit "Are you sure you want those seconds"?? But for the most part my family and friends have been super supportive and let me just say, after reading these posts I feel VERY fortunate to have people like that in my life - my mom would NEVER say anything to intentionally hurt my feelings, even my younger brother, when we fought (and we sure did) as kids, always avoided the big FAT insult because he knew it would REALLY hurt. Guys - don't listen to these d-bags and a-holes, because there's something wrong with THEM for saying this stuff - not with you. Ugh. People are just horrible sometimes but you have to believe it's because of some deep-rooted issue, we so don't need to keep people like that around!!
  • whatshesaid
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    Still pondering this and isn't it mind blowing how these comments worm their way into our brains and our hearts and determine the type of person we will become? I mean seriously, how many of us still carry these around from 15-20+ years ago? I think I am who I am based on the insults I took when I was a kid. Act as strong as you want, but deep down, why do we still remember those comments word for word to this very day? That's so sad. Don't let those horrible people win!
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    My Ex-finance once said to me that the sight of my naked body made him want to vomit.
    Guess why we didn't get married...

    And when I was in 6th grade, I learned the obese...from a boy I liked. :( Stupid boys!
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    My best friends mom (who I love & consider to be my second mom even if she is blunt) is a weight obsessed korean lady. She told me once that she was talking with her friends and they say that I "have a beautiful face but guys can't tell because you're fat".
    There are certain chairs that she won't let me sit in because she is afraid I'm going to break them, that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that she points that out in front of everyone.
    My best friend has told me before that not to worry, "there are guys out there that like fat girls" then went on to talk about how guys are always checking her out.
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    My mother told me that if I didn't lose weight I had to move out because she was tired of looking at me.

    :frown: That is unbelievably sad. What an awful thing to say to someone you brought into this world.
    What a cruel world we live in. I'm so sorry for all of you who had family members who openly treated you so horribly. THose were the people who were supposed to love and protect you. Makes a co-worker saying openly "You have a big butt" meaningless in comparison. I don't have a big butt anymore, but I'll be she still has a moustache!

    Okay, now THAT is hilarious!!!! :laugh: :laugh:
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    Hmm, don't think anyone ever said anything to me directly.... I just felt like crap, and decided I just don't want to continue living like that anymore. So I got up the motivation to get in shape and lose the weight so I can rebuild my self esteem.