500 mile challenge!



  • hbdub7
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    okay i have the ticker....but how do you change it when you do more miles...I am lost on this and any help would be grand! :bigsmile:
  • floreo22
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    i just took my before pictures :( very depressing. but, i was right, it has motivated me to walk even more miles than i had planned for today!
  • floreo22
    floreo22 Posts: 49 Member
    so how's everyone getting on? i managed 3 miles yesterday and 5 today. very happy with that :)
  • mrivera713
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    YEAH!!! I FINALLY GOT THE PICTURE UP! Woohoooo! So when did we start? And how do we update our miles?
  • I set the start date as November 5th! Remember, remember the the fifth of November! As the last day you were heavy! Haha. I'm being silly, you are all beautiful!

    I love the pics idea! I'm doing the thirty day shred too so hopefully there will be a huge difference!

    I ended up getting shin splints the other day! GAH so painful! I even get them down the sides of my legs/ankles so I'm having to ice them when I get done walking. Other than the occasional side cramp, I'm doing pretty good getting in a little over 3 miles a day. Yesterday I tried a different route and got chased down by a doberman! It was so scary! lol

    For the ticker you enter your pin number (500), and you can just add the miles. For some reason the signatures aren't showing up anymore like they used to :(
  • MissingMyOldSelf
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    Should we just send you the miles weekly? How would you like to keep track?
  • You guys could do that or you can track it yourself and we can do it monthly. It's harder now that we dont have tickers :(