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    Hey giriveks.

    Been using kbs for a couple of years now. Just recently re-started with Pavel's Program Minimum and now I'm doing Right of Passage with the 24kg. When I complete that in December, I'll do the full 24-week Kettlebell Strong program with double 24s.

    Love the feeling of putting the bells in the air.
  • Hi , I'm 54yo and restarting my health and fitness journey. I have 100+ pounds to lose.
    This time last year I was around 160 pounds, now I have rebounded to over 250 (Not sure what I weigh.)
    Humbling reality in that I have clothes for every size formerly achieved now boxed ready to wear asap.

    I travelled round the world a few years ago and in 4 months lost about 50 pounds without even trying. I realised that lifting bags in and out of cars/on transport which started as a struggle became a non issue. My fitness was much improved.

    I have Kettlercise DVDs and various kettlebells and will be starting right back at the beginning.

    I prefer working out at home on my own, going at my own pace. Some days seem a joyful breeze and I'm glowing, others more challenging and I can feel wiped. I love doing the Kettlercise workouts and my previous experience was of putting on muscle fairly rapidly. Seeing a 6 pack emerging from under the flab was an incredible feeling and I intend to get sight of it again!
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    Hi, 28yo, started working with KB 35 lbs when I was 24 and 220lbs. I managed to bring my weight down to 185 lbs in about 2.5 months with consistent kettlebell sessions that were only about 20-30 minutes long. I had a friend who was a certified trainer who really helped guide my form and make sure I was safe during each move until I got the hang of it.

    Currently I am sitting at 174, would like to be 160 lean. (I'm 5'7).

    Love the Kettle bell. saved my life, found a wife, and I can see my feet. Tripple win.
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    It's my first day on the site. Yesterday I tried the kettleball swing for the first time and realized that this is what I want to do. I have a learning curve ahead so I'm glad to have found a group that I can follow along with and learn as I go. I'm still trying to determine best starting weights and reps to begin with. I'm wanting to work out at home so will be looking for my own kettleballs...any pointers would be much appreciated.
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    hi everyone.
    I'm in austin tx and a member at a strength club where the head coach is a member of the American KB team. She's not headed to Germany this year though.

    I have been an off/on again kb user, but can't quite say I'm an enthusiast. Swinging if fine, but overhead presses and long sets kick my butt and leave a dent with a bruise on my forearm that makes me hate them but love what they do for me. I think that my tiny physique just is not meant to lift anything heavier than that pink one. Darned things just roll off my 3 inch wide forearm the second I accidentally roll out my arm, arrrgh!
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    New member. I realize this is a slow board, but I'm looking forward to combing through old threads. Just ordered a rogue 35# bell and the Skogg system to get started. I'm hoping that the 35 # bell won't be too much to start. I've lost 40 pounds since August (mostly by running), but I'm hoping to work on my general fitness.
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    Hello; I've been using kettlebells on & off for over a year. I started with kettlercise classes @ local gym, 1 or 2x weekly, until they discontinued them (cost cutting...grrrr). I have a small set (2/3/4 kg), & do the kettlercise for women DVD intermittently. I do other stuff too, so haven't been consistent with the kettlebells, but want to work it into my weekly rota more regularly.
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    i have three sets of KBs at home, 35lbs/45lbs/55lbs. really all i need are the 35s and 55s. I use the 35s for overhead press, bent back row, and clean and press. the 55s i use for swings