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  • Just wanted to say good for you for sticking up for yourself. You will find that there are all kinds of people here. They truly do mean well and have found their areas of focus, and i'm glad that you've posted again despite getting some harsh criticism. As someone who is not on the site at all hours, i totally feel you on thinking it strange that people had thought you disappeared because you didn't reply within a couple hours. I think some people are more "message board" people who truly do stay with the thread while it is getting responses, while others like me tend to go "squirrel" (aka get distracted) and come back later.

    Some of these folks are just here to troll too. I think most have good intentions. I think some of them didn't read my second post. Thank you for doing so. And thank you for the nice compliment.
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    A lot of people find it really difficult to transition when they move to a new place. Since you're missing out on the gym, you might wanna try these ideas:

    1. fitness videos - if you have cable, you can even check the fitness channels and on demand listings

    2. find a park - some place that has a path with mileage listed, and do some walking or light jogging.

    3. buy some fitness equipment - minor cheap stuff (dumbbells in different weights, a stability ball, a jump rope, resistance bands). You'd be surprised how much mileage you can get out of these inexpensive finds. I noticed that you can even find them super cheap at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Then you can take them to the park, and set up some nice outdoor workouts.

    4. Consider joining a team sport like volleyball, basketball, or soccer. You'll make new friends in your new city, and get moving without a huge monthly fee.

    5. keep an eye out for some active neighbors in your area. Do you notice someone taking walks daily? Maybe start a conversation, introduce yourself and build rapport. Then you can do some fitness together, AND you'll have a new friend.

    I do want to start using some videos. I have to be careful though. I'm in an upstairs apartment. I don't want to make the folks downstairs think the sky is falling, so maybe no step aerobics or Zumba. Some strength and abs videos are a possibility though.

    There is a nice walkway not far from my house. When the weather is nice, I go there with my mother in law and we walk for an hour. When it isn't we go to the gym.

    I do have some hand weights and a yoga mat. I have a stability ball, but it's a cheap one. I should really invest in a new one or a bosu. I really like bosus because I can use them to work on my balance.

    I'm not very into sports. I used to dance, but the only local troupe I have found charges $60 for a 5 week session. I have started disc golfing with some friends from high school. It's not much exercise besides a lot of walking, but that's still something.

    Great advice on all accounts. #5 I had not thought of. I have noticed some of the same people on the walk. I hadn't talked to them because I was with my mother in law, but I should try to do that. Thanks!

    If you're not too shy, you could pay your downstairs neighbor a visit and ask if there are certain times of the day that a little extra noise would not bother them. :-)
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    I discovered this app on Sunday, and it is pretty easy to use. I still don't like it. Thinking about the food I eat all the time makes me feel hungry, and now eating food makes me feel guilty. I usually feel tired. I worry that once I hit my target weight, I will either feel tired forever if I continue to track my calories or I will gain it back if I don't. That is assuming I ever get to my target weight...

    There are no factors supporting me. Genetics are against me. My environment is against me. I have recently moved away from my base of support. All that said, I have to do something. Bad weight-related health problems run in my family.

    I have lost about 14 lbs on my own, but it has taken almost a year. I have avoided dieting, but I'm afraid that is what it will take. I hope to get to under 200 by the end of the year. I am only about 4 lbs away.

    this app does not make you think about the food you eat ... you do. also, there is nothing wrong thinking about the the food you eat, all the time, you should, as long as its it the right food and the right amount. listen, just eat healthy, pick a solid ceiling for your calorie intake and stick with it.

    also, if you reach your ideal weight for your age/body type you will feel better, maybe not perfect, but better.
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    You sound like a Debbie downer trying to invite people to her pitty party. Self motivate or be prepared to fail. No one will motivate you as much as you can motivate yourself. Find a reason or purpose to reach your goals, nobody is gonna spoon feed you or force you to get it done.

    enough said!
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    This place, just like life is what you make of it. If you have questions people can answer to the best of their abilities, and your friends can encourage you-but in the end, you have to want it. It's possible you just aren't ready for weightloss yet.
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    Are you going to give up?................or are you going to fight?/// I say FIGHT FOR IT. You deserve it! Never give up!

  • Or if I know I want movie popcorn in the evening, I log it in the morning and eat around that so I don't have to feel bad for indulging, you make room for the treats, and work it off with exercise when you don't.

    This is a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

    Created by - Free Calorie Counter
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    This is the first time I have ever used any type site like this but I have been struggling so bad with my weight and no matter what I am doing it is not helping me get this weight off! A friend of mine told me to come to this sight at least to put in the food I eat, to log in the calories, and to put in the food. She swears by writing down everything that she puts in her mouth - and when she does it she watches those pounds go away. It takes discipline and will power.

    I entered what I ate yesterday for the first time and my walking time. I am going to keep it up and I encourage you to do the same. We will be your support !!

    You can do all things through Christ who will give you strength !!
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    Tracking what you eat is a very important element of any diet. If you don't write won't hold yourself accountable for it.

    I second this, and also gotta stress that while some may think that thinking about food all day makes one hungry, it's also important to remember that mindless eating is how alot of us got into this mess in the first place. We HAVE to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies.
  • It's amazing to read the other post from MFP members. Let our testimonies give you hope. I had to treat my weight the same as I did AA - one moment at a time. I can't tell you how I will do tomorrow, but I can tell you how I'm doing this moment. Don't let yourself become discouraged about keeping track of your intake, it does truly help. We are a family, albeit a very large one. We all have one goal... to better ourselves physically.
  • Let me tell ya why this works. When you have a goal you are REALLY excited about, you want to have someone to talk to about it. Rather than annoy my friends and family who have never had a weight problem and have no idea how hard it is to lose 50 lbs, I come here. Everyone is supportive and cheers each other on. We challenge each other to mini goals, give each other tips, and maybe throw in a little competition to push each other along. Losing a large amount of weight takes a long time if you do it right and can get sooo boring. It's nice to wake up and see what everyone is doing; who has already worked out, who is needing encouragement, who has a big event to work towards...

    If you arent having fun yet, add more people! It's more addicting than facebook :)
    I totally agree. I was all happy when I announced to the family that I had lost 4 lbs and all I received back was "Oh, that's nice." Are you kidding me?!! NO!! It's Awesome!! not nice. My MFP family congratulated me and gave me cyberfives!
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    I felt like you when I first started b/c I have been on every site they make even the paid ones and never lost 1 pound but since I started MFP the support is Awesome and now I am 80 lbs down so give it a try! You can add me as a friend!
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    Explore the actual website more, it will become an obsession. A healthy one though. =]

    100% agreed!
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    There are no factors supporting me.

    I mean this thought in the most supportive way ... but if you are not supporting you, then you are in trouble because ain't nothin' gonna work until you get to that point! You can choose to be your own champion or your own enemy.

    Once you believe you can ...then you really will be able to. And, if you make that choice, there are plenty of people here who can help you on that journey.
  • You sound like a Debbie downer trying to invite people to her pitty party. Self motivate or be prepared to fail. No one will motivate you as much as you can motivate yourself. Find a reason or purpose to reach your goals, nobody is gonna spoon feed you or force you to get it done.

    enough said!

    Ok, I'm going to ask that anyone else that feels compelled to call me names because I was skeptical about this tool to please remember that you are being rude to a total stranger. It makes you sound like a tool... or a troll. Also, grow up. Also, don't post. Thanks!

    Anymore of these and I'm leaving the message boards. Several of you were nice enough to friend me, so I think I can just stick to my page now. Thanks again to everyone who has had words of support and encouragement and to everyone who has friended me.
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