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    so, I've had a few tattoo artists over the years. the one I have now is 9mo pregnant. in order to keep their shop running, she convinced her husband to get into the family business. he is a great artist himself. earlier this fall, I fixed a hole in their roof, cause it was steep as *kitten* and he doesn't like heights. so in return, they offered me a gift tat. it was his 3rd tat he's given me, and maybe his 12th ever. I gotta say, one of my favorites :)
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    Top left, 3 sessions, outline 3.5 hours, color koi, and some flowers 2-3hrs, then color waves and rest 2-3hrs (the big piece)
    I have a cherry blossom branch 2hrs in that I had gotten years before the big piece, and the little symbol below was my first tattoo with my best friend about 15 minutes lol. None of that was unbearable, and i'd take about 1-2, 10-15 minute breaks each session.,
    Top right, music cluster, took about 4 hours, It hurt. Artist was nice enough, but hated breaks. Friend has a matching one, hers is pink. Fun story: We got in a fight and didn't talk for months. Got back together and she asked me if I still had my tattoo. :laugh:
    Bottom left, took about 3 hours, probably one of my favorites, the only painful part was right around the knee bend.
    Bottom right, took about 2hrs, and another hour for touch up work.

    They all need touch up work minus the shoulder cap, and that will be my reward to myself once I've gotten my extra weight down.

    Not pictured, Upper thigh piece, did two parts. Skull and top hat, took about 4 hours, hurt a little. And added girl kissing with baby skulls and weeds up the side took 3-4 hrs...outline was great, color/shading hurt like stink. Can't find a picture off the bat, so maybe when i run across one I'll post it.
    All tats are from age 18-24, no new ones for 2 years...i'm having withdrawals.
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    looks real nice.
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    When I was getting my first tattoo touched up I took my roommate/best friend with me and it was during finals week and she was really stressed out and hadn't eaten yet. Even though I was the one getting inked she was the one that passed out! Luckily my artist had just finished and I was able to catch her... he kinda freaked out though... wasn't sure what to do when someone passed out when he wasn't tattooing them!
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    I am not sure how long mine took, but here is my most recent. It's my family crest. :)sx2vkfcektfb.jpg
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    Wow! How cool! Not showing mine today though.