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    Great suggestions! There is a smith machine and I can see how that would work so you can increase the level by like 8inches or so at a time. What a great idea! I think that is going to work out well. Thank you!
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    Just started yesterday with Stage 1 Workout A - felt really good during but was a little light headed after...needed to eat and felt better afterwards. I turned 50 last week and decided I would really get serious about making some improvement in my physique. Of course, when I turned 49, I said I would be a fit fabulous 50...that didn't happen. Determined to be successful this time starting with NROLFW. I've had the book a few years and it's time to put it to use.

    Start stats:
    Squats - 45lb bar
    Pushups - 45 degrees on smith machine
    Seated Row - 40lbs
    Step-ups -8# dbls
    Jackknife - did them but they were not attractive

    Would love some company if anyone is doing this program. Otherwise...
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    It's nice to see this group isn't dead! I'm currently on week 2 of Stage 1 so not that far ahead of you. I have lifted before so none of these movements are new to me but I'm used to lifting heavier for lower reps (5-8 usually) so doing 15 reps is quite a challenge. I'm amazed though at how quickly I'm getting through it. I get everything done in about half an hour. I know I should enjoy it now though because peeking at the later stages the workouts do get longer.

    My starting stats (I am in the UK so I use kg but I'll convert in pathenteses)

    Workout A
    Squats - 10kg (22lbs, really focusing on form and getting nice and low)
    Pushups - 4 aerobic steps (just below waist height)
    Seated Row - 17.5kg (39lbs)
    Step-ups - 2 aerobic steps with 2kg (4lbs) dumbells (I don't know whether I should be increasing weight or height for these, I think I'm going to stick with this weight and increase the steps until I can't do it/I run out of steps, then I'll start increasing the weight)
    Jackknife - These were pretty easy, I'm definitely ready to add on more reps

    Workout B
    Deadlifts - 20kg (44lbs)
    Shoulder press - 4kg (8lb) dumbells
    Lat pull down - 20kg (44lbs)
    Lunges - 4kg (8lb) dumbells
    Swiss ball crunch - 14kg (31lbs)

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    Hello @jesspen91.
    Thank you for the response. In looking at your stats I think I did the wrong workout. I completed Stage 1 WO A again when I should have completed WO B. It was fairly easy and I felt good. I need to get a handle on understanding the schedule and the order of the exercises.

    I also need to read the book. I’m just piecing things together based on the information in the forums and in the Facebook group I joined. Looks like I’ve got a long way to go but I’m looking forward to gaining strength and sharing this experience with you.
  • ddconney7
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    Completed Stage 1 WO B. It was a good workout but too short. I added some additional set/reps because this is not very challenging. Also did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the rowing machine.
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    Yeah, I find both workouts really short so make sure to do a bit of cardio afterwards. I'm now onto the 12 rep workouts and have been increasing the weights nicely. I would definitely recommend getting the book. It has so much useful information on things like nutrition and a great explanation of all the exercises. I got mine off amazon for less than £5
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    Nobody has been here for a while, but I will take a stab at reviving the thread with my first month's Stage 1 progress! I started out a little random, because my gym didn't have the equipment to to do the workouts as designed (Smith Machines but no Squat Racks, no Olympic Bar, no steps, no Swiss Ball), but then I switched to a gym that has everything. I extended my time in the 2 sets of 15 because I was suddenly able to use the right equipment, though I didn't exactly start over.

    So here I am now-

    (Start/ Now)

    Weight 145lb/ 148lb
    Neck 14in / 13.5in
    Biceps 11 in /same
    Abdomen 37in / 36 in
    Waist 35in / 33 in
    Hips 38 in / 37.5 in
    Thigh 21in / same
    Calf 16in / same
    Body Fat 27.3% /26.1% (using calculations from

    LIFTING (Weights include bar, dumbbells are total weight together)
    Squat 45 lb / 80 lb
    Deadlift 40 lb /65 lb
    Cable Row 20 lb / 70 lb
    Lat Pulldown 40 lb / 55 lb
    Shoulder Press 20 lb / 30 lb
    Push Ups BW- bad form floor / BW - good form 12" incline
    Step Ups 35 lb / 50 lb
    Lunges 40 lb / 35 lb (but much better form)
    Jackknife no change
    Swiss Ball Crunch no change

    So, I am up in weight, but down in body fat, and I've lost a couple inches overall, along with increasing my strength. When I started, I could run 2 miles but it was just barely, and now I can do it with a lot less effort. Yay for progress!
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    Is anyone starting Stage 1?