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    You know what....not worth it....have a great day..
    I don't understand the hostility.
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    It amazes me that you just discounted everything I said with meat isn't going to give you a cold...of course it isn't..,..I didn't say it would....and nothing will fix a tapeworm....I haven't said a thing about tapeworms...I am guessing here that either you are a) professional in which please tell me more, or b) someone who thinks they know more than me and anyone else in which case, fine I will let it go....either way, if you are a professional then please show me the error of my ways....because I can admit it is possible...if not show me the proof outside of master cleanse write ups that show that our bodies can handle the garbage they are being fed today without causing issues....
    I'm not a health professional, but I -- like most anyone -- can access reputable information and educate myself.
    Everyone says but never proves i so easy to say don't waste your time money or health but everything is all put in the same categories and there are many different types of cleanses. I understand the diet and health is billons of dollars a year industry but there has to be some truth somewhere...I constantly see that people believe MFP is the truth which would be great except we are all just people and MFP is here to make money too which is why there are ads everywhere...Not a issue just reality....
    "MFP is the truth?" Are you referring to the users and the information they provide? MFP makes no recommendations aside from caloric intake. As far as the advice users provide, one can verify the information by doing a little homework.
    I read every read this that was posted here and none of them say that natural cleansing is not says things like master cleanses can be harmful well no kidding....
    I provided reputable info about cleanses (not just the Master Cleanse) earlier, but I'll be nice and repost here for you...

    "The best way to 'detox' the body is simply to let your body do its job. Unless you have a medical problem, your body takes care of itself quite nicely, experts say.

    "The liver and kidneys are nature's best-kept secret, because they are the weapons to eliminate toxins from your body," says Gerbstadt. "If you are concerned about certain substances in your diet, it is easier and safer to simply eliminate [those substances] rather than engage in unhealthy detox plans."

    According to Chau Che MD, with New York University:

    "Despite evidence to the contrary, the idea that colon cleansing is therapeutic by removing impurities, lives on. However, these claims largely fail to consider normal physiology. The digestive tract has inherent properties that work to clean our colon. After food ingestion, the small intestine absorbs nutrients and contracts to move indigestible residue into the colon. The colon continues the digestive process by absorbing and secreting electrolytes and fluids while its resident bacteria ferments the undigested food products. These are just some of the many mechanisms in which the digestive tract works in order to ensure that the colon does not become encrusted with fecal matter as some products claim. The black, rubbery material passed on a colon cleanse is actually a byproduct from the supplements and fiber in the colon cleansing product as opposed to old fecal material, in which consumers are led to believe."
    Reviewed by Michael Poles MD and Fritz Francois MD, NYU Division of Gastroenterology
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    HCG... Out. Parasite cleanse... IN!... Do I sense something new for 2012?!
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    You know what....not worth it....have a great day..
    I don't understand the hostility.
    God forbid people share reputable data.
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    I'm no expert but here's my thoughts on the matter.

    Yes, as I understand it you can get parasites from eating meat that has not been cooked properly. However, most of those parasites do not take up residence in our bodies. They are temporary residents that pass through alive, or killed by our digestive system. Those that can remain and use our bodies as hosts need a whole lot more than a cleanse to oust them.

    The best proof that our bodies can handle the crap we do to it and we don't need to do anything other than stop eating crap and eat a healthy diet, can be found by talking to everyone on this site who has changed their diets to healthier ones and had their health in general get measurably better.

    A two day, or a week long, cleanse is not going to do anything for you in the long run. It's going to, at best, give you a brief good feeling that will go away as soon as you go back to your normal eating. This, of course, is where the crackpots who sell cleanses get you. "I felt great when I did the last one, so I'll feel great when i do the next." So you give them more money and so on and so forth. It's all marketing strategy.

    Logic, however, shows that eating a healthy diet long term is what is going to give you a healthy body long term.

    Is there anything wrong with eating fruits and vegetables only for a few days in the hopes it of it helping your system? Not likely, unless there's something in the fruits and veg that will make you sick, which is possible as well.
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