to fat to exersize



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    When I was close to 400 pounds I swore I would nver run outside. So I started working out inside. Once I got comfortable working out I moved it outside and found I liked it better. People will look at you, but that has nothing to do with your size. When people see others working out they are thinking they should be working out there too. Heck I workout daily and everythime I see a runner outside I want to go and join them.

    If your nervous to run, start with speed walking and work your way up. Good luck.
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    First of all, way to go posting to get ideas. The members here are great at helping out in so many different ways.

    Second, screw what anyone else may do or say. YOU are getting healthy. THEY are not. Ignore what people say, put in headphones and don't even listen to them. Look at the ground in front of you if you have to not make eye contact. Don't give them the time of day.

    I agree with a lot of people that are saying walk. Walking is great. It's low stress on your knees and joints, and it gets your heart rate into the proper burning zone easy.

    I would like to refer you to I follow him for inspiration. He weighed 577 pounds at his highest, and he literally couldn't walk very well. He started walking around his house, and eventually moved to the supermarket, using a cart as a 'walker'. He kept at it. He ignored the people who were mean.

    Now? He weighs 287.5 lbs and lost 289.5.

    I read his blog and he talks about a lot of things. If you look at his youtube video, or even some of his past posts about his struggles at the height of his weight, it really can speak to you. He replies to all emails, so you could even send him an email if you wanted.

    Finally, just keep going. Ignore what people say. You're doing this for YOU. No one else. Period.

    Good luck!
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    When I began my weight loss journey 2 years ago I couldn't do 5 minutes on an exercise bike. I learned you don't have to exercise to lose weight. When you are overweight you don't want to do to much. I've learned that it is better to lose the weight and then start exercising. I've lost 155 pounds in the past 2 years. I exercise now because I have so much energy. But you don't have to and you shouldn't exercise until you lose some weight.

    Another thing, don't worry about counting calories, or weighing food. Live a high fat low carb lifestyle and the weight will fall off.
    I eat all I want whenever I want, just the right stuff.

    Read my blog for my story.

    I have nothing to sell, you'll find no ads on the blog, just FREEDOM!
  • hey guys i am having a little trouble,

    I would love to get out there and run every day to start off my day but i have two problems

    1) i have trouble actually leaving my door,
    and when i get the courage to leave the house
    2) i am so scared people are going to make fun of me like this super fat chick running and puffing and dying

    has anyone else had this problem

    how did you over come it?


    Oh sweetheart, I feel you and yes I felt that way without a doubt. I will never forget going into the running store to purchase shoes for the first time being so embarassed that a morbidly obese woman was buying running shoes because I felt that they were going to think..ya right...but you know what, they were so kind and wonderful (this did not calm this). Then when I started "running" trust me it was not really running, I could not run 30 seconds without wanting to die. I ran in the wooded area of the park and if someone was coming I would stop running because I was so embarassed. Slowly I became more confident, but it was hard I am not going to lie to you. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about those early days. All I can do is offer you courage. Do what is good for you, if walking is good for you then do it. If you are not comfortable going outside your house to do any type of workout, then do what you can do inside your house with no eyes on you until you become more confident. The hardest thing to do is to do it the first time...first time running outside...first time at the gym...first time going into a class and man does that take massive courage. But you know what, I promise you it will become easier each and every time. Don't get me wrong, it still sucks and will still be hard, but it will be easier than the time before...I can offer you a big hug and pride for you to want to change your life and ask the quesion. Remember YOU are amazing and wonderful and YOU are worth having the courage to do it.

    Just do what is comfortable for you, get used to it and keep pushing your limits until you know you belong (ya, this took me a while, but feels so good when it happens).

    Good luck...YOU CAN DO THIS...I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!!
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    little by little, start off walking to the corner to just get outside again
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    I feel the same way I didn't even like riding a bike outside(I am not a runner). I started at 274lbs with workout DVD's at home. At first I wouldn't let my husband be in the same room. Now I have lost 105 lbs and have started to ride bikes with my kids and friends and I am enjoying working out and my husband is allowed to be in the same room. But, as everyone has stated who cares what everyone else thinks. If you want to run then run. Wishing you the best in your journey.

    I don't know where I heard the below statement but I keep it in the back of my mind and it has helped me on my journey. I hope it will help you too.

    "Just because someone is thin/skinny doesn't mean they are healthy or can walk up a flight of stairs."
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    Hi..I am Nikkie well anyway i am not a fitness expert but walking it a great way to lose pounds/exercise..i am new to this but i lost 7 pounds already and this is my 3rd or 4th day on this site and i am on another weight loss site to...i am now 267 but i dont want to run either but just take it slow at first then for like 20 sec and go up from of luck to you
  • A lot of gyms offer a one day pass or a free trial day. Go, with lots of questions about their programs and what they can do for you. Workout for a day there. If you're uncomfortable, try a differrent one until you find the right fit. There are even some gyms that cater to weight loss. (Personally, I prefer a gym with mainly guys - I can distract myself with many thoughts while I'm on the elliptical and the time flies by. Many of my friends go to a female only gym.) I felt pretty awkward for the first two weeks because I was over 400 lb when I started; and, it took me months to screw up the courage to walk in those doors (I won a six month membership in Dec. & it wasn't until it's expiry date in May that I got through the tears and did it). I discovered the treadmill is not for me; however, I love the eliptical and the weight lifting. Within a month, I was comfortable enough to talk with people and within two months I was just one of the regulars.

    And if you're not ready yet, the internet is a wonderful place for resources. My TV has UTube, and I can exercise for hours in front of it. Search workout, exercise, etc. I, personally, love my Zumba (and there's a ton of it online).

    The most important thing is to get the negative feelings out of the way long enough to do something that you could potentially love! Good luck! Remember, you have the strength inside you all you have to do is find it. :o)
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    Scott you're right (and have a nice profile picture) but you are right

    Renstwin, i have tried Zumba at home, i think i need to be out of my comfort zone, i just wonder if anyone else had this hurdle

    dls thanks you are right also, <3

    thanks guys
    YUP! I have. Fat and 47 here. I started in here and went back to the gym a little over a month ago. My kids friends see me there. And guess what they do? They high 5 me, they text my kids that their mother is going "HAM" and lately are coming up and asking me to let them work out with me.
    But it wasn't like that in the first couple weeks. Felt so gross sweating like a beast, thought everyone was staring at me and my big ole belly. But now, the more I learn, the more I lose, the more pumped up and stoked I'm getting.
    So chin up. Get up NOW and go do it. Pretty soon, and maybe only 5 or 6 lbs down the road, you too will see, feel and know what the rest of us are talking about. It's not about's about the accomplishments you make a week, couple weeks, month down the road. And you will.
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    When I go to the gym and I see a very overweight person faithfully coming every day and plodding away on the treadmill, I am proud of them for making the effort! Who cares what everyone else thinks..this is for YOU!:happy:

    Oh, me too! I don't do this because I don't want to embarrass anybody but I just want to give them a big high five.

    OP, if you want to run, go fun and have a helluva good time doing it. :flowerforyou:
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    I not super over weight I have lost 30something pounds and I still have this problem. I am a very shy person
    and I fight myself every day to get out there and run. What really helped me was my wonderful husband . For the first
    few times he took his bike out with me and that helped so much. Now I still fight myself but its getting easier. I even
    did a 5k last summer and my whole family was like we cant believe you are doing this that is how unlike me this is.
    Even this last week I went out of my comfort zone and took a different route then I would. Even writing on here is not
    like me at all. But I love the feeling running gives me and wish everyone could understand it. So if its what you want
    then just do it ! Oh and I live on a main street with a college just a few blocks away and all the track teams run the same
    places and most of the runners seem to run my street and they are all so nice and give you thumbs up and smiles. And those
    who dont who cares it isnt for them its for us. Hope this helps you .
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    I worked out (walking, running, inclines, etc) on my treadmill (under my carport) until it died today. Waaaah! :( But i have the Exercise Bike for the Wii and that'll get me exercising! You don't need to immediatly plunge into the deep end and start off running. You just need to get moving somehow. You can walk up and down a staircase (at the library, the hospital, an apt complex) and get a nice workout. Don't try to do it all at once. Remember the old joke "How do you eat an elephant?" A: One bite at a time! so.... just take it a little bit at a time!
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    Everyone has given you such great advice - don't worry about others, do what you need to do for you! But... I am going to throw this out there, something that might not even apply to you. This is a recent discovery for me and I am still exploring it.

    I also suffer from social anxiety. But I am a closet perfectionist. If I thought running outside was the "right" thing to do - I wouldn't want to do anything else. And actually, I would use that as an excuse to not start at all. For me, I think I need a treadmill. I have sat here for years, wanting a treadmill and not actually buying one. So what have I done in the mean time? NOTHING. It occurred to me the other day, that I *could* walk outside. I *could* walk through the house. I *could* buy a walking DVD. I can do a lot of things, but I wasn't, because I thought that I didn't have the right "tools" to do it. But now I tell myself, IMPERFECT PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS!! And I started doing some things last Friday.

    Like I said, I am not sure if this might apply to you or someone else. But I thought I would throw it out there, just in case! But don't let your fears dictate your life. If you don't feel up to conquering those fears right now, at least find a way to work with them - exercising in your house. Walking instead of running, etc. YOU CAN DO THIS!!
  • I think you may find that people will respect you for getting outside and trying. I am also self consious but I have found that most people on my road just smile and wave. :smile:
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    you know what? most of them will be staring because they're thinking "damn, look at her out for a run. I should really get some exercise done, too"! I also think that getting out the door and overcoming both the hurdle of leaving your snug home (big issue up here in the north, I tell ya! ^^) and then having people look at you are part of the journey to a better version of yourself. And soon you'll be meeting other runners and do that nod of approval as you pass each other! ^^
  • I (you) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
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    1. The people who would look at you and make fun/think bad thoughts are either a) completely insecure themselves or b) just downright mean and don't deserve your time or energy. Don't worry about them.

    2. Although it might feel like everyone is staring at you, they're probably not, and the majority of the people who do take notice will most likely be thinking "Good for her!" <-- I'm serious about this.

    Ultimately, you're doing this for you. You need to get healthy. You want to look good. You've got to take other people out of the equation and just worry about how you feel and what you're doing. If you need to start at home, do that for a while - and think about taking walks outdoors instead of full-on jogging or whatever. Everyone goes for walks, after all (or they should!).
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    Hey Awesomeness........You know I was worried like you when I started jogging. Not that they would be making fun of me so much, but just thinking to themselves......"Man she needs to be running!!!" But you know what I was people would pass me in their cars they were giving me thumbs up. Just a little encouragement that I needed, a couple of people verbally told me "Hey you're doing great!!" You'll be are not losing weight for them, but for yourself, And if you worry about if people will make fun of you, that is just one more reason to not get up and got this Sweetie........make yourself a better you.......make yourself a little more awesome!!!!
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    All I have to say is anyone who makes fun of somebody else for exercising and trying to get healthy is an *kitten*. Don't listen to *kitten*.
  • I know how you feel, I've over 200 and short but I get out there and walk and hike. Just ignore people, more than likely if they are thinking something they aren't going to say it out loud and if they do they are idiots. Just go for it!