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  • TerezaToledoTerezaToledo Posts: 690Member Member Posts: 690Member Member
    It's definitely up to you, how much time you have and what do you like to do.
    Cardio is not mandatory, but can be very helpful to manage stress and loosen up the body after a lifting day. For fat loss, a short HIIT session could be added in the end of your lifting session, once or twice a week (for a few weeks only). Some light steady cardio can be done in the days in between lifting.

    Just make sure if you add more exercise to also add more calories to support it. Listen to your body and make sure you take breaks to rest and recover.
    This is a great article on how much cardio for fat loss:
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  • empressichelempressichel Posts: 733Member Member Posts: 733Member Member
    Yes, I think it's more of a question of 'would you like to' rather than 'should' you :)
    It's not necessary at all for fat loss, but if that is your thing and you love it, go ahead! As long as you remember to add that increase in calorie expenditure and revise your TDEE.
    Sometimes people have such a hard time getting the calories up to TDEE on a reset that it's counter productive to add in cardio = more calories.
    Strength training should always be priority, then a sprinkling of cardio IF you like or feel like it.
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  • ibtmasibtmas Posts: 111Member Member Posts: 111Member Member
    Yes. I was a cardio woman but since i've started strength i've started loving it and would love to avoid cardio as much as possible coz i'm already moving around at home with kids and households. Also i would love to lower my workouts so as to find my TDEE as low as possible
  • ibtmasibtmas Posts: 111Member Member Posts: 111Member Member
    @Tereza. The article is very informative!
  • tj0861tj0861 Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    Hey, gang ... Welcome to November (at last). Just checking in; up to 2100, and the scale climbed a couple pounds and has stayed there for 10 days. I'm giving 2100 another week, and if it continues to climb, or stays the same, I'm gonna drop back to 2050 and see if it remains stable there. If it does, then I'm guessing that might just be the TDEE I need to know in order to get this reset started.
  • empressichelempressichel Posts: 733Member Member Posts: 733Member Member
    Hey @tj0861
    What do the calculators give you as an estimate for your TDEE?
    Usually when we think about dropping calories is exactly when we should be adding.
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  • tj0861tj0861 Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    @empressichel, the calculators actually estimated in the 1800-1850 range. The scale has jumped another pound up since I posted on Tuesday, so I'm thinking I may have hit TDEE at 2000-2100 for now, until I can get into a proper lifting program. I have a rotator cuff injury, and a very cranky left hip and knee, so that's kind of scary for me, but I've made an appointment with a trainer to at least find me a starting point. I HATE cardio, so lifting is going to be my saving grace.
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 17,255Member Member Posts: 17,255Member Member
    Always do the math if you think the weight gain is a result of truly eating more than you burn and therefore fat gain.

    LBs gained x 3500 / days it took = calories eaten over maintenance (TDEE)

    So you weighed today and Tue, and gained 1 lb, in 2 days.

    1 x 3500 / 2 = 1750

    So - did you really eat 1750 calories OVER maintenance level calories for 2 days for that to be fat gain?
    That would mean if 1800 happened to be true dead on TDEE - you ate 3550 calories on Tue and Wed.
    And obviously that's not true.

    If you think 1800 is true and you ate 2050, that's only a 250 surplus - that would take 2 weeks of doing that every single day to SLOWLY gain 1 lb. (and not the 2 weeks of the month where you know full well you gain water weight).

    So please don't use your numbers as anything meaningful.

    Fat is not fast, lost or gained.

    Water weight is.

    And remember that if you are going to start a very different exercise program now with trainer - your TDEE changes.
  • empressichelempressichel Posts: 733Member Member Posts: 733Member Member
    That's great that you're going to meet with a trainer!
    Let us know how that goes!
    A new lifting routine will transform your body and mind and will give you extra calories to play with too.
    Strength training is more important for fat loss than cardio.
    As we say, weights to transform, cardio for fun.
    Can't wait to hear how you get on.
    EM2WL ambassador and moderator
  • KatagaraKatagara Posts: 183Member Member Posts: 183Member Member
    I am looking for input. I just recently reached my goal weight of 140lbs. I increased my calorie intake from 1,100 to 1,400. I also got a labourer job with a lot of heavy lifting and walking. My concern is that I have gained 4lbs in one week. Should I change something or wait?
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 17,255Member Member Posts: 17,255Member Member
    Water weight.

    You literally can't discern anything from weight without having totally valid logins with a full 30 days between, to act upon what you see.

    If you don't know all the expected reasons for water weight fluctuations - then you won't even know what valid days are.

    Because of this you can't have a goal weight number - or you'll drive yourself batty seeing it go up and down.

    You need a range - and a waist measurement - which is usually first place fat is put.

    If weight goes up past range and so does measurement, and no other expected reasons for it - then something to act on.
  • cinblog1965cinblog1965 Posts: 135Member, Premium Member Posts: 135Member, Premium Member
    Love this post, thank you Kiki! I'm one of those people that never gets full so eating my calories is no problem but then my brain beats me up for it mentally! I quit weighing about 8 weeks ago when I started this to try to keep from panicking. Moments of panick set in when my clothes go on in the morning and they're tight; but it doesn't last. At 52, I know the low calorie, low carb, low this, low that diets do not work anymore. And I was never good at sticking to them anyway.

    On a positive note, I have always loved being active and working out. EM2WL gave me the motivation I needed to get back in the gym habitually, and now I look forward to it again!
  • TerezaToledoTerezaToledo Posts: 690Member Member Posts: 690Member Member
    Here is a great EM2WL original article on water retention and water weight in case you haven't read yet:

    Tereza Team EM2WL Certified Trainer and Coach
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