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    Li4g - The pregnant kitty is cute. You will have to take pictures when the babies are born.

    How's this?!?!? :happy: :happy: :happy:


    Got home this afternoon from running errands. Sat down on the couch and was talking to a friend on the phone. She came in and sat on my lap, curled up into a ball, then rolled over for me to pet her stomach. I fell for it.. I gently rubbed her tummy for like 2 minutes, then her water broke all over me and the couch! LOL!

    So I took her to her special box in the laundry room and we currently have 3 brand new healthy babies!!! They are SOOOO stinkin cute!!! I am just the happiest person on earth right now that they are healthy and she is doing a wonderful job! Havent had to help her at all. She even wants me to pet her and let me pick up the first kitten while she was switching positions to have the 2nd one. VERY COOL!!!
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    Oh, with all the excitment at my house, i forgot to report my exercise for today.

    Wogged for 38 minutes and about 2 miles including the backroads I took.... to the gym. Wow...That was a first! Then I did elliptical for 30 minutes and a little stretching.
    Adopt4 gave me a ride home from the gym cuz I was plum tuckered out!

    Went to Max muscle with hubby today and we both had nutrition analysis done. The same one that adopt4 got. If you have one in your area, they do it for free. Our gym includes this with personal training, but anyone can get one. Just call and ask. I didnt know it was free until hubby told me he was going to do it today and I asked him how much it would be. The guy didnt have time to finish mine, so I have to go pick it up tomorrow. I do know tho that he said my maintenece calories on a rest day was 2195 calories. Already knew that tho :)
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    hellooo todays workout
    40 50lb leg extensions
    40 50lb leg curls
    40 110lb pulldowns
    40 100 lb curls
    100 situps
    150 pushups
    40 floor leg lifts 15 sec with 10lb ball between ankles
    40 leglifts with 10lb ball between ankles lift to head then back to floor with out touching ground
    10min ellipitcal res 10 last min res15 119 calories
    20 hanging kneelifts
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    First -

    Lulu, step away from the slipper! Ok, everyone, how are you? Exercising this week has been very sporadic a few minutes here and there without any real solid work out time. Very frustrating! However, my eating has been on task, so weigh in tomorrow should go well. Glad this week is almost over!