• cian_bean
    cian_bean Posts: 6 Member
    Hey, another trans guy here. Just started T yesterday!! Would love to make some more friends that I can actually relate to
  • johnlockjamie
    johnlockjamie Posts: 12 Member
    FtM guy randomly passing by...
  • alexelimayhem
    alexelimayhem Posts: 3 Member
    Nonbinary AFAB individual here! Just joined a week ago, after I started T. Please be my friend so I feel more motivated.
  • jamielikesyou
    jamielikesyou Posts: 25 Member
    Mtf girl here. Love meeting and chatting with other people in our lil family
  • lemley2
    lemley2 Posts: 4 Member
    FTM/ genderqueer here! Looking for motivation pals who get that healthy eating and especially fitness can feel a little extra challenging as a trans person moving about in the world. Add me :)
  • ChaosMaiden
    ChaosMaiden Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, I have just started using this site and would love to have some trans friends on here.
  • Frelise
    Frelise Posts: 80 Member
    Hey all, FTM here almost a year on T and maybe 8mo post-op for top surgery. I'm always open to friend requests from active members and I'd love more LGBT friends. (=
  • _pi3_
    _pi3_ Posts: 2,311 Member
    edited August 2017
    MtF here .. feel free to add me
  • HenryFernando
    HenryFernando Posts: 2 Member
    Just looking for trans friends too. Ftm 1 year 3 months on T.
  • lildarkvixen
    lildarkvixen Posts: 4 Member
    Nonbinary lesbian here!
  • Kaiden94
    Kaiden94 Posts: 8 Member
    Transmasculine nonbinary. Looking for friends. Feel free to add me!
  • fitnellieforlife
    fitnellieforlife Posts: 40 Member
    I'm not trans but I have a crush on a guy who's a trans guy.
  • Fitwithit80
    Fitwithit80 Posts: 499 Member
    Not trans but totally support the community :) feel free to add me and hope everyone has a great day
  • Nonbinary here! Feel free to pop me a friends request.
  • MJ5898
    MJ5898 Posts: 1,549 Member
    FTM, 45 y.o., 3 days on T. Feel free to add me for support.
  • ftmtyler
    ftmtyler Posts: 8 Member
    trans guy just started t on friday, feel free to add me!
  • apupeza
    apupeza Posts: 3 Member
    Trans guy pre T. First testosterone appointment is March 7th! I’m looking to lose about 40 ponds.
  • BrandonRay89
    BrandonRay89 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey, I'm Brandon, trans guy hoping to get beef cake results. Feel free to add me.
  • conoriblue
    conoriblue Posts: 3 Member
    Non-binary trans guy here ^.^ Trying to get fit in advance of chest surgery.... I want them chest muscles man
  • camhowe_
    camhowe_ Posts: 2 Member
    Hey all, genderqueer trans guy here, working on building muscle this year. Feel free to add me!