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    Hi, just found this thread a little while ago. I started 5:2 on 1/11, then read K. Varaday's book and switched to ADF/JUDDD two weeks ago (I've since been to Dr. Johnson's site). My ticker shows only 2 pounds lost but it's actually 4 (I was above my MFP "sign up weight"). So far, so good. Not too hard to get through the DD's and am trying to hold the UD's around my maintenance weight here on MFP. Nice to meet you all!
  • jchrisman717
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    I'm interested in trying this and seeing if anyone is still following and having continued success?
  • Keiras_Mom
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    Hi! Yes, I'm still following JUDDD, and maintaining beautifully. Welcome.
  • JUDDDing
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    Hi, yeah, I'm still on it too.

    I'm pretty much just maintaining at this point - this is an easy maintenance plan too. :)
  • grandmaJMB
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    I am here....So far a very good first DD day!:love:
  • Agh! The plan this week was to have my usual 3 DD's and the rest UD's but I haven't stuck to it! Going on a mini vacation this weekend and now I'm worried I'll lose control and overeat. Today, I'm determined to stick with my DD goal. Will weigh in tomorrow.
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    Last week I did good - this week not so much - I haven't been able to do a DD though my DD have been less calories than a normal day - I'm blaming it on the weather - it snowed on Monday and has been cold and rainy!
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    Hi, I'm new to this new lifestyle. I had my first DD. Looking for some helpful and inspirational friends!
  • Keiras_Mom
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    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: to all the newbies!
  • kimmy6779
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    im starting this tomorrow! I have tried it before but failed :/
  • Breizier
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    I started in Jan and had an amazing 3wks. I stuck to it reasonably well and lost 19lbs. Couple of family things got me out of my stride and I just dont seem to be able to stick to it so weight has gone babk on (thankfully not quite all. )

    I am on yet another restt, so far so good this week.
    Can anyone tell me how you stick to it over the weekend with all the distractions?

    I am doing 600/2300 split, although I don't always hit either of those.
  • jellybeanhed313
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    Starting again today after too much fun on vacation last week! I was never really able to stick to my DD's last time, but I am trying again. I'm trying 600/1800.
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    Hi Everyone!

    I started ADF this week. I've had 2 down days so far and in between was not hungry at all. I tried the 5:2 rhythm before but could could not restart it after 3 down days so I think this rhythm will work much better for me! Anyone else starting out? Would love to connect! As far as diet goes I am trying to stick to low fat whole foods vegan.

  • kel7298
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    Welcome Greens. Not currently doing the program but feel free to add me. Good luck!
  • lautour
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    I've just started this, today is my first down day. I've been interested in this way of eating for a while because it's flexible, simply structured, and fits the way I naturally eat. Right now is a good time for me to try something new so I'm ready to go!

    I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy which limits how much I can eat, so I can't really go by the JUDDD calculator. I'm going to try alternating 500 and 1725 calories which averages 1200 per day which is what my nutritionist wants (the calculator has me higher on up days).

    All my life I've been the sort who only wants to drink fluids in the morning, not eat. Many days I don't get hungry until mid-afternoon, sometimes not until evening.This can wreak havoc on the traditional low calorie approach which has you at the same amount every day because I try to play catch up and overeat (or undereat and binge the next day).

    Due to my sleeve even when i do get hungry, I'm easily satisfied. I can do 500 if I know I can have more the next day. This plan just seems tailor made for me and it gives me some structure so I'm excited.
  • kel7298
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    Hi and welcome. Sounds just like what your after. Good luck!
  • krissyboothang
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    Today is my first down day, I started IF May 1st and lost 8 pounds last month, I heard GREAT things about JUDD, not ashamed to say I want to see results fast, 2-3 pounds a week, At least for the rest of the summer and then I expect the plateau.

    189-May 1st
    181-May 31st
  • kel7298
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    Good luck Kissy!
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    Yep me. On a DD today as matter of fact.
  • Hi! I am new to JUDDD just started my DD today at 400cal. My UD is tomorrow at 1800 cal. Just wondering if the macro breakdown does play a role instead of just calorie in and out. My breakdown is 25% c, 25%protein and rest is fat. Do u think it's way high for the fat? Thanks ????