T.H.E. (Trying Hard Everyday) TEAM ~ Week 19 ~ WELCOME!!



  • Lorann
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    I have a question for you all ... or to whoever can answer this ...

    this is my calorie count for today,

    Daily net calorie goal: 1,360
    + calories burned: 466
    - calories consumed: 1,177
    Calories remaining: 649

    is it ok to have so many calories still left? Because I'm not at all hungry so I don't want to eat anything else today. Or should I grab something to at least make it to the 1360?
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    Hello team! I'm back! Sorry to have been such a flake this past few days. It seems like every now and then, life deals you a perfect storm of events. Well, It hasn't been exactly a perfect storm, but maybe more like a series of really decent squalls. Family, work and friends have just kept me hopping about 14 - 18 hours a day for I don't know how long! Then, Saturday, my washing machine died with a load of wet clothes in it. I had company coming in a few hours! Life has been like that for days. Not complaining, just making excuses! :wink: I've managed to stay pretty much on track with respect to my eating. I have eaten out a couple of times, but made healthy choices. Once again, exercise has been pretty much a bust.

    So many of you have pm'd me your concern, and thank you so much for that! I really appreciate you guys! I hope I am back, I think I am, but who knows. This is the third time today I have started this post, only to be pulled away into something else! I think this time I will actually get it posted.

    Love you all!!! Thanks again!!!

    Kristi :heart:
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    Cyndee- I will dig through my archive and see if I have such a yummy sounding chicken thingy and let you know tomorrow.

    Lorann- My oldest daughter is 17 runs cross country and track and runs about 5 miles a day, so getting her motivated isnt the issue. Im usually the one who cant run that far.. but Ive been working at it. To answer your question on calories.. Ive had days like that and since you are new I would suggest drinking some milk ( I cant stand regular milk, so I go for the chocolate sugarless Nesquick in mine.) I drink it before bed and that keeps me from being starving in the morning but helps to get a few more calories in when Im not "hungry".

    Kristi- Thanks for checking in. It sounds like youve been having all kinds of fun!! Anyway...good job staying on track with the meals. Keep it up because it will make getting back into your exercise routine alot easier if you dont slide off on that. I hope things mellow out on your end soon...we miss you!

    ACK!! Kitten eating my sock (or trying too) and his whiskers tickle like mad!!!!!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    BTW.. they are all over the place now. Can get up on the couch and off all by themselves and 2 of them have foot and toe fetishes. Its quite amusing!! Im sure in another week when all of thier teeth are in full fledge.. it wont be quite so ticklish. :frown:

    OK... now for my days accomplishment...

    Shelby and I hit the track and I did 1.5 miles in 21:05 minutes. She stuck with me the whole time and we walked the corners and ran the straightaways. At first I thought... "geez, I can do this.. piece of cake!" and we did 2.5 miles total that way before my upper inner thighs started singing. We even sprinted the last straightaway. She said "WOW!! Your not even out of breath!!" and I was all :happy: :happy: :happy: to have gotten a good workout in. 46 minutes total cuz the first mile we werent really trying to go for time. Then we started timing. Its an improvement on my wogging time. I was at 14 minutes at a mile so, that in itself, Im happy with. At least now I have something to aim twards.

    Also, my mom saw my profile pic on Twitter. Its the same one as the one I use here and she twitter messaged me and said "Your profile pic looks like a little kid, did you lose that much weight working out??" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Thats her way of paying me a compliment so I'll take it.

    I need another haircut soon tho, so that profile pic is gonna change again. :wink:
  • Lulu - Happy Anniversary!

    kristi- hang in there, we miss you!

    anita - good to see you posting again sister!

    adopt4 - tomorrow is a new day :flowerforyou:

    cyndee - I went wogging in the heat again but not as bad today.

    Working on week 5 of C25K. The heat makes me sweat but I know I am increasing the jogging intervals. It blew my mind to see how far I can go in 8 minutes. :glasses:

    Trying to keep a reign on the brain that says, you cant do that. Yes, I can! :drinker: Way under on calories today but too late to eat more. Planned my meals last night and stuck to it. Double hurray. That is my struggle lately - just shovelling in food without thinking.

    Night all :yawn:
  • LosingIt4good
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    Hmmm...LI4G...Maybe you can help me.
    A few years ago, I had a wonderful recipe for chicken, with lime and salsa, but I lost it when I moved.
    Do you have such a thing? It was a BBQ recipe.
    And very low cal.

    Don't work too hard, indianagranny...

    Here's one for Lime Chicken with Avacado salsa. You could use regular salsa if your not a guac fanatic.

    4 chicken breast halves, boneless and skinless
    2 tablespoons lime juice (about ½ lime)
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    2 teaspoons salt, divided
    2 avocados, diced or mashed, or 1 package vacuum-packed guacamole
    1 tomato, diced
    ¼ red onion, finely diced
    1 tablespoon cilantro, chopped

    In large glass baking dish, place chicken in single layer. Add lime juice, olive oil and 1 teaspoon salt; turn several times to coat well.

    In medium-sized serving bowl, combine avocados or guacamole, tomato, red onion and 1 teaspoon salt; mix thoroughly together. Add cilantro and stir. Set aside.

    Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Place chicken breasts on grill and cook about 3 to 4 minutes per side, until they start to brown in the middle and are no longer pink in the thickest part of the breast. Remove from heat, slice into strips, and serve with avocado salsa. Serve with tortilla chips.

    Nutrition facts per serving: 285 calories, 9 g fat, 2 g saturated fat, 10 mg cholesterol, 33 g carbohydrates, 11 g protein, 226 mg sodium, 5 g fiber

    If you dont like avacado's or want even less calories...You can also make the chicken the same way and then make a salsa with the following ingredients..

    1 medium tomato peeled, seeded, chopped
    1 large onion green
    1/4 cup olives black,
    1 tablespoon jalapeno pepper seeded, chopped
    1 tablespoon cilantro chopped
    1 tablespoon mint chopped
    1 tablespoon almonds slivered
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon black pepper

    Doing it this way its about 234 calories per serving. Yum yum!
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    Thanks for the well wishes all! We had such a nice dinner out and shared lots of great memories about the last 25 years and planned some fun stuff for the next 25. :bigsmile: I met my fella 25 years ago on March 18 when he sang at my church and we married on June 16, just shy of three months later. My friends were freaking out! Nobody thought it would last because we moved "too fast"!:glasses:

    Lorann ~ Chocolate milk is a good idea - healthy fat, good cal input. You should, at a very minimum, eat 1200 cals. Try to spread your cals over the day so they aren't all bunched up at the end of the day. I eat all my exercise cals - or close to them all the time. "They" say that's the best way to keep your metabolism revved and it works, much to my surprise!

    IG - great job on the exercise! And congrats on making the attendance record and getting the bonus!! You definately deserve it!

    Adopt4 - you should totally tell your trainer the names you have for the machines! I'm sure it would crack him/her up!

    LI4G - mmmmm, that sounds yummy! So tell me, what spices do you use for grilling veggies??

    Healthymom - Yayy for you on the c25k - you are doing soooo great!

    Prayerful - Love your posts - I'm sooo glad you are here!

    Kristi and Anita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE seeing you two here again. I've missed you:heart:

    Yoooohoooo Sheila?? Where are youuuuuu??

    Dwray - How'd it go at the physical therapists? Was that today, - or maybe it's tomorrow... let us know.

    Everybody else ~ :flowerforyou:

  • adopt4
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    Good Morning, everyone! It's just after midnight here, so officially "today", and for many of you earlier folks I never beat you to say good morning, so here I am! Allergies are bugging me, just took a pill and when I stop coughing I can go back to bed.

    Got some tuna steak at the store last night, never had it. Hoping it's good on the grill. Any suggestions/recipes?
  • swignal
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    Good Morning Team,

    Sry I have been really busy with dr. appts and Tests he is making me do.. I went yesterday for a doppler on my heart and an echo.. and when I got home i had to start drinking the drink for my colonoscopy needless to say I have been sitttin in my bathroom all night didnt get much sleep..My test is at 8am so cant wait I am tierd of _______!!! well all is okay so far...I have dr appt next Tues and Thurs also.. miss you all so much I hate that my computer is still in heaven.. I am at my dads cuz he is taking me to my test this morning cuz hubby had to work..so he droped me off at my dads this morning..

    Happy 25 years anniversary LuLu.. That is so wonderfull.. sorry I missed it...

    anyway gotta run..

    Miss you guys I might check in later depending on how I feel after the test...

  • cyndeebee
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    Nice to see you, Sheila! But sorry to hear about all of the tests you're going through. Hoping that everything is okay.

    I've been up since 4:30 a.m. - not feeling well, and that makes me mad. I took things very slow and easy the past 2 days, because today is Britt's birthday. I wanted to be in tip-top form for my girl.
    This fibromyalgia is really slamming me today. I've got things to do...I want to get to the jeweller's and get a ring cleaned. It's one that I wore for years, Britt's always admired it, and I think she's old enough to wear it now...
    And a few more things to buy for the treat bag. Originally, there were 3, but 2 girls cancelled at the last minute, so now there's only one guest. Which is good with me...It's Britt's best friend and we'll still have fun.
    There must be something about poor Britt's birthday. Every year, she invites guests...and there are always last-minute cancellations. It's got nothing to do with her, because she's well-liked in her peer group. Maybe it's too close to the end of school. Or maybe it coincides with other birthdays (because one guest was already spoken for at another birthday party...)

    Anyway, we'll have fun. Pizza restaurant, and my parents will be there to spoil Britt.

    Strange thing happened. Over two years ago, I dated this guy, and we were convinced that we were "the love of life" for each other. Things went sour after a big misunderstanding. We almost reconnected a year ago. He came to visit, but didn't tell me ahead of time that he'd started dating someone else...so when he told me while we were having coffee, it really knocked me off my feet. He still professed love for me, but said he really felt he had to see where things were going with the new woman. I've never been known for my patience and tolerance...
    So we parted ways again.
    I woke up this morning to TWO letters from him.
    So mixed feelings on my part. I haven't been interested in anyone since him. Friends, yes. But I'd pretty much resigned myself to the idea that there would be no more romance...love...mushy stuff in my life.
    And...I thought I was okay with that.

    But he definitely has a way of making me question.

    Okay. That's it for now.
  • Sheila, I am glad your Dad is taking you. How did the Ekg turn out? It sounds like your Dr. is really on it. Please let me know how you are.

    Lulu-yesterday was my anniversary to. We have only been married for 3 years but together for 10. So happy anniversary to you to.

    I have lost another lb but will not post it until Friday. Whoa..
  • nitag
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    Good Morning everyone....

    I am off today woot woot... I am cleaning that cat box yuck... It stinks.. I seem to be doing to every 2 days but its not working...

    Holy cow did we have thunderstorms last night (this morning) woke me up out of a sound sleep. I thought the ceiling fan was on high and got up and turned it off then went pee and realized it was raining really really hard and thunder and lighting.. I'm tired so a nap for me today...

    Kristi and Sheila glad you are back.. Everyone else, thanks so much for being there for me.. I'm getting back on track but going to take it slow. I was reading that when you change your lifestyle so suddenly and don't allow for anything else you kinda and to let your body rest.. Or something like that. I was this to be a permanent change and not something I do just to lose weight... I want to be healthy......

  • jamielbeck
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    I popped on the scale this morning out of curiosity... Im down 2lbs which puts me at 215.


    YEA! WTG! :happy:
  • jamielbeck
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    After reading thru the posts, all I can say is - THIS TEAM ROCKS.

    I have a question, last week I upped my calorie output by starting those step classes, and in about the last week, especially the last few days, I've been starving all the time. Gone over like 200 in cals, usually, that still leaves me a 500 deficit so I'm not so concerned about it, because I'll still lose some weight, but do you think the reason for my hunger again is my metabolism going up? Which hopefully means it will settle down again? Cuz I'm starving all the time, I went to bed and couldn't get to sleep because I was so hungry, but I wasn't about to eat again!!!

    Adpot4 - I've been looking into this for myself this week. A lot of people have been suggesting that I drink a protein shake after an intense workout to give my body what it needs. I've been told this will help with the hunger I am getting. Haven't tried it yet though!
  • jamielbeck
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    Okay, I'm just here to confess the sin I'm about to commit:tongue: Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I got a new stainless bbq pit (it's silver in color, so it counts) and a new patio table with 6 chairs and umbrella for our gift to each other:bigsmile:

    My sin is this - we are going out for Italian for dinner and I am going to eat to my hearts content and to my body's detriment! AND I'm not going to worry about it - I'm even planning on having wine! :heart: AND dessert:devil: !!!!!

    I think 25 years deserves a great treat, and I haven't had pasta in MONTHS!! So, I will check in with you guys later when I'm too full to do anything other than sit in front of the computer:huh: heehee.


    Happy Anniversary Lulu! Yes, 25 does mean you should indulge! Enjoy! :flowerforyou:
  • jamielbeck
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    Boy you guys have been busy posting! Just got caught up.
    Quick update for me...yesterday after kickboxing we had dinner (turkey burgers and edamame) then went to the grocery store. I knew I had a calories left to eat but was not hungry at all. So I didn't eat. I am proud that I listened to my body. I used to just eat if I was bored or in front of the TV!
    My foot has not improved at all. My family doc thinks I need to go to the podiatrist, appt is scheduled for the beginning of July. I just want it to feel better so I can start running again. I want to be able to run the 5K in October and need to work to that point.

    Li4g - That recipe sounds good! Mmmmmm!
    Healthymom - Good job on your Couch to 5K-ing! You should be proud about sticking to your planned meals. That is a great accomplishment! (its extremely hard for me) WTG!
    Lorann - I usually do not eat all of my exercise calories but I make sure I am getting at least the minimum number. I noticed that chocolate milk was suggested, try it - you will be hooked! Li4g got all all hooked :happy:
    Nitag - Glad you are back on track! You can do this, we are all here to help!
    Sheila - Hope everything went well with your test today. Thinking of you :flowerforyou:
    Krisit - You have been busy with work woman! You deserve a break! Good job on sticking to your food intake during this busy time!
    Cyndeebee - 2 letter?!?! Did he say he's still in love with you? It seems like he has had you on his mind.
    Aprilrenee- Good job on another 1lb! You are doing awesome! :drinker:
    Indianagrammy - WTG on getting in the exercise and also on the perfect attendance!!!!
    Prayerfulmom - Yes, let it go. People are too quick to judge and you are doing wonderful!
    DWray44 - Hope all goes well at your physical therapy appointment!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
    Jamie :glasses:
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    Ugh. Tired this morning, after being up for a couple of hours. Stupid allergies, mine are minimal, can't imagine how bad it is for people who really have allergies! I pity them! Can't decide if I should get showered and dressed and run errands this morning and hit the gym tonight for a class, or if I should hit the gym as soon as son #1 goes to school. I've also considered taking the next few days off, until Friday, and see if not expending all that energy helps with the hunger thing or if it will jumpstart my body into losing weight... or maybe I'm just being lazy.:laugh:
  • DWray44
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    Howdy teamies! I'm in a really good mood today. The sun is shining, well kinda, but it's no longer raining! :laugh: My physical therapy appointment went really well. I'm pretty sore, but overall, I'm proud of myself! The therapist said that my range of motion is normal for the type of procedure I had done, and that it's going to get better each day, as long as I do what I'm told! I'm content with that. The worst part of all right now though, since my knee has been hurting, I've been walking kind of funny which has put more strain on my calf muscle, and it feels like it's ripping in two!!! Guess I need to work that out!

    I've been cleared to go to Indiana for my bluegrass festival this weekend, and I'm so excited! My sisters and I are going to spend the weekend together, which is something we haven't done in years. To me, there's nothing better than playing some music with my girls! I'm wicked excited!!

    Also, I'm getting ready to go back to school, and I can't wait! I'm going to begin training for a certification in medical transcription. I know it's difficult, but I'm totally up for the challenge. I've got the world's greatest mother-in-law folks...not only did she send me a brand new laptop, but she also is paying my tuition. :bigsmile: If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be able to do this program, so I'm so thankful for her.

    Anyway, better get back to reality, which is my current job of copyrights, mechanical licenses, and songwriter catalogs...oooh, the busy season in bluegrass music! :laugh:

    Hope you have a great day!
  • LosingIt4good
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    lulu- veggie grilling. Love it!! I have several different ideas for ya but my absolute favorite thing to do is to make veggie kabobs using onions, whole mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes and 1/2 steamed mini potatoes or just whatever veggies you favor and get creative with the seasoning.

    Here are a couple things Ive done to season them up a bit. I usually wash the veggies and give them a light spray with nonstick spray, then sprinkle on the seasoning then let it sit for about 20 minutes or so to act like a little marinade. (that way I dont have to use alot of oil) And since its not meat, I use whatever is in the dish to brush or drizzle on the veggies a couple minutes before they are done.

    Lipton Onion soup mix dry & a little garlic salt (just sprinkle it on... awesome on zucchini & taters!)

    Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix dry & a little salt (good on everything vegetable & on chicken)

    A sprinkle of lemon pepper, garlic powder and lawrys seasoning salt. (good on everything vegetables) This is a favorite do ahead when I find meat on sale. I rinse the meat and sprinkle on the seasoning then freeze it in a ziplock back. When ready to make it, pull it out and defrost it and it will marinade in the seasoning as it defrosts. You can slap it on the grill or bake it in the oven. VERY good with chicken and steaks!

    3-4 cloves of fresh crushed garlic & 1 cup olive oil. (Brush it on as it cooks) This recipe is good for about 3-4 pounds of meat or veggies. I like to sprinkle with a little bit of garlic salt also but you can leave that off. It still tastes good.

    IF you like spicy... try this texan rub... its awesome on seafood, beef, chicken, pork AND veggies. but I'll warn ya... its a hot one, so use sparingly on whatever you use it on. The recipe makes 1 1/2 cups and I usually make it up and store it in an airtight container in my spice cupboard so I have it on hand when I want it. It will keep for several months.

    1/2 cup course salt
    1/2 cup cracked or course ground black pepper
    1/4 cup paprika
    3 tablespoons chili powder
    2 tablespoons Cayenne pepper ( or use 1 if you want it to kick but not be spicy, spicy)
    2 tablespoons garlic powder
    1 tablespoon ground cumin
    1 tablespoon dried oregano
    1 tablespoon dried thyme

    Mix it all together and store away from heat and light.

    Also, another of my favorites for all types of meat and veggies is this next one. You can store covered in the cupboard and use it the same way as the recipe above. This ones not hot or spicy but be careful not to use too much as it will taste a bit too salty if you use too much (IMO). It has a sweet and smoky flavor to it.

    2/3 cup packed brown sugar
    2/3 cup granulated sugar
    1/2 cup paprika
    1/4 cup seasoned salt
    1/4 cup onion salt
    1/4 cup celery salt
    2 tablespoons fresh ground black pepper
    2 tablespoons chili powder
    2 teaspoons mustard powder
    1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
    1 teaspoon ground ginger
    1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
    1/2 teaspoon cayanne pepper

    Mix together and use to sprinkle veggies. Can be used as a dry rub for meats (only do 1 side).
  • prayerfulmom
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    Bear with me as I do this from my blackberry.  

    IG-great job on changing your mind around on the exercise.  Be sure to take two rests days before the big event.  I know it sounds strange but you'll do better.

    Lulu-congrats on 25 years and thanks for sharing the story.  I met my hubby on a blind date and we celebrated 20 years of marriage=)

    April- congrats on 3

    Cyndee- dang it.  I hope you feel better.

    Sheila-lifting up your tests in prayer

    adopt4- no comment=) jk.  You know in your heart of hearts if its rebellion or trying to mix things up a bit to get movin' on your loss.  Might want to investigate calorie cycling.  Basically you use your weekly total of calories and then vary your intake through the week.  Keeps the body confused and not adapting.  I've used it in the past with great success.

    dwray- yeah on the pt.  enjoy your festival.  and that is so cool on the MIL.

    L4G- how'd getting up earlier go?  those recipes sound yummy but too much sodium for me=(  AWESOME on the training w/your daughter!

    Lorann- keep it up

    Kristi- soooo good to see your smiling face

    HM- you are doing so darn good!  Keep up the great job at C25K.

    ok, dang if I didn't sneak a peak at the scale today and go into shock and not in a good way.  I was experiencing weekend amnesia.  Then like a flood the gateway to the memory reopened and I recalled eating out 3x with no regard as to what I was doing.  So, come friday and that scale is up I need you to know I deserve a reminder talk and a smack upside the head with Lulu's slipper.  Just need to confess.  
    yesterday I rode my bike for 26 miles,  walked 3.5, ran .5 (week=)  Stayed within calories, sodium, and my allotted protein.  
  • lulubar
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    Dwray - Glad your therapy went well - and I'm soooo excited for you that you get to do the sister weekend!!! I'm doing a medical transcription course online ~ you can totally do it, I warn you it is very time consuming and you HAVE to discipline yourself. Good luck!!!!

    Aprilrenee - Happy anniversary to you too!!!!!

    Anita - Glad you are better ~ and back on the horse, so to speak! Enjoy your day off:smokin:

    Prayerful - I ran into an old co-worker back in February. She hugged me then pushed me to arm's length away, eyed me up and down and said, "Wow Lulu! You got FAT!" I said, "Oh my gawd, Rae! You got stupid! Who says something like that???":bigsmile: I LOVE to call an idiot on their idiocy! Lol!

    Sheila - hope you're getting a clean bill of health on everything! Take care of yourself ~ you can lose a lot of electrolytes during the cleansing for colonoscopy - so be sure to hydrate extra well for the next few days!

    Cyndeebee ~ Hope you feel better. Have a great time with your daughter and give her a "Happy Birthday" all the way from New Orleans!:wink:

    Kristi - Yayyyyy! Good to see you!

    They resta youse guys ~ Happy Tuesday!