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ladies at 5'8 what is your ideal weight target?



  • foreverroses123foreverroses123 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    I'm also 5'8 and I'd like something between 150-155... I have no reference material whatsoever because I've been overweight the biggest part of my life. I really like my curves though and I have the feeling that if I go lower than 140 I will lose them.
  • cheeky0122cheeky0122 Posts: 38Member Member Posts: 38Member Member
    I'm 5'8" and just weighed in today at 137 (woohoo!) after being stuck at 141-143 for SO long. My goal weight is around 133-135, so I'm getting close...I'm more concerned about toning up right now. A year ago I weighed in at a consistent 139 but my body was way tighter than it is now.
  • maggs155maggs155 Posts: 258Member Posts: 258Member
    155 any lower any everyone says i look sick....
  • moonlitdreams2moonlitdreams2 Posts: 83Member Posts: 83Member
    My goal weight is 180, but I'm going to be happy at 200. I haven't been under 225 since I was 13.
  • lina011lina011 Posts: 430Member Member Posts: 430Member Member
    5'8 and my goal between 130 - 140, just hit the150's so not to far away
  • lizpiratelizpirate Posts: 92Member Member Posts: 92Member Member
    I'm just shy of 5'9" and my goal weight is 135. I'm at 147 now.
  • Chris99muChris99mu Posts: 352Member Member Posts: 352Member Member
    5'7, med build
    32 yo
    CW: 148
    GW: 135, but will take 140.

    Another working on toning and trading fat for muscle. Scale doesn't move much so I'm relying on BF, measuring tape, evident signs of muscle definition and how my clothes fit.
  • fitfreakymomfitfreakymom Posts: 1,410Member Member Posts: 1,410Member Member
    a lot of factors go into this like bone structure and body type, but if you can get toned and stay around 140 that should be great for you. Just remember that runway models look better with clothes on. The camera is adding weight and they still look like pretty skeletons. I would prefer a toned 140 5'8'' every time..:happy:

    The camera do's not add weight, it just shows you what is really there.

    I do agree models are to skinny

    I am aiming to just be healthy and not go by a number on a scale, I do have a pair of size 9's I would love to fit into though.
  • SapporoSapporo Posts: 696Member Member Posts: 696Member Member
    I'm around 5'7.5" and my goal is 135-140ish? bodyfat % is more my goal, would like to be around 17-19%, muscle like Oxygen magazine girls who are usually 135-138lbs around my height.
  • Mustang_SusieMustang_Susie Posts: 6,981Member Member Posts: 6,981Member Member
    5' 7.5"
    46 yo
    Small frame
    120 lbs
  • AmyRhubarbAmyRhubarb Posts: 6,896Member Member Posts: 6,896Member Member
    I honestly don't know.

    44 years old
    SW: 162
    GW: 150, 145, 140, 135
    CW: 133.8 is lowest recorded (but of course fluctuates throughout the month!)

    At this point I'm not so concerned with the number on the scale as with how I look & feel. If you asked me when i was 162 and just starting if my goal was 135, I would have said no, that's likely too low, and I haven't been that weight in nearly 20 years. But lo and behold, here I am, 133-135 most of the time lately, and wearing a size 4 in jeans.

    I don't really have a goal weight now, but do still have some fat to lose - tummy, butt and thighs are the last to go - and I am still seeing improvements, especially when measuring rather than going by the scale. So I'm working on shape, firmness, and body fat percentage rather than a goal weight now. :smile:
  • AMBlassAMBlass Posts: 161Member Posts: 161Member
    I'm 5'8" and my goal is between 140-150, depending on where I think my body's happy weight is.
  • healthyskinnystronghealthyskinnystrong Posts: 22Member Posts: 22Member
    I'm 5'7 and my goal is around 120. I've got quite a small frame so if my weight goes over 135 I start to look pretty chubby
  • fiona2785fiona2785 Posts: 82Member Posts: 82Member
    I'm 5' 7" and have a goal BF% of 20%, which should get me to around 133lb. I have a pretty small frame.
  • SRH7SRH7 Posts: 2,154Member Member Posts: 2,154Member Member
    I am 5' 8.5" and my goal weight is 140..... I cannot remember when I was there before its been so long.. if I got to 150 and looking fit, then I would stop there.....

    Its more about how I look and not about what the scale says!!

    Me too! I looked good at 140lbs (5'8'') but wasn't doing as much exercise back then. I suspect with running and lifting weights I will look even better at a higher weight!
  • Ameena86Ameena86 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    :flowerforyou: I am 5'2 my goal is 121
  • vriesianvriesian Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    CW 220
    GW 175

    I must have lead in my bones ;) I wore a size 9-11 US at 178, I am curvy and like my curves :)
    Most people estimate my weight 50lbs less then what I actually am...
  • phreeklesphreekles Posts: 216Member Member Posts: 216Member Member
    I am 5'8" and I am currently 130lb. My goal is to get to 126lb so I am very close! As I'm reaching nearer to my goal weight, my aim is changing to tone up and lower my body fat %. When I last measured it (weighing 134lb) I was 22.9% but I would love to get down to around 19%. However I don't want to get any lower than 126lb really. To lower body fat does your body *have* to lose lb weight?
  • Mustang_SusieMustang_Susie Posts: 6,981Member Member Posts: 6,981Member Member
    I'm 5'7 and my goal is around 120. I've got quite a small frame so if my weight goes over 135 I start to look pretty chubby

    Mee too :smile:
  • LaurnWhitLaurnWhit Posts: 261Member Member Posts: 261Member Member
    Probably between 150-155 is my happy point. I felt like I didn't need to really do much to maintain.
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