The men in our group who won't date ladies with kids



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    I truly appreciate all your responses. I love you guys. I will keep you posted!!! I don't know what I would do without this group :)
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    If you met a girl who you got along with better than any other girl your whole life would you be able to overlook the no kids thing? I'm asking because this is my situation right now. We've been hanging out and he flat out told me I'm wonderful, we got along so well, I'm awesome, blah blah blah. But then said he can't be in a relationship with someone who has kids. Can my awesomeness out-do this feeling he has???
    Nope, for me, here is why: I'm 29 and I intend to have kids of my own some day.
    I just have too much choice in terms of women to compromise on something SO important (we're not talking about hair colour here), and no, love is something that is not unique (although every relationship is unique) and I consider I still have plenty of time to meet someone I will want to have kids/start a family with.
    There are plenty of women with no kids that I can date.

    I might overlook it later down the road though, when I'm, say, 35+ y.o. - then of course, it will be harder to find a girl who hasn't got kids so I might ignore the fact. However, I would still hope to have kids of my own.

    exactly how i feel but I am nearing the 35 mark >.>
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    For the record I would totall be willing to have another baby. And yes - I know I'm old. I just would LOVE to experience it with someone that really likes me. And of course loves me but the like part is almost more important. My ex husband loved me but he never liked me.