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What is the Egg diet? Has anyone heard of it?



  • MonsoonStorm
    MonsoonStorm Posts: 371 Member
    the standard American on a SAD eats meat with every meal so eating meat with ONE meal should REDUCE your budget?

    I only really eat meat with my evening meal (eggs for breakfast - lunch varies). But if I am ruling out anything but fruit at lunch time I am going to be absolutely starving... so my usual 100-200g of meat isn't going to cut it.

    My lamb tenderloin for yesterday's dinner cost me around $10. Conservative estimate - double it!
  • eDonatti
    eDonatti Posts: 49 Member
    What happens when there's a party or some big event - where you have dinner served, cake, champagne? You just don't eat any of that?
  • EvgeniZyntx
    EvgeniZyntx Posts: 24,373 Member
    I'd be concerned about LBM loss on this type of thing, nutrient deficiencies and not sure one learns to eat well.
  • MamaBirdBoss
    MamaBirdBoss Posts: 1,516 Member
    PS: We just started and after the 4th day I lost 2kg, sure most of it is water in the first week but my body fat is down from 48% to 46.9% which is a great result to me already.

    Yeah, all of that could be water from low carbs. Like, ALL of it. I lost over a kilo of water weight in a few days just shifting my carb balance slightly.
  • KikeFalope
    KikeFalope Posts: 1 Member
    Just curious but do you eat mostly eggs on it or only eggs?

  • MamaBirdBoss
    MamaBirdBoss Posts: 1,516 Member
    But I lost the weight so I could exercise -- so I could move my body again in all kinds of ways that it just didn't want to move anymore when I was severely obese.

    That is exactly my point, this diet helps you to loose a lot for your sart, so you can be more active, my exact words!

    This diet is not a miracle, it doesn't claim to be and no diet is supposed to be sustainable. Only healthy eating and exercising will help you to keep your success and this diet is not supposed to teach you this lifestyle. It is only a kick stat help to loose a lot of weight to be able to be more active and get a taste for healthy foods, that's all!

    And I don't spend "half of my free time" exercising -- even when I actually hit my exercise goals, which isn't that all that often, it's only about five or six hours a week. Supposedly the average American spends five or six hours a day watching TV.

    thats my point again, You are most welcome to exercise, but if you can't or can only very limited due to injuries a little baby, severe obesity, a lot of work etc. then you have to be more concentrated on your diet. which means you can not eat what you want and then just exercise it away. You know what I mean?

    And even if you count calories you have to plan the meals very well, to count in how active you are wether you are ready or not to give up sugars etc.
    I count calories but I practically never plan meals. I don't even understand what you're trying to say with the rest of that sentence. Are you saying it's some kind of huge effort to log exercise? (It's not. And I don't have an HRM. I just use a watch and perceived intensity/pace. Lost about 30 pounds in four months doing that, and have kept it off for 18 months while losing another 10 pounds.) And are you suggesting that people have to give up sugars to lose weight or be healthy? I haven't, and I'm not going to -- neither naturally occurring sugars nor added sugars.

    Well why are you counting then? how does counting benefit you if you eat a bowl of spaghetti, 3 pieces of cake, a hamburger, fried potatoes etc and what you counted the calories of it and what then? Planing your meals means, that you have a daily calorie intake goal and you have to plan your meals through the day the way that you don't exceed your goal or if you can add exercising which burns calories so you can eat more but still stay within the goal.
    I never said logging is wrong or hard or anything I'm doing it myself without HRM. The sentence simply means every lifestyle is different and different lifestyle means different calorie intake, so you have to suite your meals your lifestyle. And no one HAS to give up on ANYTHING if he don't want. It's a simple choice. You can maintain your weight eating sugar but exercising more or reducing other foods - great. Someone decides to cut out sugars and exercise less or get more other foods in - why not.

    WOW. lol.

    You count calories to stay within your calorie deficit...by eating anything you want within that deficit. Not a fad diet that you stay on a short period.

    Your deficit becomes higher if you 1) eat less or 2) move more. It's higher for heavier people with the same calorie/exercise, too, which is why I'm thinking of getting a weight vest for treadmill waking--40lbs is 18 extra calories per mile that I walk while working. :)

    The fact that you can write that people have to choose a fad diet or else they're going to exercise half their free time away predicts your failure.
  • NobodyPutsAmyInTheCorner
    NobodyPutsAmyInTheCorner Posts: 1,018 Member
    SIGN ME UP! I'm convinced! I'm a convert!!! I want in!

    Pah.... Nope still rubbish. :lol:
  • Joannesmith2818
    Joannesmith2818 Posts: 438 Member
    Aahhhh people, it doesn't have to be this way. It can be so simple, all this eggtra effort you are putting in when so many of these diets end up backfiring.....
  • mamadon
    mamadon Posts: 1,421 Member
    JordisTSM wrote: »
    Do you have to be an Egg to do it?

    audreykts wrote: »
    Most people who do these go back to their regular eating habits at some point and gain all of their weight back or more.

    Well that is certainly correct, there is nothing you can do if you get your regular habits back. Then its just your own fault.
    The diet helps you to kick start. You loose a lot of weight to continue EATING HEALTHY, and makes exercising a lot easier after loosing a lot of weight. And gives you a lot of motivation to keep going. A diet is not something magical that makes you loose weight forever going back to your old habits that brought you in first place there. So much sense everybody should have to realize that.

    Your right, a diet is not magical. It is hard work, so why make it harder and more complicated then it needs to be? The thing is you don't need to follow any kind of "diet" at all. Just eat less calories then you burn. Eat whatever you want. If, lets say, two years from now, you post again and tell me how you successfully lost all your weight doing this "egg diet" and were able to keep it off, then maybe I will believe you. Your just starting.
  • Sued0nim
    Sued0nim Posts: 17,456 Member
    rabbitjb wrote: »

    still a relevant meme for this thread
  • NobodyPutsAmyInTheCorner
    NobodyPutsAmyInTheCorner Posts: 1,018 Member
    rabbitjb wrote: »
    rabbitjb wrote: »

    still a relevant meme for this thread

  • SusanKing1981
    SusanKing1981 Posts: 257 Member
    Well here is my update, I lost 10 kg and my hubby lost 12.5! I am one week off the diet feel great and in the past week off the diet I lost one additional kg. So all up in 5 weeks I lost 11 kg and don't plan to stop and for sure not going to my old life style.

    So stop being ignorant or rude if that's not your way to loose weight, then its not. Bot it doesn't mean other people can't have success with it.
    I'll update you in a couple of month again so you know for sure that you were wrong.

    Just looked at your diary, of course lost weight, you were barely eating!
  • EvgeniZyntx
    EvgeniZyntx Posts: 24,373 Member
  • fr3smyl
    fr3smyl Posts: 1,418 Member
    Haven't looked it up online but it's probably something weird like only eat what can fit into an eggshell....or don't eat foods the of egg yolk.