Weigh-in, when?



  • E_K71
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    Myself and hubby weigh every saturday morning. And only then. He goes and puts the kettle on, and i grab the scales. Routine we have been in for a while now.
  • exdumpling
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    I weigh in every Tuesday morning and make an effort not to step on the scale at any other point in the week. It's gotten to be an easy habit to keep, as I am a numbers/spreadsheets person, so I have a few years worth of weekly weigh-in spreadsheets detailing a dramatic drop from 167 lbs down to 118 lbs (during a year I was very sick - the weight loss was not intentional and was NOT fun. I got really tired of answering people's "OMG you look so good! What's your secret?" questions), then about a year and a half of holding steady in the low 120s, then a gradual increase back up to 177 lbs.

    Recently I've made a healthy lifestyle change, and am shooting to gradually get back down to a target of 135 lbs, which is a healthy, stable point for me. I'm 2 lbs of the way there. :smile:
  • hanneberries
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    I weigh myself every day, pre-shower, post-potty ;-) But I only track my weight on Monday mornings. There was a time during my previous weight loss efforts that I was obsessively weighing myself multiple times a day, so I understand the urge. Don't do it. The fluctuations in your body from water weight alone (humidity, sodium intake, hormones) is insane. And sometimes, the number on the scale can wreck your entire day. Think about other good things you've accomplished. Knees that don't hurt, jeans that fit, lungs that don't scream when you walk more than a block. Make sense?

    It does, thank you!

    I was so proud of myself today, I managed to bike all the way downtown without getting out of breath. But still, it's nice to see scale movement, too.
  • Cherp18
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    Friday morning ... When I first arrive at work. I'm in a weightloss contest so I like to keep track weekly to make sure I'm still on track. The contest ends at the end of May but I'll most likely continue with this schedule as it seems to work for me.
  • 4my2jays
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    My official weigh-in that I check in on MFP is on Sunday. I like it that way. I also weigh in a couple days during the week just to make sure I am heading in the right direction and if not I have time to fix things (mostly drinking more water and also watching my carb intake the remainder of the week). I like my Sunday weigh-in because its the beginning of a new week and plus its my rest day as well from exercise. It makes me work harder also because Saturday I make sure I get my workout in. If I have a heavy dinner on Saturday for some reason then I may not weigh-in on Sunday because I know I probably am still carrying some of that dinner, so I just shift it to the right a day or two. This really works for me because I work very hard at exercsing 6 days a week and making better choices towards my food. I really feel in touch with my body and by shifting it to the right it gives me an extra day to work off the additional calories from Saturday.
  • pogojr
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    I weigh in on Wednesday mornings, after I use the bathroom, but before I shower. If its a really happy number, I'll rush out to record it on MFP, like its going to change the number in my head while I shower.
  • connollyda
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    I weight myself weekly on Wednesdays, and that's the only one I write down or track. I'll weigh myself whenever I feel like it throughout the week (sometimes it's 4-5 times a week, sometimes just the once) but the Wednesday weight is the only one that counts.

    Bam. What she said^
  • simplysassi
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    Every Friday morning I weigh and track on MFP, along with my measurements. I then feel free to enjoy a few extra treats on the weekend and not feel guilty about it. Weekends in the summer are just flat-out dangerous for me.