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  • bla115bla115 Posts: 206Member Posts: 206Member
    I personally find the show very motivating. I think that the point of the last show with the therapy sessions is that gaining weight usually has an emotional reason behind it. Most people just don't deal with that part of it. I think it's pretty brave for the contestants to let everyone see what issues they dealt with that contributed to their weight gain. Imagine how many people may connect to their stories and may start dealing with the issue instead of eating it away. Losing weight for me has been a whole mind, body, spirit connection. I've noticed that each go hand and hand and improve as I focus on the overall goal of becoming a healthier person. The fact that America even has a show where people are rooting for and connecting with overweight individuals instead of judging them is a bonus. That's just my two cents!
  • RowanCRowanC Posts: 38Member Posts: 38Member
    I love watching the show too, and I think it probably positively impacts a lot of people who otherwise would think they can't lose weight. So in some ways it's very very good.

    On the other hand, it's obviously not realistic to think we can all just quit our jobs, go live on the farm where our only goal is to lose weight. We don't have the luxury of working out 4 hours a day and having our meals cooked for us.

    BUT!... I love the show! ::laughing:::flowerforyou:
  • CatherinexCatherinex Posts: 90Member Posts: 90Member
    We don't get that show over here so today i had a look on youtube and there are aload of episodes from the austrailan version. Wow, I think it's really great to see the before and after and what people can achieve if pushed like that. I would recommend to anyone just to go have a look.
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