Lessons Learned



  • Captain_Tightpants
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    Ooo good thread idea. :drinker:

    Let's see...

    The word "diet" should not be in the vocabulary as a verb
    Water with benefiber keeps me fuller all day
    A hard boiled egg in the morning stops me from wanting to snack until early afternoon
    The slower it comes off the longer it stays off
    Exercise is fun (whodathunk that one!!!!)
    Brocolli actually is edible if you cook it right
    If I go at it too hard, I rebound and binge
    Forgiving yourself and getting straight back on the wagon is the key to success
    Deny yourself nothing, unless something leads to everything, in which case, deny yourself.
  • BSchoberg
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    Lots of good lessons here!

    I've learned:

    If I'm gonna blow my calorie count today, I'd better damn well enjoy it! If I'm going to guilt myself to death, don't do it. If I'm not going to love every bite, why bother?

    Strong is an awesome thing to be!

    I actually LIKE being sore after a good workout. :)

    Why do I have to keep learning these lessons over and over? Hopefully, this time they stick because I'm happy when I'm healthy, I have clarity and better sleep and a better mood. I live in a better world when I am my best ME...
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