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Women's average THIGH and CALF size! What's yours?



  • JLPadron86JLPadron86 Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    colpol1 wrote: »
    This post has made me feel better about my calf size, used to think they were huge but now I am thinking normal :) I still want them smaller, but hey ho, that will come in time ( I hope! )

    I weigh 11 stone 6
    THIGHS: 26 :(
    CALF: 15.

    Okay I never realised my thighs were so huge! =[ well this is the wake up call I needed.

    My thighs are HUGE, I don't have measuments yet, but I hate my thighs. They are one of the things I am most self conscious about besides my huge gut, and arms. I am estimating at least 30 inches, and and calves maybe 15 inches. My waste about 38 inches and for 5'5" I shouldn't wear the same size pants as my 6 foot tall boyfriend :( I'm about 10 lbs down another 70 to go.
  • jesspen91jesspen91 Member Posts: 1,383 Member Member Posts: 1,383 Member
    Thighs - 20.4
    Calves - 13.6

    I am a classic apple shape. Carry all my weight in my upper body and even at my heaviest my legs have been toned. Unfortunately, the flipside to slim legs is a pancake bum but I'm working on that.
  • NadNightNadNight Member, Premium Posts: 733 Member Member, Premium Posts: 733 Member
    5 ft 6

    Thigh- 19
  • ColetteM6ColetteM6 Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
    145 lbs
    Waist: 29.5"
    Thighs: 23"
    Calves: 14"
    I think I'm an oddball here when I say that I LOVE my legs. They're super shapely and muscley
  • slimtastesbetterslimtastesbetter Member Posts: 4,394 Member Member Posts: 4,394 Member
    135 lbs
    Thighs: 22"
    Calves: 15"
    Body Fat: 27.05% (per online calculator)

  • animatorswearbrasanimatorswearbras Member Posts: 1,003 Member Member Posts: 1,003 Member
    right thigh 20.25
    right calf - 13.4
    left thigh 19.75
    left calf - 13.1

    I've always put weight on my torso and I'm broad shouldered and narrow hipped and as an above poster said even at my heaviest I still had relatively slim legs, would kill for a small waist and flat tummy but I don't think I'll really ever manage the latter. Grass is always greener. :wink:

    EDIT whoops just realised this is a bit of a zombie thread, hope the OP got their answers 5 years ago lol
    edited October 2017
  • timtam163timtam163 Member Posts: 509 Member Member Posts: 509 Member
    This thread just makes me feel bad about myself.
  • collectingbluescollectingblues Member Posts: 2,532 Member Member Posts: 2,532 Member
    Measured last night, since I was curious and feeling bad about body size...

    123ish (yay water retention or whatever)
    25.3% body fat
    Thighs: 18.25"
    Calves: 11.75"

    Biceps are 9.5"... I'm basically an apple with four toothpicks. And I run and swim -- they're pretty much equally pure muscle, with little fat on top.

    All the fat is in my torso. I really wish it would move from my torso to my limbs!
  • maura_tasimaura_tasi Member Posts: 196 Member Member Posts: 196 Member
    Calves: 14.5
    Thighs: 23.5 at the thickest part
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 146.8lbs

    I would LOVE to lose an inch or two off my thighs! I tend to have a lot of muscle in my legs though (curse 18 years of ballet). as for my calves, I'm not sure they will ever change hahaha. I walked around on my tip toes as a child AND again with the years of dancing. Oh well!
  • rickiimarieeerickiimarieee Member Posts: 2,212 Member Member Posts: 2,212 Member
    Weight: 128
    Height: 5'4
    Thigh: 21
    Calf: 14
    I don't really know how to get body fat percentage. I don't really trust most online because there all different.
    edited October 2017
  • rickiimarieeerickiimarieee Member Posts: 2,212 Member Member Posts: 2,212 Member
    On the online calculator is 19.57%
  • need2beleanneed2belean Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 167lbs
    Bodyfat: 20-21%
    Thighs: 22.5"
    Hip: 40.2" (so close to 39"!!)
    Waist: 28"
    Calves: 15"
  • LesscookiesLesscookies Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    timtam163 wrote: »
    This thread just makes me feel bad about myself.

    You shouldn't feel bad about yourself not everyone is going to have the same calf and thigh measurement. Like what's Normal for one does not mean if yours is higher that you're not okay. This thread seems like it could trigger bad feelings for people.
  • havajavapoehavajavapoe Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Height 5 ft 1
    Weight 121lbs
    BMI 22
    Waist 25"
    Hips 33"
    Thighs 18"
    Calves 14"
    I have always been told I have large calves.
    They are large for the rest of me.
    I see now though they are average.
    My legs have always been strong.

  • slender7777slender7777 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Be kind, please. We are all on our own journeys.

    109 lb
    hips: 34 in
    thigh: 18.5 in
    calves: 13.5

  • mrssneakerhead44mrssneakerhead44 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Waist 26
    Hips 42
    Thighs 23
    Calves 15
  • UrbancowbarnUrbancowbarn Member Posts: 97 Member Member Posts: 97 Member
    145 lbs
    22.4% BF
    Upper Thigh: 20 inches
    Mid Thigh: 17 inches
    Calf: 13 inches
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