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  • I love this group ya'll. :heart:
  • adopt4
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    Drank my water. Check
    Walked to neighbor's house and back. Check
    Walked an hour with neighbor. Check
    Called trainer to set appts... oops

    Pls keep brandishing that slipper at me, lulu....

    So far today I haven't overeaten, but it's usually evening that I go crazy. Maybe tonight will be different since I'm sore from that walk (hate walking on pavement) and it will remind me that those 7 pounds hurt.

    I had 2.5 hours to myself today. What did i do? Took a nap. Well, maybe tomorrow I'll start my writing project... At least I get 2.5 hours again in the am, and then I feed that one and put him down for a nap, and I'll have another few hours after that to myself while he's napping, so I can get quite a bit done in that time. Then on Monday/Thurs next week again I'll have that.

    Working on my book while I have the time and the idea. I'm part of a group doing a national writing a book thing in November, but I think I may start early (you're only supposed to write in Nov) because I don't want to wait if I can actually get this book done (first draft) and get some articles published online so I can start building my resume up.

    But the nap was nice, I have to admit. I could only hear the ticking of the clock (didn't even know the clock ticked!). It was awesome to hear nothing....
  • adopt4 - the sound of silence can be deafening! Congrats on having a little peace and quiet!

    Sorry I missed the birthday girls and so much more. I went to the gym last night and was too tired to come to the computer. Off again to the treadmill - 60 minutes tonight if I'm speedy. Keeping track of my water and food today...must get back on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :drinker: :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • healthymom- congrats on making it to the gym last night. I'm cheering you on from the sidelines to have a sucessful day!

    adopt4- clapping the slippers together for your accomplishments yesterday including the nap! Now call that trainer lady! Just do it. Just get it over with.

    Lisa-where are you?

    I had a great on plan day. My only issues is I had 2 flat tires on my bike yesterday. One before I left to work and another when I went out to go home. I didn't let that stop me though:tongue:
    Here is what my day looked like yesterday.

    September 9, 2009

    Strawberry/Mango/Flax/Prot/yogurt Smoothie,
    Bananas - Raw, 0.5 medium
    Coffee - Brewed from grounds
    Coffee Mate - French Vanilla Liquid Creamer
    Coffeemate - Hazelnut Fat Free Creamer
    Arrowhead Mills - Steelcut Oatmeal
    Dole - Frozen Blueberries
    Full Circle Organic - Basmati Brown Rice - Long Grain
    365 - Black Beans No Salt Added
    Barilla - Whole Grain Medium Shells
    Chicken - Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
    G2 - 20 oz Bottle Any Flavor

    TOTALS: 1,475

    Bicycling, 12-13.9mph, moderate effort 2,006 cal 145 minutes
  • adopt4
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    prayerful... with as many cals as you burn, i do not understand your eating! i would be passing out from malnutrition! but good work on the bike, and for not letting a few flat tires keep you!

    sore from my walk yesterday, from the cement, not just walking. happens every time. wonder if walking on cement more will make it better - or worse? any ideas? supposed to go bike riding today, i feel like bailing on that, one becuz i'm sore and i'm afraid i'll do actual damage to my hips, and 2 becuz one son or the other was up all night and i'm tired! altho that shouldn't be the excuse... i did just get up, so i have 90 mins before getting the other two off to school, i might be awake by then and not tired anymore! i'm actually starting to wake up a bit now... but i'm wondering about actually hurting myself when i'm this sore... that wouldn't be worth it..
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    Morning ladies!

    Button- I completely agree with you in regards to what you said about the postings on my wall. In fact, before I even read your message this morning, I had made the decision to delete them a couple days ago. She hasnt posted anything else, so I think maybe she is done with her little tirade right now. Thanks for the words of encouragement tho, it is greatly appreciated. :)

    Man, the winds of change that are happening right now.... talk about feeling blessed. Just 2 more days (today & tomorrow) and Im a free girl again. I am so excited that I will have time to get my butt back to the gym!!! On the other side... Morgolis has a prospective new job and is flying to San Antonio in a week for a face to face interview. Its a great job with an even greater salary but would require him to travel about 90% of the time around various parts of the US. Im actually pretty excited for him to get it and the odds are looking very favorable.

    On the eating front, Im doing ok. Ive noticed that since I started really focusing on eating regularly and eating good healthy stuff again that I had become addicted to sugar all over again. That stuff is just the devil! The cravings that I get are horrible...especially in the evenings and the other night I just couldnt help but make a trip to dairy queen with the kids for ice cream. Normally, I wouldnt have thought twice. Little deserts are ok occasionally and I have been good, but last night... I got the worst craving again for something sweet & dessert-like and it just sorta popped in my head that I was probably craving it so bad because it had been 24 hours since I had had a big dose of sugar eating that blizzard! So I grunted through it and avoided the sugary stuff. We dont have sweets in the house, so that made it easier... but it was SOOOO tempting to go get something at the store and I just said "NOPE! Not 2 days in a row!!", chugged my water down and played farm town LOL We'll see how tonight is. :laugh: I know one thing I need to stop doing is drinking coffee again with sugar in it. I got to the point where I was using just plain lowfat milk, but I have gotten in the habit of adding sugar again and I need to kick that all over again!
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    yeah, losingit, I'm trying to kick the sugar addiction again too. how easily it comes back when you let your guard down!

    didn't go for our bike ride, but we made a valiant effort. turns out one of her bikes had a flat tire, mine has a flat tire, so i went to borrow a neighbor's who said i could borrow it but they weren't home, went to the other neighbor who's bike i'm buying on payday to ask if i could borrow that one, no answer there either. so we tried! both of us were really sore from walking yesterday so we didn't want to walk that path again, and couldn't think of a place to walk that wasn't pavement. but at least we tried, and didn't "not" go for the wrong reasons!
  • adopt4 - hurray for trying, that's the first step! What's with all the flat tires???

    li4g - congrats for the job for your hubby and your freedom. I cant use working as an excuse because I just didn't feel like exercising the last several weeks.

    Yes I admit I'm addicted to sugar too...and junk. Ate chips while hubby was cooking supper. I NEVER used to do that. It's time for an all or nothing choice with me. Either I'm going to eat right and exercise daily to lose the weight or I'm not.:grumble: I am here with the team because I want to finish the race and get to my goal weight, it just takes a fresh boost of motivation I guess. Bought myself a new mp3 player to load new music on. That will help.
  • OK, let's see how we can regroup and get motivated. I like to read on line articles, magazine, and I have a gazillion workout books. Get's me re-excited.

    adopt4-you sure did try. I'm proud of you for that. Usually when I am sore it does me good to exercise again it losens me up. However, I unjderstand you have to be careful with that hip. We know our own bodies best and shouldn't let anyway think they know better.:wink: Did you call your trainer? We have had some flat tire issues haven't we. If I didn't live a couple states away I'd show you how to fix it=)

    l4g- maybe sugar busters would inspire you to kick the habit again. I read a lot of stuff and just gleen some info from them. I don't remember much about that book but it might have some good ideas to help kick the habit again. Maybe go to the library.

    HM-yeah on the mp3. I was hating swimming for awhile and I bought a waterproof case and earphones for my ipod. I get lots of looks but it is so cool. I'm a serious gadget geek. You can go online and find some C25k downloads.

    OK, I usually don't eat that low. My resting metobolic rate is actualy 2000; I'd burn that if I stayed in bed all day. So I need to be eating more daily. However, I had too many eating like crap days. What my plan is for next is to have calories more evenly spread throught the week and just 1 day off instead of 3:blushing:

    Here is my day wrapped up (almost duplicate of yesterday)
    September 10, 2009

    Strawberry/Mango/Flax/Prot/yogurt Smoothie, 1 meal
    Banana - 1 Medium Fresh Banana, 6 INCHES
    Coffee - Brewed from grounds, 2 cup (8 fl oz)
    Coffee Mate - French Vanilla Liquid Creamer,
    Dole - Frozen Blueberries, 1 cup
    Arrowhead Mills - Steelcut Oatmeal
    365 Organic - Long Grain Brown Rice
    365 - Black Beans No Salt Added
    Barilla - Whole Grain Medium Shells
    Chicken - Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
    Fresh Produce - Cherry Tomatoes-Raw
    Kashi - Tlc Chewy Cookie - Oatmeal Dark Chocolate, 1 cookie
    Cliff Kid Z Bar - Apple Cinnamon
    TOTALS: 1,680

    Bicycling, 12-13.9mph, moderate effort 2,006 145

    Let's think of a plan to remotivate ladies.
  • LosingIt4good
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    Thanks Prayerful, I think for me lately Ive been just slipping back to the sugary stuff because its whats easy on the go and Ive been so busy lately. Trust me, that is not an excuse...I know better and I accept full responsibility for whats passed these lips.. LOL

    Its not a daily occurance but I do think it is the reason my body is just tired alot more lately. I definitely used to eat more protein and have been eating too many carbs lately for how much I am NOT working out. Aside from the working, I have no other reason to be tired. I get my 8-10 hours a night sometimes for sleep. Even if Im up until the wee hours of the morning.

    Anyway.. Ive managed to keep eating mostly healthy stuff and not gain anything back.. so Im not complaining too loud, but I know that the reason I feel crummy and the cravings are there is because my body doesnt like sugar or refined carbs. I dont know WHY it took me so long to figure it out, but It just clicked for me last night and its probably been my problem for the past month or so with the achy and tired feeling. Im gonna be watching those 2 things a bit closer and see if that boosts my energy level. I know some is ok, but I have been a bad monkey lately.. LOL.. its all that dang freezer jam I made ..... its just.. irresistably good and I just made peach jam last night so that isnt helping my cause at all.... LOL :0)
  • Good morning,
    No change in weight but I lost inches (in part due to the end of T.O.M). I lose two inches in my waist and one in my hips!!!:smooched:

    SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change

    I hope you have a great week.

    P.S my husband brought a lot of furniture back from his grama's house so we'll be rearranging the house tomarrow to accomidate some of it and putting the rest on Creg's list.
  • manda-nice work with the inches.

    l4g-dreaming of your jam:noway: