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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,771 Member Member Posts: 1,771 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Monica Pulgarin's Zumba,
    Yoga Basics and Fit Split Push Day. I finally found a Zumba class I liked! I was a sweaty mess after that class!

    Laurel, I hope your DH has a safe trip to Alaska. I'm glad you're having good weather and managed to go out for walks and do yard work. Great workouts!
    The weather here has been gorgeous. It's warm and humidity free during the day.

    I also saw that Cathe cancelled her annual Road Trip. 200 square feet seems like a lot of space. I like the idea of a virtual Road Trip. I would consider signing up for it depending on what they plan to do.

    I don't know if the cooler temps helped me with my energy level. All I know is that I'm glad I'm feeling better. LOL

    I can see why you are having problems sleeping though! You do have a lot to worry about Laurel. You should try the supplement that helped me and others get rid of hot flashes. It's called Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc. I take one a day with food and it was a miracle cure for me. I still get them but only when I'm going crazy eating sweets.
    One of my yoga instructors has 3 small children and wanted to go to FL to visit her sister. She, her sister and their husbands went to get a COVID test on a Monday to make sure they didn't have the virus, then spent the rest of the week at home to make sure they wouldn't get exposed to the virus. On Friday morning they drove to FL and only stopped twice to go to the bathroom and to get gas.

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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Fit/Split Pull into F/S Mixed Impact Cardio and then Cathe Live Mixed Impact Cardio and Core. It felt good today.

    Thelma, great workouts. I am glad you found a Zumba class you enjoyed! Thank you for the recommendation for hot flashes. I have tried so many things. But I only get them at night now, and I think a large part of that is because I have always naturally slept very warm....and DH does not. So I go to sleep with just a sheet on and when he comes to bed, he pulls up a blanket and the duvet! :o Then I wake up two hours later, soaked through and steaming hot, and it takes me hours to stop the hot/cold cycling. Last night, with DH hot flashes. :) I love how your yoga instructor approached her trip, and we would need to do something very similar to visit my in-laws. Luckily we can make the trip up there in a day. But if we have to stay in a hotel while up there.....I don’t know. Normally we would stay with my SIL, but she is a hospital employee who is very concerned about being around my in-laws, so I am not sure she would be too happy to house us and potentially expose us! And I want nothing to do with a hotel. So.....we’ll figure it out I suppose.

    I read an article today about a study they are doing in Italy and those who caught the virus early on. They said many have never completely regained their health. It made me think about your aunt. I hope she is doing okay.

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Wednesday were Monica Pulgarin's Zumba, Beginner Gentle, Fit Split Pull Day and Revive and Restore Yoga.

    Laurel, great workouts! I can see how you're overheating but the problem is cooling down when it happens. When I was having the night sweats I used to keep a floor fan pointing right at me. That was the only way I could sleep. Funny how you didn't have the hot flashes last night when your DH wasn't there.

    I thought my instructor's idea for her trip to FL was brilliant. I don't blame you for not wanting to stay in a hotel these days. I wouldn't want to stay at your SIL either!

    COVID leaves people who got hit hard really damaged. My aunt isn't doing well. She refuses any type of help. She doesn't stop looking at my uncle's picture and every month on the day of his passing she loses it. She doesn't eat well and continues to lose weight. At least my cousin is keeping an eye on her and took her to their lake house where he lives most of the time. He makes sure she eats at least once a day. She literally only eats once a day. I have no idea how to help her anymore. She gets upset the other day when I suggested a support group. Thanks so much for asking about her.

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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 60 minute Peloton ride followed by Cathe Live All Core on the Floor and 20 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee.

    Thelma, great workouts. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt, though. I keep reading articles about the lasting mental and physical effects of COVID, which she is probably experiencing. Add on top of that the stress and terrible sadness of losing her husband and, well, I just can’t imagine. I am glad your cousin is looking after her. All you can do to help her I think is to keep letting her know you are there for her. It must break your heart though to know the state she is in. Huge hugs to you.

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were María Carvajal Zumba and Hip Opener and Abs Yoga Blast. I found another Zumba instructor I like. I am loving dancing with these ladies.
    I woke up feeling the tireds again. It took me all day to feel like I could do a workout. I felt much better after I did it too.

    Laurel, great workouts! Is your DH in Alaska yet? I hope he arrived there safely.

    I don't know if my aunt's problems have anything to do with having had covid. She feels that she can't live without my uncle and misses him more every day. This has been such a traumatic experience for her starting with the moment he was taken to the hospital via ambulance and the EMT telling her to disinfect the entire house, the nightmare of him being hospitalized for so long and having so many close calls. She is upset with God because he made him suffer so much. She would've preferred that he'd had an easier death. Sadly, she wants nothing to do with God right now.

    There are times when my other aunt and I feel that my aunt won't live much longer. I pray every day that God shows my cousin the way to help his mother. We practically don't know my cousin so it's not like we feel comfortable telling him how to help my aunt. I sent him a sympathy text when his father died and he had no idea who the heck I was. He asked his mother who I was. It is really heartbreaking. She knows we're here for her and we try to talk to her every day. Thanks so much!

    Have a great weekend!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,070 Member Member Posts: 3,070 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was S&S Total Body Giant Sets doubled premix followed by a 30 minute spin with Peloton. That doubled premix was tough! I was definitely sweaty doing it. :)

    Thelma, great workouts! I totally understand why your aunt feels so much anger right now. What she went through this spring is something no human being should ever have to go through. I wouldn’t even be able to find words of comfort because what would they be? This is going to sound like a strange story, but way back when I was in college, I had a job as a note taker for some courses. One of the courses was a philosophy class, and in what I now recognize as being a shockingly controversial move, one lecture consisted of two philosophers debating whether God exists. Oddly, it was the man arguing against God’s existence that had me more convinced of God’s existence that the one arguing for His existence. The argument used for there being no God was the senseless tragedies that occur to innocent human beings. In my 20yo brain, I believed that those things happen to teach the rest of us to be thankful for our lives. Of course I was looking at tragedy from the outside (again, I was 20) and not as a person experiencing that tragedy. I say this because I am not surprised your aunt is questioning her faith because this tragedy was and is absolutely senseless. I don’t know if and how that will change for her. I have long marveled at the strength of human beings in overcoming such tragedies. But I also know your aunt’s experience as you’ve shared it with us has been in my mind every day since March. On the days when I am down, I remind myself things could be so much worse. Her experience is a constant reminder of how serious this situation we are in is and to not take any day for granted. That won’t help your aunt, I know. But, sadly, it helps me from falling into a morass of self-pity, and for that I am thankful.

    Anyhow, DH made it to Alaska Tuesday night. Unfortunately they did not accept his antigen COVID test, so he was quarantined on Wednesday. But he got his PCR test results and was at work yesterday. I guess it snowed up there yesterday. And here we sit at a steamy 90! I am just fine with that. B)

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Hi ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was a very nice and quiet weekend.
    My workouts on Friday were María Carvajal Zumba, Restorative Healing yoga, Sculpted-Movement Fusion and Revive and Restore Yoga. My workouts on Sunday were Gina B 2000 Steps and Total Body Tristes Lower Body Split.

    Laurel, killer workout combo on Friday! Great job!

    My poor aunt has been suffering since March. There really are no words of comfort for her.
    I understand what you mean about the God exists/doesn't exist. It can be really easy to see that certain things happen to make us feel thankful for what we have. Tragedies not so much. I try to put myself in her shoes and I don't know if I'd be angry but my heart would be broken for a long time. Interestingly one good thing came out of my uncle's death. Their son changed from being a spoiled/entitled brat to a very caring, loving and respectful man. This is one thing my uncle wanted so much but sadly it took his death for this change to happen. My aunt says it was a very expensive price to have paid for that change.
    Looking into my aunt's life from the outside sure makes me see how fortunate I am and I just can't imagine my life without DH.
    We really are living in a serious times and we can't take anything for granted.

    I am so glad your DH made it to Alaska safely. I can't believe he was quarantined! At least it was only one day!
    I hope he had his snow boots!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Hi Thelma! Great workouts! I don’t know where all our cohorts have gone, but I am glad you are still here!! Hope the others come back soon. Anyhow, I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was very quiet without DH here. Saturday started horribly when I accidentally dropped my wedding/25th anniversary ring on the floor and it bounced right into the heating/AC vent. DH thinks he might be able to retrieve it, but I am less convinced and pretty heartbroken about it. Six inches over and I would have been on carpeting. Then later that morning I ended up with two hummingbirds stuck in the garage (I had left the garage door open for a few minutes as I checked our sprinkler system since we had the lawn aerated on Friday), and it took me forever to get them out. But I just couldn’t let two hummingbirds die in our garage! Thankfully yesterday was a quieter day.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica’s Cardio Ball Blast and 30 minutes of Peloton yoga. Yesterday was Cathe Live Trisets Legs and a 30 minute HiiT spin with Peloton. And today was ICE Low Impact Sweat with the Blizzard Blast (which I did twice), Muscle Meltdown Back (I did 4 sets of the Giant sets), and Icy Core 2. That, all together, was about an hour and 45 minutes, but it felt really great today. I can certainly tell I am sleeping better since DH is gone. But I will sacrifice sleep to have him back. :)

    I am so glad your cousin has come around and is taking care of his mother. But you are right, it shouldn’t have taken this to have that happen. Honestly, Thelma, I don’t think I would have survived those many weeks your aunt spent in her apartment, looking at the hospital and not being able to visit her husband. The reality of that just breaks my heart, and I think, for me, it probably would have been more than I could have taken. I don’t know what I would have done (and I hope I never do), but I just can’t see me surviving that. Your aunt is a strong human being. I still hope, with time, she can find some measure of peace.

    Enjoy the day.

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    Hi Laurel, I also was wondering where our workout pals have gone. I hope they are OK and that they come back soon. I am glad you're still here too!

    I'm sorry about your ring! I had a ring go down the shower drain in El Salvador and I got attached a piece of chewed gum to a stick and was able to get the ring! Are you able to remove the vent cover?
    Wow so much excitement on Saturday! I'm so glad you noticed the hummingbirds and saved them.

    Great workouts! I am really loving these muscle meltdown workouts! I can totally understand about sacrificing sleep to have your DH home. I thank God every day for having brought my DH back home from PA for me.

    I was feeling tired today and it took me all day to get to my workouts so I didn't do as much as I had planned.
    I did ICE Low Impact Sweat Workout I and ICE Low Impact Sweat-Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Prmx #7 - Back.

    It really shouldn't have taken his father's death for him to change. He is definitely full of remorse. I honestly don't know how my aunt didn't go crazy when my uncle was hospitalized. She was practically locked up in her small bedroom for three months trying not to cry out loud. She is a strong woman and I wish she didn't have to go through such tragedy. I hope with time she can find peace too.

    Have been listening to the news about hurricane Sally? Are you in its path? I heard tonight that it will eventually come to North GA. We can expect lots of wind and rain probably Wednesday or Thursday.

    Have a great day!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I was MIA last week. I took time off of work, and also took myself off of social media. Did get a ton of stuff done on my dd's quilt. I will have to do some catching up on the posts. Just wanted to let everyone know that I was okay. Did a variety of Kelly workouts last week, and so far this week it has been 30MTF LIFT workout 1 and this mornign 30MTF Athletic Conditioning 2 Workout 1.

    Laurel, Of course your workouts are great ones. Nice that you could save the birds. We had to do that one time with a humming bird in our garage. This one wasn't moving, so I took it into the house to warm up and fed it some sugar water. It eventually flew away, so I'm thinking it was okay. Sorry to hear about your ring, I hope that your DH is able to retrieve it.

    Thelma, Great job on the ICE workouts! I hope all goes well for you during this storm. We are getting some of the smoke from out west right now. There is a haze blocking the sun.

    Have to get some more e-mails off my list, so I probably should get back to work :D !

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies!!

    I'm here, just busy as usual! The boys started back to school yesterday, with 2 in person days each week and 3 virtual and masks required all day at school. It will be an interesting school year!

    I started up Chalean Extreme last week, as I felt like I needed a program to follow for a little bit. So far, so good!

    Thelma, great job with the workouts, despite the tireds off an on (must be that time of year, I'm feeling the same)!

    Laurel, I'm curious to see the new class workouts with masks on from Cathe. I'm sure a clip will be out soon. Not sure what I think of that either. I'm with you...trying to remove myself from as much COVID social media as possible as I deal with it all day long for work/boys school.

    Laurie, glad you took a social media break, I have been doing that here and there as well. Sounds like you were productive with the quilting and workouts too. I'm keeping an eye out for some new KCM rotations (I'm not on FB, but I'm sure she'll post on her website at some point) as I really enjoyed the last one.

    Tami, I hope you enjoyed your time off with DH. After all the OT you've had at work, I bet it felt great!

    Hoping to get on here at least once a week, but no promises! Hope you are all having a good week so far!

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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was ICE Muscle Meltdown Chestx4 premix and a 60 minute spin from Peloton. I really had to talk myself into working out. It is a little gloomy today as the hurricane approaches the shore, and I want nothing more than to sit down, watch bad TV and not think at all. I don’t think my mood is helped since my MIL called last night to let us know my SIL’s husband (they are the couple my in-laws moved to be near) has COVID. Thankfully they hadn’t seen my in-laws in a week, so on that front I am relieved. But I am worried about my SIL’s husband as he does have some pretty significant health issues. So far, though, he is just congested. They won’t test my SIL for a couple of days to see if she has it. But I think my mood today is I am just done with 2020 completely. :#

    Thelma, great workouts. Unfortunately our vents are in the floor and you can see the tubing all the way down into the crawl space, so my ring fell all the way down to the bottom of.....wherever that my DH thinks he can access it from in the crawl space. :) So, we’ll see. He has been looking on line for tools and apparently there is a tool he can use that will sense the metal from the ring in the tubing. This should be interesting. :o Right now it looks like we will get very little from the hurricane, even in rain. It is going to turn east almost as soon as it hits land, so it will cross Alabama way south of us. Based on its path, I think you will see more of it than we will. I am fine without the heavy storms, but I was at least hoping for rain. It has been so dry.

    Laurie, welcome back! I am glad you took a break from work and a break from social media. I certainly could use the latter. It is amazing how much I miss DHs and my little vacations we took, even those three or four day trips. Those were times I always disconnected from my iPad and stopped working out. Now I need to force myself to do both, and haven’t managed to do it yet. But I think my mindset would be so much better if I did.

    Erika, welcome back!! Great job starting up with Chalene Extreme. I hope you enjoy it. I hope all goes well with your DSs and school. Our in-person classes started here yesterday as well, so I am curious how that goes. My niece went back in person last week, and she said it was a little strange, mostly because the majority of students opted for remote learning. She only had a few classmates in her classes. Cathe did her Live classes alone the last two weeks, despite her gym being open, so I will be curious if she has a class this week. Again, I think if they are masked, I will just reach for an older workout. Cathe posted yesterday on Facebook that one of the issues she has working out in a mask is not drinking enough fluid because of the hassle of dealing with the mask. So I just think the classes would be a bit odd when I am not having to deal with a mask like they are. But who knows? I might be very wrong.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Monica Pulgarin's Zumba,
    Yoga Basics and ICE Metabolic Total Body Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Premix #7 – Chest.

    We are expected to get some heavy rain and winds from hurricane Sally on Thursday night and Friday. Hopefully we'll be ok.

    Laurie, I'm so glad you're OK and that you made a lot of progress with your daughter's quilt. Great job keeping up with your workouts! Sorry you're getting some of the smoke from the fires. Such a sad situation.

    Erika, I'm so glad you're doing well! It really sounds like it will be an interesting school year. What did the boys say about having to wear a mask all day? What was it like?
    Good idea to find a program to follow during this busy time at work. I really think the tireds I'm feeling have to do with the change of season.

    Laurel, good job pushing yourself to do your workouts! It was a little gloomy here too and I'm sure it will be like that through Friday. I'm really sorry your SIL has COVID. I don't understand why your SIL can't be tested now. People here show up at the testing sites and get tested. I hope your in-laws will all be OK. 2020 really needs to end and take this virus with it!

    I'm sorry the ring can't be accessed easily. I hope your DH is able to retrieve it for you. Will he be back next week?

    I just heard the hurricane has been upgraded to category 2. I hope things won't get too bad here.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30MTF Amped Up Cardio Combined Premix.

    Erika, Great job on starting up the Chalene Extreme. I'm planning on starting that rotation Nov 1. Right now I'm sticking with the Kelly workouts until the end of October. I hope that Kelly puts it on her web page, it really is a good rotation. She did three of them. One is just DVD's and the other two are a RAW and a combo of the RAW and DVD. At some point I would like to try them all, because they concentrate on different things. The combo one is a strength rotation, and it really looks like it would be fun. Hope all goes well with your boys and school.

    Laurel, Glad to hear that you where able to get your workouts in despite your current mood. Your family will be in my prayers, but I'm glad to hear that your BIL is doing okay. I agree with you on the way 2020 has gone, I'm done with it also. Cathe is for sure right on the mask wearing and not getting enough fluids. I have noticed that myself. I would be constantly drinking water before the mandate, and have noticed that I don't drink as much now. The mask is also annoying when you are sweating, it itches like crazy when their is moisture trapped between your face and the mask.

    Thelma, Awesome workouts! Take care during this storm, hope all goes well. One of the things that I wanted to do while on my staycation, was working on her quilt. It is turning into a quilt that has a little bit of everything, and I have named it Everything Bee's. :) I will have to show some of the panels that I have created when I have the chance.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Like on Monday, I had a whole workout planned and changed it the minute I picked up the ICE series to do my strength training. I saw the body part I had planned (shoulders) was on a workout I enjoy (Chiseled Lower Body Blast), and presto....that became my workout today. So I did the main routine, the Blizzard Blast twice, the Shoulder Set x4 and Icy Core 2. It was a great workout.

    Thelma, great workouts. You are definitely going to get hit harder from this hurricane than we are. Hopefully it will just be heavy rain and some wind by the time it will get to you. We are going to have some light rain, but that is it. Stay safe! Yes, hopefully DH will be back on Saturday. I keep telling him, though, that if his work isn’t complete, he should stay there until it is. I really don’t want him to have to travel back up there this winter. He just isn’t prepare anymore to be working in those kinds of cold, snowy conditions, but he has to complete the work on this contract by December 1, so if there is work to do, this fall is when he would have to do it. But he feels right now he will be home on Saturday, and I hope so!

    Laurie, great workout! Sounds like some great workouts from Kelly right now. I love the sound of your quilt! I don’t mind wearing a mask to shop and such, but there is no doubt I would be uncomfortable in one all day for the reasons you describe. And I think that is why I can’t imagine wanting to go to a gym and workout in one....when I can workout without one at home! I suppose not everybody has that option, but I really don’t even want to know what it feels like to workout in a mask because of all the sweating I do. :o Not a good thought really. :#

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Just letting you all know I am alive and well. :) All is good here minus the terrible smoke from all the fires along the Northwest ….. it has been terrible. I did go fishing with DH on Labor Day weekend, which was so nice having those extra days off. No work, just relaxation. I even caught a big salmon which is always exciting. 39 inches and 30 lbs. I came home a day early however due to high winds and smoke starting into our area. Since then it has increasingly gotten worse and last weekend was awful; could hardly leave the house without smelling like a campfire. :( Fingers crossed they are correct in saying it will be better by this weekend. DH is of course in even worse conditions being in central Washington, so people have been canceling their fishing trips … not they he wants to sit out on the river in this either. Just a bad chain of events. Again, hoping for improvement very soon. You all can send us some rain with wind please! :D

    Workouts have been good: Sunday I did STS Total Body, Peloton Ride + 20 Min. Body Weight Strength on Monday. Yesterday was ICE Muscle Meltdown Chest (x4) + Shoulders (x4). Tonight I am hoping to get in Legs + a Peloton Ride.

    I hope you are all doing well! I am so sorry I’ve been so MIA this summer/fall, etc…. Thinking of you all and hoping to catch up soon.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Wednesday were Monica Pulgarin's Zumba, Beginner Gentle, ICE Boot Camp Circuit Muscle Meltdown X4 Basic Premix #7 – Biceps and Revive and Restore Yoga.

    The rain started at about 6pm and it's been steadily raining all night. I hope we don't lose power.

    Laurie, great job with the 30MTF workout! I would love to see some of the quilt's panels!

    Laurel, fantastic workouts today! Good advice to your DH to stay in Alaska until he knows the work is done so he doesn't have to travel there again.

    We have are definitely going to get a good amount of rain. It sounds like we're getting heavy rain but not the heavy downpours we usually get.

    Tami, I'm so glad you are OK! I've been thinking about you and those terrible fires. How nice that you were able to enjoy yourself and relax during the long weekend with your DH! Congrats on catching that big salmon!
    Are you having to leave Bernie inside the house due to that smoke?
    I hope you get a lot of rain soon. I was just telling my husband I wish we could send all those places with fires some of this rain we're getting.
    Sorry your husband's clients have been canceling their fishing trip. Hopefully they'll reschedule when things get better.
    Great job with your workouts! In case this helps you, here are the ICE DVD names with the muscle meltdowns and premix number.

    Monday-ICE Low Impact Sweat Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Premix #7 - Back (37:13m)

    Tuesday-ICE Metabolic Total Body Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Premix #7 – Chest (31:12m)

    Wednesday- ICE Boot Camp Circuits Muscle Meltdown X4 Basic Premix #7 – Biceps (30:10m)

    Thursday- ICE To The Mat: Legs & Glutes Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Premix #4 Shoulders (23:00m) and Lower Body premix from 4 Day Split (31m)

    Friday-ICE Rock’m Sock’m Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Premix #7 Triceps (32:13m) and cardio

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,813 Member Member Posts: 2,813 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30MTF Meltdown Workout 1.

    Laurel, Wow on the workout combo! Glad that you enjoyed it so much, that lower body workout is a good one. Nice that your DH is coming home, but you are right, having to be up there in the middle of winter wouldn't be fun if your body isn't ready for that cold. Probably why we have our fall weather that gets us ready for that. We have been having some really cold temps in the morning, but some really nice days. That is probably why I love this time of the year so much.

    Tami, Congrats on the catch! Great job getting all those workouts in. I will be crossing my fingers that they can get the fires under control, so that the smoke isn't as severe. I know that today was much better for us, no haze over the sun.

    Thelma, Again you have some awesome workouts. Looks like you found some Zumba workouts? Hope that the storm isn't to bad for your area. Not fun when you lose power. I have two different type panels that I just need to sew the applique down. I have 6 panels of one type and 4 panels of the other. This is going to be a really big quilt when it is done.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,070 Member Member Posts: 3,070 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was ICE Muscle Meltdown Biceps x4 premix and a 45 minute spin from Peloton.

    Cathe did another Live class alone today, which makes me happy. But between that and the fact that Peloton has started doing Bike+Bootcamp classes, I am going to completely change up my planned workouts for next week. :) I am still going to focus on circuits, but I don’t think I will be doing any of the workouts I wrote down. First off, I am loving these Muscle Meltdown workouts so much this week that I am going to repeat it for next week. Then, I am going to do two of the Peloton Bike+Bootcamp workouts (Sunday and Friday), and Cathe’s Live workout from today which was PHA Supersets (Tuesday). I just can’t pass up the opportunity to do a new PHA workout. I may throw in another circuit or metabolic workout on Wednesday, and then do cardio and/or yoga on Monday and Thursday. Just wanted to let you all know in case you wonder what rotation I flew off to do!! But I will be back on our schedule for the week after. It was just a combination of the dread factor for the workouts I had scheduled for next week and these new workouts that has me saying go with what sounds good’.

    Tami, so great to see you! Thank you for checking in. DH sent me photos of the smoke from Seattle when he flew through there last week, and it was not good. My sisters have been suffering from smoke all summer, and I am sure your sister has been as well. It is just such a sad situation. I am sorry to hear it is impacting your DHs fishing so much because, no doubt, he was probably looking forward to a nice season after the mess this year has been. But huge congratulations on the huge fish you caught! That will make for some nice meals. :) Great workouts, as always.

    Thelma, great workouts! I hope you don’t mind if I veer off a bit next week. Hopefully I don’t throw you off schedule! I hope you got nothing worse than rain from that hurricane. We did get a bit of rain yesterday afternoon but, honestly, you never would have guessed that parts of the state got feet of water on them from how it is here. Just crazy.

    Laurie, great workout! Fall is, without question, my favorite season. We are supposed to have a little cooler, fresher air this weekend, and I am so looking forward to it. I remember we were in the 100s early in October last year, and it looks like we may avoid that this year. I love cool mornings and warm afternoons in long as I can manage to be properly dressed for it!

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,771 Member Member Posts: 1,771 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were Monica Pulgarin's Zumba, Lower Body premix from 4 Day Split Kick Box, ICE To The Mat: Legs & Glutes Muscle Meltdown x4 Basic Premix #4 Shoulders.

    I followed my Zumba workout with the 4DS Lower Body premix. I was drenched in sweat after that! Wow!

    I have serious bicep DOMS! This morning when I started the zumba class I stretched my arms out to the side and attempted to flex my biceps. OUCH!! I had to put my arms down and be gentle about stretching my arms. LOL

    Last night's rain finally stopped at about 9 Thursday morning and that was it. It got a little windy this afternoon until about 9pm and that was it. Thank God!

    Laurie, great workout!

    I finally found a Zumba instructor I love. She is Hispanic and knows how to dance the Latin way which I love.
    Thankfully the remnants of the storm were very mild.
    I bet your dd is going to love her quilt. I always buy California king quilts because I like the extra length on the sides.

    Laurel, awesome workout today!
    OMG! I am so happy you want to repeat this week because I was going to suggest that tonight! I am loving these muscle meltdown X4 premixes! I haven't had bicep DOMS like this in years! I may keep the rotation the same way I have it because I do other workouts and this week has been perfect for me so far.
    Thankfully the we only got rain last night and a little wind today.
    I hope your DH has a safe flight back home!

    Have a great weekend ladies!
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