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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,715 Member Member Posts: 1,715 Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. We had a little snow here on Saturday night. It was pretty much gone by 10 am on Sunday! LOL

    My workouts on Friday were LITE Metabolic Blast and JS Post Workout Stretch.
    My workouts on Sunday were Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride, STS Disc 1/Chest exercises and LITE Strong Body Stacked sets: Lower.

    Laurie, I love the sounds of that Chris Freytag's yoga/stretch workout! Good job!
    Sorry about your commute home on Thursday night, but better safe than sorry in snowy conditions. Did the water freeze from the water main break freeze?

    I still haven't joined Chris' website but the little bit that I've seen looks great!
    I can just envision Rocket spinning around in the snow to make room to do his business! At least he didn't go in the ditch! LOL

    Laurel, that 3-3-3 workout sounds like a lot of fun! Great job!

    I think I'm going to enjoy this week's rotation because we're not doing the full workouts. Today's should've been called push up workout though! LOL.

    I love the idea of taking a couple of weeks off before starting the STS rotation. It will allow me time to try Chris Freytag's workouts! I'll leave it up to you if you want to do more than two weeks between rotations.

    Have a wonderful week ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    We had a very cold but good weekend. Rocket wasn't to pleased with the cold temps though, his little tootsies are not able to handle the cold snow. We have been putting his rubber booties on him, but he hates to put them on. ;) Got a little sorting done, and some sewing. My workouts on the rotation for Saturday Cathe had scheduled STS Total Body. I just didn't feel like hauling out all that equipment, so I opted for Strong & Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets. Sunday was ICE Metabolic Total Body and this morning I actually did Plyo HiiT One with some modifications. I didn't pull out my mat, since I would have probably tripped over it anyway. Overall I'm still enjoying this rotation, and all of my choices.

    Laurel, Another workout that sounds great, so glad that you are enjoying all your workouts. LOL about looking forward to yoga. I was surprised that I was that way myself, guess I just needed to up the intensity so that my body said yes please stretch our muscles out. :D That is great that you are excited about Kristin's yoga pilates. I'm planning on one of my Kristin yoga workouts for Friday. It has been a while since I have worked out with her.

    Thelma, Love the workouts! If you are getting GHUTV for that awesome price, she has some really good yoga workouts on there. I didn't go down that road this morning, but I know that on the other side of the water it was slippery. There was a bus in front of me, and it was slipping all over the place. It didn't appear that there where any children on the bus at the time. Rocket doesn't spend a ton of time outside when it is this cold. DH has been putting his coat on him before letting him out too.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was nice and quiet. I did some more spring cleaning on Saturday, making DH move all of the furniture so I could clean behind/under it. I also cleaned out the freezer, which was much needed. It feels good to be getting some things accomplished. It was a chilly weekend, and, like Thelma, we had a little snow on Saturday night/Sunday morning. But despite that, we got long walks in both days, which makes the weekends extra nice.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a 2 1/2 mile walk with Jessica Smith from her Five Mile Walk DVD, followed by 45 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was STS Disk 1/Chest, followed by a 15 minute spin and Cathe Live Legs, Cardio and Core Galore. Today was STS Disk 1/Biceps, followed by STS Stability Ball Abs and a tough 45 minute Peloton spin.

    Thelma, great workouts! I thought about you yesterday morning when I pulled out my STS worksheets, looked over the chest exercises and quickly realized that out of all those chest exercises, only two were NOT push-ups! I thought to myself ‘Thelma is going to kill me’. :D I suppose it would have been wise to check that out before yesterday. B) But I found it oddly doable because the whole workout was something like 20 minutes. I found the biceps work today harder. But, like you, I love these one-body part a day weeks.

    Laurie, great workouts! I completely understand avoiding STS Total Body because of the equipment. STS Total Body Giant Sets is much more user friendly. Sorry to hear about the cold weather. Poor little Rocket’s feet! Hopefully you get a little break from it, though I know they are expecting our temps to drop out again at the end of the week, and I think that air is coming from your way. I really enjoyed the yoga on Saturday. That one was more Pilates leg focused, but the one she recorded today is more core focused. I am anxious to try that one too!

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,715 Member Member Posts: 1,715 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Monday were Hard Strikes, STS Disc 1/Bicep exercises and Ashtanga Yoga.
    My arms were fried after doing Hard Strikes and the STS Bicep workouts! Wow!

    BTW, my virtual yoga studio will have a special yoga class on Saturday from 12:30-1:30PM. It will be all about heart and hip openers. If you'd like to join. The instructor is a guest instructor from Chicago so I've never taken one of her classes.

    Laurie, glad you got some of your projects done! Awww! Poor Rocket and his cold tootsies! You definitely need to get him used to wearing those booties throughout the year. I'm glad your DH is making sure Rocket wears his coat outside.

    Great workouts! I'm glad you're still enjoying the rotation.

    Thanks for letting me know about Chris' yoga workouts! I bet that area where the water mane broke was like the ice capades!

    Laurel, great job with all that spring cleaning! I did some of that myself. Good for you for still getting your walks in! Great workouts too!

    I actually did the all the pushups except for one set. Of course, I modified them. I agree that the Bicep workout was harder. My arms were already tired from Hard Strikes which also works the arms!

    Good night ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was one of my favorites Ramped Up Upper Body. I went as heavy as I could, and did have to go down on the second round of some exercises. The shoulders where a little tired for sure.

    Laurel, Nice of your DH to move that furniture for you. That is one thing that doesn't happen to often thru the year for us either. I'm sure that will be nice to have your freezer organized. Nice workouts! I see you are doing a one body part per day with the STS workouts. Let me know how you enjoy that concept. It appears that we are stuck in this cold for a while, it just is so cold when there is wind. That workout of Kristin's sound good, we can all use a really good core workout.

    Thelma, Great job on your workouts! I will have to get back to you on the workout on Saturday. I have Muscle Max scheduled for that day, and I have to go to an embroidery shop at some point. I have to say that Rocket was really good about putting on his booties this morning. I think that he finally realizes that they help him. Of course I'm the only one that knows how to put them on without him getting anxiety. I was on that street this morning, and it was full of brown ice mounds. This stretch always seems to have this problem.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 1/Shoulders followed by Cathe Live Jabs and Kicks. I added in 30 minute of core focused yoga with Kristin McGee which was really tough, but also really good.

    Thelma, great workouts! No doubt your arms were fried. I found the biceps work the toughest of the three body parts on disc a mile. I would have expected shoulders to be worse, but I didn’t feel they were. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you on Saturday, but thank you for the invitation. But I did sign up for tomorrow’s barre. :) I have come to really look forward to it each week.

    Laurie, great workout! I love that one. That is the workout we will be using next week for one body part because the premixes on that one for one body part are just so good. I thought doing one body part with Meso 1 would be a bit of a pain because of forwarding through the chapters, but it is no problem at all since she clearly labeled each exercise at the start of each chapter. I would say that each body part on Disc 1, including the warm-up, was only 15-20 minutes long, and that is with me taking a little more than 30 seconds between each exercise (because of needing to forward through chapters and, well, sore arms). I think they will be slightly longer with back and triceps from Disc 2, but not much. We will be using Meso 2 for one body part week after next, but I have done that in the past. I have not done it with Meso 3. But, honestly, I think this is a fantastic way of using STS, especially since STS is set up to only hit each body part once a week. Of course the cumulative effect of training multiple muscles is lost, but this also makes the workouts far more tolerable, especially because they are so long. I will be honest in saying that it makes me happy to think I will still be able to use these STS workouts when I no longer have the interest in doing 55-70 minutes of strength training at any one given time. Well.....except for legs, but that’s a whole other issue.

    Enjoy the day.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,715 Member Member Posts: 1,715 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride and STS Disc 1/Shoulder exercises. I can't believe how hard the single body parts have felt. I pushed myself really hard on the Peloton workout. It was a sweat fest!

    Laurie, great workout! Congrats on going as heavy as possible! No worries on the yoga class.
    Yaay on Rocket being good about putting his booties on! You need to show your DH how to put the booties on Rocket without causing him anxiety!
    I hope you are going to be getting some warm temps soon to melt those ice mounds!

    Laurel, great workouts!
    I totally agree that biceps were the hardest of the three body parts. I had to go easy on my shoulders because my right shoulder is acting up.
    all I could think of today is I was able to do the full workouts after work! No worries on the yoga class!
    There's a forecaster people follow around here. I forget his name but he's been saying that the European forecast models are showing icy conditions for early next week. I hope the European models are wrong!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did 30MTF Stepboxing 2 combined workouts. Since it has been so cold this week I have taken advantage of the fact that we are not going on our walks by doing longer workouts. I really enjoyed this one, since it wasn't fancy step work. :D I had my car in for service yesterday, and now it is like driving a new car. :D Funny since it has over 250K in mileage.

    Laurel, Awesome job on the workouts! Again those workout sound like they are a lot of fun, and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the Kristin workout. Thanks for the information on the STS one body part. I have wondered about doing that with those workouts, and I would imagine that it is nice to take that break to skip to the next exercise. I like the idea of not having to move your weights so much. It has been a while, but I remember having to do some bar moving with chest and shoulder work. Or something like that. Of course legs are Cathe specialty, so they are always worked good. ;) I can see where the RUUB will be a good one to use with the one body part. I was having a hard time with the reps toward the end of each body part.

    Thelma, Great job on the workouts! Hope I'm able to try those workouts in that fashion at some point. I think DH gets worried when Rocket does his little whine, You would think that I was trying to kill him by putting on the booties. :o Today we are up above 0 for the first time, but it probably will not last. At least it isn't as bad as the year it was below -20 for weeks.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 3/Legs followed by a 30 minute Peloton spin. I also went for a long walk since DH is working at work today (meaning I am not limited to his lunch hour) and it is sunny and 70 degrees! It felt so good. Sadly, this weather is going to go away before the day is over from what I hear as we head into a long, colder stretch. But at least I was able to take advantage of the good weather today. I may regret all of this, though, when I am trying to do the Barre workout this afternoon. :D

    Thelma, great workouts! Honestly I don’t know how anybody does STS after work. For me, it isn’t just that the workouts are intense but I think a lot during STS workouts about what weights I want/need, whether to add wrist weights, whether I need to change the weight on my barbell, do I have the right step risers for everything, etc. In other words, they are not ‘plug and play’ workouts for me and I am not sure, mentally, if I ever would have gravitated to them when I was working, Right now, we do have the potential of ice/snow on the forecast for early next week as well. I guess we’ll see but it looks like the ice storms this week are going to stop in Tennessee. We are only going to get rain, and I hope we do. It is so very dry here.

    Laurie, great workout! Great idea taking advantage of some extra morning time by switching up your workouts a bit. It looks like you are getting some great variety with this rotation. I am glad your car is feeling like new again! One of the more irritating equipment changes in STS for me is in Meso 3. I use my Fit Tower for holding my barbell for chest presses and bent over rows/deadlifts, and I have my step as a bench for the chest work. So every set going from chest to back means moving the step out from under the bar and back again. I don’t know why I find that so annoying, but I do. B) Enjoy those above zero temperatures! :) I remember our first winter (2006/7) in Alaska where we didn’t get above zero from the first of November until April. Most of the winter was -25 or below. It was brutal. Beautiful.....but brutal. So I don’t envy you your cold temps right now.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Wednesday were STS Meso 1-Disk #3 Legs, Gina B 2000 Steps and Pure Barre. My legs got a good workout today!

    I bought fabric resistance bands and I love them! Like Laurie said before they don't roll up! They have serious resistance! I need to find me a workout that uses those bands.

    Te-Rich Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Fabric Workout Loop Bands,

    We almost hit 70 today! It was a beautiful, sunny day. Now we're in for a lot of rain the next few days.

    Laurie, great workout! The KCM stepboxing workout is a lot of fun. I should do it for my cardio one of these days. I'm glad your car is fixed and driving like new! That's a lot of miles! I had a Subaru with a lot of miles years ago. Great car.

    Some animals are so dramatic! LOL. I'm sure Rocket senses your husband's nervousness when he's putting Rocket's booties on.
    You are having seriously cold temps! I hope you get some warm days soon!

    Laurel, great workouts! I'm sorry you weren't able to finish the barre class. What happened? Erin kept an eye on her computer to see if you were in the waiting room.

    Sounds like we're going to be in the same weather pattern too!
    I agree about the STS workouts. They are time consuming with all the equipment changes in addition to being intense workouts!
    Our weatherman is only talking about rain and cooler temps now. Thank God! We do need the rain here too.

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was RAW Heavy Bag & Legs, and I used my weighted gloves. It has been fun boxing for the last couple of days.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts, and of course getting in the walk. I have to say that I am missing our morning one this week. We are not getting any relief until next week. Hope that your legs held up for the barre work. Oh yes that is the workout that I remember having to go on an off the bench, and then moving the bar on and off. That was very irritating. I can't even imagine having that long of dealing with the below zero temps. Yes your body eventually gets used to it, but it does drain the body.

    Thelma, Love the workouts! Those look a lot like the ones that I have. If you want to try them out there is an instructor on youtube that uses them. Her name is Sydney Cummings. She does a new workout every morning, and I want to try her rotation next month. Glad that you had a nice day before all the rain starts to fall. Hope you have an opportunity to do the stepboxing workout one of these days. I'm glad that there wasn't anything majorly wrong with my car, because I absolutely love my Santa Fe. I'm hoping to get another year out of it.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 2/Back followed by Rhythmic Step. I loved revisiting that step workout. It was just what I needed on this murky day. <3

    Thelma, great workouts! I was so sorry to miss the second half of the barre workout last night because I was enjoying it so much. I got kicked out of Zoom, reconnected, then kicked out again. I checked my network, and it seemed fine, so I tried to log back in but Erin must not have seen me. Honestly, I only waited a couple of minutes because I wasn’t sure if everybody was having problems or just me. Since my body was warm, I wanted to do something before I got too cold, and decided to do STS Pilates Abs. That is the first time I have been kicked out of Zoom, and I am on it every week. Just one of those things. But I will be there next week....after resetting our server and my computer. Those fabric bands look tough! Now I understand why Cathe wants to do a series involving them.

    Laurie, great workout. I love the name of it. I am sorry to hear your weather is going to be so cold for another week or so. Like you said, you adjust but it is draining on the body. I saw a robin on our walk the other day, and, for me, spring can’t get here soon enough. This winter has been a tough one for me.....and we don’t even really have winter here! But I always feel better when we get our extra hour of daylight back in the evenings.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were a Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride, STS Meso 1 - Disc 2/Back exercises and Popsugar No-Squat Booty Workout with resistance fabric bands.
    OMG those bands ladies! OUCH! I was going to a workout from the instructor Laurie recommended but I wore myself out with the Peloton ride so I did one of the shortest and easier workouts I found. There wasn't anything easy about the workout with those bands. I thought I was going to cry! My legs and butt are feeling the short workout. I can't wait to do more of these workouts. I used the lite band too. I simply can't imagine using the tougher bands any time soon! You have to start small with these bands. I can't wait for Cathe to come up with a fabric band workout. There are a multitude of great band workouts available on youtube tough.

    We had a very rainy and dreary Thursday and it looks like the next four days will be rainy too.

    Laurie, great workout!! Those boxing workouts are always sooooo much fun!

    Thanks for letting me know about Sydney Cummings. Great instructor and great workouts! I am going to work my way up to one of her bands workouts. I may try to do one and will do as much as I can possibly handle. I think you will love doing one of Sydney's rotations!
    Clearly you have taken great care of your Santa Fe over the years. When cars are well maintained they last forever.

    Laura, great workouts!
    No one was having problems with Zoom last night. Weird that you got kicked out. It does happen to me from time-to-time when our internet service acts up. Zoom usually reconnects me though.
    I love that Erin has a different routine every week. Like you I'm always looking forward to this class.
    The bands are seriously tough! Check out the you tube workouts. I searched for "booty band workout". You are going to love working out with these bands Laurel!

    Have a great weekend ladies!!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was a short workout, but a good stretch. I did Jessica's Walk Strong 3 Deep Stretch. I made this one short, because the temp was above zero. Yes it was still single digits, but it was snowing. I like walking in the snow, and I think Rocket really loved the walk too. DH stayed out and cleared the driveway afterward, and he came in covered in snow. :o

    Laurel, Awesome workouts! I can imagine that the step workout was a good revisit. I remember how much you enjoyed that one. Dang on getting kicked off of zoom. I can't wait to start seeing some robins. I have been enjoying getting home and it is still light outside. I can even stop someplace after work, and still have some daylight. Even with this cold we have been having sunshine, well except for this morning with the snow.

    Thelma, Great job on the workouts! I will have to do the same thing with those workouts, since I have only used the cloth bands once in a while for lower body work. I have not done a whole workout with them. I hope that the DOMS are not to severe for you today. Sydney has a ton of workouts, and I can't believe that she offers them for free. Yep regular car and maintenance on the vehicle has done wonders for us keeping it. I think it does help that I have to go quite a ways into work. Doing short trips doesn't help a vehicle in these areas, they tend to start rusting.

    Have a great weekend!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Meso 1 Disc 2/Triceps followed by the core work from Cardio and Weights. For cardio, I did a fun 45 minute 80s spin from Peloton. All of the music was from 1986, and it made me smile. 🙂

    Thelma, great workouts! You have me very interested in fabric bands now. And I had never heard of the, before Cathe mentioned them in November! I probably should have been more patient on Wednesday when waiting to be let back in to the class. Next time I will just do some things on my own until Erin let’s me back in.

    Laurie, great workout, and I am glad you got a walk in this week. I love walking in the snow as well. I bet the little extra degrees of temperature made it feel nice despite the snow. Sunshine is something we have been lacking this winter, and the one bad thing about that is it hasn’t resulted in any moisture. We are down something like 19 inches of rain from last year over the last couple of months, which is crazy. Where our grass usually is green through the winter, it is brown. So everything just looks kind of sad outside right now, which is, no doubt, playing into my mood. At least it rained all day yesterday, so there is hope that things will come back to life soon.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm still here, just super busy with work and waiting on an open opportunity to make a move! I chatted with my old manager and she's confident something will be available soon!

    Workouts are going well and doing some cleaning out of DVDs that I don't enjoy. I'm all about bringing more fun into my days!

    We have been below zero for days here and finally will get out of it this week!

    Great workouts, you all have had some fun ones! Stay warm, you all have had some interesting weather too!

    Talk to you next week!

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day weekend. We had a nice and quiet weekend.
    The rainy weekend we were expecting never happened. The last time it rained was Friday but both Saturday and Sunday were 100% cloudy.

    My workouts on Friday were: Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride and STS Meso 1 - Disc 2/Triceps exercises.

    Saturday: Monica Pulgarin's Zumba and Yoga Flow. The yoga class wasn't the yummy class I thought it would be. It was a total workout and I loved it. I was spent after the Zumba class which I made super high impact thinking the yoga class would be easy! LOL
    I was a sweaty mess during the yoga class. We had to hold a plank with every vinyasa and at some point we were doing side planks. I loved the instructor and I was told she'd be teaching again!

    Sunday: Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride, KCM 30MTF Split Sessions Lower Body and Ramped Up Upper Body Chestx3 premix. I pushed myself really hard on the Peloton ride which is wonderful that I can do that now. OMG the KCM leg workout! She started the class with a resistance loop around her ankles so I used my not so lite fabric band. OMG!!! I fried my legs within the first 4 minutes of the workout! She did a few exercises with weights and repeated the resistance band section. I didn't use the fabric band the second time around. I used a regular elastic band. It felt very easy but I was afraid to hurt myself.
    I thought I was going to have an easy workout on Sunday but it was totally the opposite. I followed my workout with a lower body foam roller and hard ball massage and lots of stretching.

    Laurie, great workout and walk on Friday! I'm glad you decided to go out for walk in the snow. Did you make Rocket wear his booties?

    Definitely start easy with the fabric band workouts. If you do that KCM Split Sessions Lower body workout warm up really good first.
    I am with you about Sydney offering her workouts for free. They are very professional looking.
    I wonder what will happen to my Jeep. I don't really drive it anymore except to take myself to doctors' appointments. DH usually drives his truck when we go out; which is not very often.

    Laurel, great workouts! I am loving these single body part workouts because it allows me to do other workouts too. My body is loving them. I am honestly scared about doing the full STS workouts! LOL, I will have to do lite cardio in order to preserve my energy for STS.

    I highly recommend getting the fabric bands Laurel. I'd never heard about them until you and Laurie mentioned them.
    I took a zoom class on Friday and got disconnected twice and both times I got automatically reconnected.

    Have a great week ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    We had snow all day on Saturday, and then it has been below zero. We are going to get temps in the 20's this week, so I'm happy about that. More snow is on the way though. :p We had a nice Valentines Day. I made Chicken Parmigiana Lasagna, and it was really good. My workouts where Saturday Muscle Max, Sunday Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp and this morning Low Impact HiiT One. This week seems a bit strange for the rotation. She has two lower body workouts, and in the description she said that we would be doing an upper and lower body each week. May change this up.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts! Nice that you could listen to some really good music during it also. ;) I had to do a double take on the Cardio and Weights. Might have to pull that one out again. I think that we may be getting your rain in snow form this year. There is so much snow that it is getting hard to find places to put it. We live on a corner lot, and the pile of snow on our corner is huge. When all this starts to melt, we may have to start betting on when the last snowball will melt. I will hope for your area to get more rain.

    Erika, Good to hear from you, and I will be keeping you in my prayers that there is a position in your company that will be perfect for you. Glad to hear that you are on track with your workouts. I agree with you on keeping workouts that you enjoy doing. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather this week. These cold temps do get old with all the layers you need to wear just to go out to get the mail. :D

    Thelma, Awesome job on all your workouts. Glad that you enjoyed the yoga and your band work. I have tried to use the cloth band on that workout too, and had the same experience you had. Yep Rocket is wearing his booties on our walks. I like him to wear them, because of all the salt on the roads. Don't need him licking that salt off his paws and getting sick.

    Have a great day,
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was very quiet. Outside of my workouts and some household chores, we spent the bulk of our time working on a 3000 piece puzzle. This is the biggest puzzle we have attempted, and it is very challenging. That was not helped as we have been covered in fog since last Thursday making it difficult to see colors. And, of course, today brings an ice storm, but while we had ice this morning, the temperatures just rose enough to knock it off the house and trees. We’ll see if we get more later, but we are very lucky on our little hill because, apparently, the rest of the city is covered in ice. I don’t mind not sharing their experience so far.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a one mile power walk with Jessica Smith followed by 60 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was Ramped Up Upper Body Chestx3 premix followed by a 20 minute spin into Cathe Live Lower Body Barre Blend. This latter workout is a few weeks old, and it was another completely unique workout from Cathe. I really love what she has been doing with her Live classes lately. This one was a blend of some cardio barre, low impact cardio, light strength moves and pure barre. It was really good. Anyhow, today I did RUUB Bicepsx3 premix followed by a 60 minute Peloton spin...which left me a sweaty mess despite the ice outside.

    Erika, thank you for checking in! I so hope you find a new position soon, but it sounds encouraging. Stay warm! I saw your wind chill predictions yesterday and yikes! I bet warmer weather is very welcome at this point. I am glad you are enjoying your workouts and putting the emphasis on ‘fun’. That is as it should be.

    Thelma, great workouts! Sounds like that yoga class was well worth taking. I am going to have to get some of those fabric bands just to give them a try. They sound so tough! I agree about the one body part a day workouts. Because of that, I am toying with changing up our STS rotation.....again. I haven’t exactly decided what I am thinking, but I am leaning towards still doing every workout for two weeks in a row, but one week would be the full workouts three days a week and the next week would be one body part workouts using that same workout. But if we do that, I might take a rest week every four weeks instead of every two.....but I don’t know about that because I have no idea how that kind of rotation would feel on the muscles. But the good thing about alternating full and one body part is our muscles would get the same workload (by and large) without the dread factor every week. Please let me know what you think, but I started toying with this idea when I realized how much I enjoyed doing Meso 1 like we did it last week and I normally have to really talk myself into Meso 1. But I still want to do the full workouts every other week for the cumulative effect on the muscles and just overall endurance. Again, let me know what you think.

    Laurie, great workouts! Cathe must have just messed up in doing two lower body workouts this week. I am sorry about all the snow! I remember our winter in Alaska this last time and the snow piles being taller than me. DH would go knock them down so I could keep shoveling. It was crazy and not a lot of fun. Thankfully we are getting some rain here now. And as long as the temps stay above freezing, we will be okay. But the low tonight is supposed to be 15....which is pretty cold for these parts. So we’ll see about that snow.

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,715 Member Member Posts: 1,715 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Monday were Sydney Cummings Cardio and Abs 45m workout, Ramped Up Upper Body Bicepsx3 premix and Ashtanga Yoga. I really loved Sydney's workout. It wasn't easy but I loved that she alternated between cardio and ab moves.

    Sydney's workout description: Today we will CRUSH a workout that focuses on cardio and getting your heart rate up with endurance and both sides of your body working hard on their own at times to continue to develop balance and stability. We will rock 20 exercises for 2 rounds of 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds rest. I used light dumbbells today: 5, 8, 10, and 15 lb dumbbells and my jump rope!

    Yet another 100% cloudy day here and temps in the 40s. It started raining off and on at about 4 and now it's pretty windy. Temps will drop into the high 20's and won't go up until the afternoon when we might hit 34.

    A GA weatherman has been saying since last week that artic air is covering the majority of the country except GA and FL (last week). This week he added NC to that exception list. I saw pictures from TX from a local who lives there part time. Her multi tiered water fountain was frozen!

    Erika, sorry I missed your post yesterday. I'm so glad you checked in, that you're OK and that your former boss thinks there may be a new position for you in the future! Good job with your workouts! I can't believe how cold your temps are. We've been in the 40's.

    Laurie, I'm glad you had a nice Valentines Day. I made meat lasagna! Special request from DH. Today he requested a stir fry and I couldn't find my recipe to save my life. I used another one which I had to doctor up. I told him that we might not like dinner because I had to wing it. So he asked: what about if we liked it? You better remember what you did! LOL. He liked it better than the recipe I've made many times before. I had to immediately document what I'd done! LOL

    Great workouts Laurie! If you need a 30 minute leg workout and you have KCM's Split Sessions do it!
    I can't get over how tough those fabric bands are!
    I'm glad you've gotten Rocket to wear his booties! you definitely don't need him getting sick from licking that melting salt off his paws!

    Laurel, great workouts! WOW! A 3000 peace puzzle! I can't imagine attempting such large puzzle. A friend here just finished a 1000 piece and it looks beautiful.

    I can't believe you guys had an ice storm! Thank God it didn't quite make it to your house! I imagine the entire city was paralyzed due to the ice.

    Great workouts! That Live Lower Body Barre Blend workout sounds fantastic!
    I forgot to mention that for the triple chest premix yesterday I did the last set of flies on the incline for a little change. I also did the pushups on the wall; which felt to me almost like full pushups on the floor.

    The yoga class on Saturday was worth taking. This Friday Gwendolyn is teaching a hip opener class from 5:30-6:30 if you're interested.
    Check out the booty band workouts on youtube. There are some instructors who used them for the entire body, but the bulk of the workouts are really booty workouts.

    I LOVE the idea of 3 full workouts three days a week one week and single body parts the next. This idea takes care of the dread factor! I agree that in this case the rest week should be every 4 weeks.
    I wonder if we should do full STS one week and then do these RUUB triples the next? or any other Cathe workout. Of course, doing the same STS workout as a single body part would give us the same workload as you mentioned.

    Good night ladies!
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