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  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Happy Monday!!!

    I've been having a blast with the S&S/Lite rotation I found of Cathe's. It's been making me super sore and really tired, but I've noticed some really fast gains from it. I really like KCM workouts, but (for me) Cathe workouts just really take it up a notch. I'm trying to figure out what to bring on vacation for workouts, we'll see what I come up with! I never got to the PHA3 workout last week, but I'll get to that one soon! I finished my purge of DVD's, I just donated to DAV. I have tried selling them and it's hit or miss, so I figured it was the easiest way to get them cleared out. Mostly high impact went and most of the kettlebell workouts (I really don't enjoy those). Also a few step ones as I just can't get into step, unless it's just a little step (like in S&S Bootcamp).

    Weather here has been up and down a bit. Today we are going to get snow...about 3-4". Looks like the weather in Tucson (we leave Saturday) has been up and down a lot too, but it will be in the 70's and 80's for the week we are there, I'm really looking forward to it!

    Not much new at home...waiting on my youngest DS to re-take his driving test mid April, still on the hunt for a lake cabin (which may/may not happen given the market here) and trying to keep up with the boys' sports!

    Thelma, the lunches out sound amazing!! We went out last week with a couple that we have hung out with throughout COVID and it was was so nice/weird to get out since we really haven't done that in the last year. It felt good to be around people! Thanks for sharing your barlates workout. I'm going to try that one (although I'm scared after hearing of the DOMS). I've heard pickleball is a fun one, sounds like you had a blast!!

    Laurel, great weather you are having and getting a lot done outdoors too! I'm really enjoying hearing of the fun workouts, I can't wait for the rest of my Lite workouts after hearing of yours! I bet getting your haircut felt amazing! Even just a trim always feels so good...let alone several inches!

    Laurie, sounds like you've been busy sewing, I can imagine that's a challenging project for sure. Great job!!! Those RAW workouts sound like killers, especially the 50 on, 10 off one! I hope you are escaping the snow that we are getting today!

    Have a wonderful day!

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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was really good. On Saturday we played golf. What a four hour slice of heaven that was. The weather was beautiful, the course was quiet....and we didn’t even play too poorly given that it has been over a year since we played. It throughly energized me. I took that into my workout yesterday, and when I finished that, DH surprised me by suggesting we put mulch into the garden areas yesterday. Had I known I was going to be doing hard garden work in 80 degree heat yesterday afternoon, I might have toned down the workout I did a bit! But...we got it done. And it felt good to be outside in the sunshine, even if it felt a tad warm for March.

    For workouts, Saturday I did Jessica Smith Belly, Buns and Thigh walk followed by 45 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was Cathe Live Lower Body Barre Blend followed by Cathe Live Jabs and Abs. Today I did S&S Total Body Giant Sets Triple Upper Body premix followed by a 30 minute HiiT and Hills ride with Peloton.

    Thelma, that sounds like a really fun day! What a great thing being able to see friends and do something active at the same time. I am glad your workout helped ease your tired body yesterday. I was feeling completely fatigued this morning but, like you, pushed through and feel better now for it. I hope my sister sticks with some activity. I am encouraged because she has been doing some of Jessica’s Walk and Talk walks, and asked me last night for some of her workouts that are a little more challenging. I think she will feel so much better if she just finds a way of adding a little movement to her life.

    Laurie, sounds like a nice weekend, but I am sorry your are struggling with one of the projects. I hope you can figure out the issue but, regardless, I have no doubt it will look wonderful on Palm Sunday. You do such beautiful work. My husband has signed up with the Noom program, which sounds quite a bit like MFP. He was very shy at telling me his goals, but I kind of need to know since I do most of the cooking! He has reasonable targets, which is good. And I think he will have more luck monitoring his own food intake than he did when he was on Nutrisystems. While he lost weight, he didn’t really learn anything about making his own choices. But he mentioned that playing golf on Saturday has him more inspired, which makes me happy. It does me too! This last year has just been not so good for getting that kind of motivation. Speaking of motivation, I am glad to hear your Dad is determined to try to get back home. That is so encouraging.

    Erika, great workouts! I am glad you are enjoying that rotation. I love both of those series! No doubt you are looking forward to Tucson next week. That weather will feel so good. Arizona can be so beautiful this time of year, though I admit we didn’t make it down to Tucson but once when my Mom was in Phoenix. The weather in Tucson can be very different than that in Phoenix, that’s for sure. But spring was always my favorite time to visit, especially for the fruit! BTW, I am with you on kettlebell workouts. I just never warmed up to any I have tried.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, I didn't have any energy today AGAIN! I didn't realize how much my body needs a day of rest which I didn't get this past weekend.
    Just like I did yesterday I dragged my tired body to the workout room and forced it to move! Thankfully it obeyed! LOL
    I decided to go with a lite cardio workout but once I got going I increased the intensity. Today's workouts were
    Gina B Power Walk 80s Style, S&S Total Body Giant Sets Upper Body and Ashtanga Yoga.
    Pickleball practice tomorrow.

    Laurie, sounds like you made good progress with the church paraments! I'm sure you will figure out what you need to do for the super frontal. You probably just needed to walk away from it after working on that all weekend.
    Great workout!!

    It really was a fun weekend. I'm lucky to have my own personal pickeball instructor at home. He had me practicing today for tomorrow's practice at the recreation center. I would've never guessed pickle ball was such a good workout just from watching the seniors play. The pickleball courts are indoors which is good for me because I can't be out in the sun. It was great to be outside at the restaurant.
    I'm glad your parents are doing fairly well, and that your mom will get rides to the rehab facility from her friends in her knittin/crochet group! How wonderful that your dad is so motivated to get back home!

    Erika, I am so glad you're having fun with your new rotation! Good job purging your DVD's. I really should get rid of the kettlebell ones I have because I don't like those workouts either.

    I can just imagine how excited you and your family must be about your vacation! Sounds like you will have perfect weather.
    We've been having lunch with this couple at an outdoor restaurant since last fall. Once the restaurant closed for the winter we didn't see them until last week! It does feel weird that first time you go out and do normal things again!
    If you do the barlattes workout do it without the bands.

    Laurel, I'm so glad you and your DH finally went out to play golf! Good job with the yard work too!
    Fantastic workouts!

    It really was fun to do something active with friends. I am glad you were able to push through your workouts and felt better afterwards! Same thing for me today. I almost didn't workout today. I just felt extremely tired. I'm glad I pushed through too.

    OMG! I am so excited about your sister doing Jessica's workouts and asking for more challenging ones! Definitely encouraging!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This mornings workout was 30MTF Plateau Buster W1. Always forget how good this one is.

    Erika, Great job on the rotation, and I'm glad that you are enjoying the rotation. I have looked at that one, so it may be on my to do list in the future. Hope your ds passes his drivers test in April, I'm sure that he has been practicing. Sometimes it is just knowing what to expect that makes a difference. We didn't get much snow at all, probably about an inch at the most. Of course it will be gone today. I think that Kelly goes more intense on the RAW workouts, because she knows that she really doesn't need to keep it intermediate. I always feel that the majority of her DVD workouts are more intermediate / low advanced.

    Laurel, How wonderful that you where able to get out for golf, because it sure does sound like a great way to be outdoors. Nice job on all your workouts, and having the energy for doing that yard work. Can't believe that it is in the 80's. I would be outside working if we had that type of weather. I hope that your DH does really well on Noom, I have heard some really good things about that app. If the frontal isn't perfect for the Palm Sunday service, I will deal with it after the fact. I don't know how many times I have taken that thing apart. :D

    Thelma, Nice job on the workouts, even though you had low energy. I love that you DH is giving you extra instruction before your pickle ball practice. It sounds like a great way to get moving instead of just walking, like most seniors do. You are right in just taking a break from something that is causing frustration. A lot of the people that I watch on youtube for quilting say that same thing.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,069 Member Member Posts: 3,069 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout ended up being much longer than I planned, but once I put the first DVD in, my body chose what it wanted to do. So I ended up doing S&S Total Body Giant Sets Triple Lower Body premix and S&S Abs. For cardio, I did the Perfect 30 Low Impact HiiT/Bonus Pyramid HiiT/Extended Stretch premix. Everything felt good today which surprised me since we were awoken at 3:30am by a very angry thunderstorm! Sadly, I think that might be just a preview of what we might see tomorrow. :o

    Thelma, great job getting yourself to workout....and great workouts. I have no doubt you are tired. Days off are really important. I know, for me, I was adding on extra activity last week since DH was at work all week. So I did my usual workout and walk (since the weather was so nice), and then I walked with him when he got home. Just that extra walk had me feeling really tired by the end of the week, which kind of surprised me. But Saturday’s Jessica workout and yoga and golf was perfect for correcting that. Nothing intense!! Anyhow, so I think I have finally come up with our next rotation. I need to look it over again just to make sure it makes sense, especially since I am going to add some recommendations I normally don’t for things like core work or extended stretches. Right now, I am thinking about taking two weeks off at the end of this week doing our recovery week that we have been doing all rotation, and then the next week doing the recovery week that I have planned for the next rotation. It will be almost exactly the same except I eliminate one metabolic workout during the week. So that would make the planned start date April 11. As we discussed, we will do two non-consecutive weeks of STS with two non-consecutive weeks on one-body part workouts (either STS or another program) followed by a recovery week as a five week block, and, right now, there are a total of six blocks....taking us into the first week in November, :o Like I said, I am still looking it over and want to make sure it isn’t too much, but I think the addition of the one-body part weeks—and controlling the intensity of cardio—will help. But I want to make sure our recovery weeks feel like recovery, which is why I want to try it out before we start. Let me know what you think.

    Laurie, great workout. I can’t believe it was in the 80s either! I actually got a little sunburn. B) I am glad you have heard good things about Noom. Honestly, I love that DH went out and found a program to use and seems very motivated. It makes me think he has finally reached that point where wants a change and isn’t just doing something because he thinks he should....but doesn’t really want to. As much as it pains me to say this, we were talking about COVID vaccines one day, and I pointed out to him that he would be eligible early because of obesity being a high risk factor...and, well, his BMI is in that range. I think that stunned him. I hated saying that to him, but at the same time, since he is going to be traveling more, I didn’t want to NOT tell him. But, ultimately, I think he just wants to feel better.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Pickleball and S&S Total Body Giant Sets Lower Body. The pickleball session was another calorie burner which I love! We played for 1.5 hours!

    Laurie, great workout! I love that Plateau Buster too!

    I was glad DH worked with me on pickleball before our session. It did help and he actually noticed my improvement.
    Hopefully your sewing problems will be resolved soon! I know it's probably bugging you but just take a deep breath!

    Laurel, great workout combo!! I don't know if we had thunderstorms last night but we had heavy, steady rain all night and into this morning. Wednesday and Thursday will be bad and I heard there are chances or a tornado but I don't know exactly where.

    No wonder you were fatigues too! You were doing a lot!
    Thanks again for working on our rotation. It sounds really good even though I'm dreading the longer workouts. It will be a nice way to shock our bodies which is needed every once in a while.
    I like the idea of the two weeks off before starting the next rotation. I love that we'll still have periods where we just work one body part. I think this rotation is going to be fantastic! Thank you!!

    BTW, I hope your DH does well with his new diet plan!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was RAW Heavy Bag 3. I purchased some egg weights and used the 1-1/2 pounders. My upper back is sore right now, and I don't think that I have every felt that with just using my weighted gloves or a hand weight. I think that it is how you are holding the weight that makes it so effective. Still loving this boxing focused rotation, because I'm seeing some great results.

    Laurel, Awesome job on all your workouts, your body really picked some great workouts ;) . Sorry to hear that the storm woke you up so early. Dang on the sunburn. Guess we don't realize how intense the sun is right now. Probably doesn't help that the trees do not have all their leaves to help with shade either. If you informing your DH helped him to make the decision about the app, then hopefully it will help him to continue on the road to good health. My DH is actually going to the doctor today, so I hope that his appointment goes well. Sounds like you where busy with a new rotation, I'm sure that it will be a good one again.

    Thelma, Great job on your workout, and getting in more pickleball. That appears to be a great way to get in your cardio, since it is such a calorie burner. Glad to hear that your DH is seeing improvement in your game, it can only get better and better over time. Thanks for the pep talk on the frontal. I'm going to head to the fabric store to get a different type of fabric for the portion that is on the altar itself. The fabric that I had actually shrunk when I sewed a hem on it. I have never seen a fabric do that in all the years that I have been sewing. Wish that I could take it back to the store and get my $ back. :/

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a tough but fun 45 minute HiiT and Hills ride with Peloton followed by a Barlates class called Bums and Tums. I felt like core work today....and I got it! But I really enjoyed this class....more so than the one I did last week. Many of the moves were familiar and I didn’t feel like it was as over-repped as the one I did last week. I definitely felt it, but it never pushed me into an uncomfortable range. She was using 5# weights throughout, but I opted for 3# and 1# weights, and aside from one move, probably could have used the 3# weights throughout.

    Thelma, great workouts! I am so glad you are enjoying pickle ball! I hope you enjoy the next rotation. I think it will be a good balance between long and short workouts. We are supposed to get some serious weather here this evening, including tornadoes. I think it will pass your way tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to it, but it seems like we are right in the path, though a little further south and west seems like they will get it worse. Hopefully by the time it gets to you, it is even weaker.

    Laurie, great workout! Boy, you make me want to do a full boxing rotation! I bet it is great for your shoulders and core, I hope your DH’s doctors appointment goes well. You had fabric shrink when you sewed it?!? That would definitely be frustrating! I hope you can find some better fabric because that is ridiculous.

    Off to take a walk with DH before the afternoon storms arrive. See you tomorrow.....if we have power.

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    Hi ladies, my workouts on Wednesday were a Peloton ride and a Barlette ab workout. I really liked the ab workout. It was a beginner's workout but it killed just the same.

    Laurie, sounds like another fun RAW workout! Good job! I'm glad you liked the egg weights! Kelly has two more free boxing workouts on youtube. I'm definitely going to do them. How many boxing workouts are you doing per week?

    I would've never guessed that pickleball would be a great cardio workout but it is! I'm glad you figured out that the fabric you bought shrank when you hemmed it. That is really weird! It really is too bad that you can't get your money back.

    Laurel, great workouts!! I felt like doing core work today and I am glad I chose a Barlette workout. I discovered that Linda actually has rotations too. I didn't have time to look at them but good to know they exist.

    I just read that a tornado watch was issued for metro Atlanta. I hope the storm doesn't cause any damage. We had very heavy rain earlier tonight but only for a short period of time. It's still raining but it's not heavy rain. It might hit us later on tonight or early tomorrow morning. I hope the storm will miss you guys too.

    I agree that the rotation will be a good balance between long and short workouts.

    Good night ladies!

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    Hi Ladies!

    The week has gotten away from me, I can't believe it's already Thursday! I always get into that panic state about 2 days prior to vacation as I feel like I have so much to do, but really it's not. I've had a very low key work week, which is really less thing to worry about. Tonight I'm doing a happy hour with a co-worker and one that used to work here, which will be nice to get away for a bit.

    Yesterday was Cathe's Yoga Relax. I almost took a rest day (it was Cycle or any cardio on the rotation) as I was super sore from the Ramped Up Upper Body workout on Tuesday. The yoga relax was just what I needed and I did it just before bed so I was relaxed and ready to hit the pillow afterwards.

    I'm planning to bring bands next week and also hoping to purchase a couple gallon jugs of water at the grocery store to use as weights. Should do the trick being I only have PHA and Bootcamp on the agenda that will require weights.

    Laurel, wow...80's?? Golfing sounds like it was just perfect and even some mulching outside in the nice weather sounds amazing. I love anything I can do outside that is either 1. fun or 2. productive. If it's both, extra bonus! I can only imagine how sore you were after all of the outdoor activity and some killer workouts! I hope you aren't hit too hard with any storms. I saw they were supposed to be bad down in that area and wasn't sure how close they are to you. Stay safe!

    Laurie, nice work on getting those egg weights in and applying them to the RAW workouts! What do you think of them? I have been eyeing them, but not sure what size to get. Do you think the 1.5lb is the way to go? I think they go all the way up to 4lb and I never know which size when I look at them. It sounds like they really make a difference. I'm glad to hear you had minimal snow. We ended up with 3" but it is now gone. I do see rain/snow mix for a couple days in the forecast next week, I'm glad I'll miss that!

    Thelma, I'm right there with you on the tireds. I don't know why, but my body has just been dragging. If I remember correctly, I ran into this last year around this time too...either daylight savings or just the time of the year (that in-between season stuff). Good job dragging yourself to do a workout...that's how it was for me last night with the yoga workout too! I love that you have a restaurant with the outdoor space to enjoy. We don't have too many of those here (because the outdoor space really can't be used for more than 6 months out of the year with how our weather is), but it is nice when you do find a good one!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!! I don't think I'll make it back on here before we head out Saturday, so I'll chat with you when I get back! Have a good week!


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    Morning Ladies,

    This mornings workout was Super Sculpt, but a premix that was suggested by someone on Kelly's fb group. You do both workouts, but take out the step portions. So I did the first 15 min of workout 1(which is cardio boxing, and then did the leg (band)/boxing tabata moves on the second workout. It came to around 42 min., and I felt like I got in a great workout.

    Laurel, Got to love a day that is focused on core work. Great job on your workouts! I think that the thing I am most impressed about doing the boxing rotation, is the fact that my pudge in the middle (the menopause middle), has been noticeably shrinking. I have not measured yet, because I'm probably afraid that I'm just seeing and feeling the changes. :D All I know is that the pudge is a lot smaller. Of course the upper body is really looking good too, and this morning I noticed that the bra pudge has decreased also. Now I just need to get my food a little more under control, and I think that it will melt faster. :) I was surprised about the fabric also. It was a poly-cotton blend. So I purchased a Kona cotton that I have used for quilting, and I know that won't shrink when I sew it. That other fabric didn't even ease back when I ironed it. :/

    Thelma, Awesome job on the workouts! Glad that the ab work really got you good. Give the Kelly workouts a try, they are good ones. I think that one of them is with her brother, and he is using the heavy bag. I have been averaging about 3 boxing workouts per week. I'm following a rotation that someone created on Kelly's fb group. She is getting herself ready for a wedding. Hope your weather isn't to bad. We are having high winds today.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was 4DS Upper Body premix followed by Cathe Live Cardio Mish Mosh. I could feel that Barlates workout I did yesterday in my core today....which is a very good thing. We were very lucky last night in that the violent storms completely missed us. We had tornadoes both west and east of us, but here.....only rain. Lots of rain, but just rain. I am perfectly fine with that.

    Thelma, great workout. I am glad you enjoyed the Barlates core. I saw she had one focused solely on the lower core region that I want to try sometime. I hope the storms missed you too. I was thinking today about our next rotation, and if the longer workouts are really something you don’t want to do, you can always do all of the workouts for the rotation as one-body part per day. So, for instance, one week you would use STS Meso 1 Discs 1-3 as one body part workouts, then the next week you would use one of the other suggested series (for example, the Muscle Meltdown workouts) as one body part. It would give you a ton of variety but eliminate (hopefully) the dread factor. Just because I am foolish enough at the moment to be determined to push through with another six month STS rotation doesn’t mean you need to!!! Anyhow, just some food for thought. I am going to try to type up the rotation soon and I will probably email it to you instead of posting it here. But I will let you know when I do that.

    Erika, great workouts. I have really grown to appreciate that Yoga Relax workout over the years. It is not so much yoga as just a really good stretch, and I love that. I know that last minute vacation panic well! But I have come to understand that minus a few things like glasses, contacts and medications, everything can be obtained at the destination if forgotten. I hope you have a fantastic time.

    Laurie, sounds like another great workout. Ah yes.....the menopause pudge. Not something I am learning to love I must admit. Like you, though, I know better food choices would help. DH’s diet maybe the thing that finally has me attempt to clean up my eating a bit. I have gotten really lazy over the last year with our evening meals, and at least I am feeling ambitious enough to start researching new recipes, which is good. At least it is a step in the right direction.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were Les Mills BODYCOMBAT, Vinyasa Flow and 4 Day Split Upper Body. I found some Bodycombat workouts on youtube and OMG! So much fun! The Vinyasa Flow was great. I love this instructor because the class is a good sweat fest and workout. The 4DS upper body workout is great but soooo long! Good stuff though.

    The storm finally arrived last night at about 1:30am with a lot of lightning, rain and some thunder. There was one thunder that sounded pretty close to our house and it was as loud as a bomb. The entire house shook. By 10am the sun was out but it was a mostly cloudy day. The wind picked up in the afternoon but no more rain.

    Erika, I can totally understand the panic right before going on vacation! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time!

    Good choice to do the Yoga Relax workout when you were feeling so stressed out!

    I hated feeling so tired earlier in the week but I'm so glad I pushed through. We are lucky to have several restaurants with some outdoor sitting here.

    Laurie, sounds like you did another great KCM workout! Good job! Congratulations on the great results you're getting!

    I tried one of Kelly's boxing workouts last week called Box and Tone and I loved it. I am definitely going to try the others she has available for free.

    Laurel, great workouts! I am feeling the Barlette ab workout too in my obliques which she hit a lot.
    I am so glad the storms missed you! I heard about the tornados in MI, AL and I think there were some in South GA too. I'll take heavy rains any time too!

    There are so many Barlette workouts I want to try too and I was looking at the lower core one too! Thanks for the suggestion for the shorter workouts! I want to try to do the full workouts but it's great to have an option for shorter workouts.
    I just can't believe how much my body has liked the single body part workouts! I can't believe we only have two more weeks left in this rotation!

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies!
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    Hello ladies - I wanted to pop in and say hi. I think it has been 3 years since I participated in this thread; I think of you all often when I do my Cathe workouts (right now, I do her routines at my gym because my dad has my DVD player).

    I quickly read through the last few threads - it looks like you all are doing reasonably well. While I know I am not active with this thread anymore, you each inspire me to continue to be strong and lift heavy things. :)

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,812 Member Member Posts: 2,812 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning's workout was what Kelly referred to as a workout that should be done on day's that you want to workout, but your body is feeling like the week has taken a toll. It was a perfect workout for me, since this week of workouts had done exactly that with my body. I did RAW Lift N Box. This one again was 50 sec on and 10 sec off. It was weight or barbell exercises with boxing after each exercise. I used my egg weights again, but used the 1 pound since it was an easier day.

    Erika, Guess we where posting at the same time yesterday. Have a great vacation! Nice job on your rotation also. It appears that the end of the week in some rotations really does require some easier workouts. I was right there with you. I actually purchased the 1, 1.5 and 2 lb egg weights. I used the 1 pound for the workout I did this morning, and they seemed super light. I really liked the way the 1.5 felt. Now I have used 2lb weights for some of Kelly's workouts like Super Sculpt, but have not tried the 2lb egg weights. Even though they are the same weight as my regular weights, they seem heavier. The benefit of these things is how you are able to hold them, it makes your punch more effective. So yes I would say that the 1.5lb would be a good choice if you are only looking to purchase one size of weights.

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts! Nice that you had some DOMS from all the core work. Glad to hear that you only had rain vs tornados. I'm going to have to start looking at just making meals for the two of us. Our youngest has decided that she is ready to move out. It will be quite different not having her around, but I'm hoping it is easier healthy meals for us. At least if we have leftovers, we can eat them ourselves. :D I know that both of us can benefit from healthier meals.

    Thelma, Love the workouts! I have some of those Les Mills workouts that I have not done in quite a while. I remember them to be very good. Glad to hear that the storms where not to bad, besides the thunder rattling the house. I have done that Kelly workout, and you are right it is a good one.

    Have a great weekend,
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a bit of a mish mosh, but it was good. I started with a 30 minute spin from Peloton, then did 4DS Lower Body premix into Barlates Lower Body Mat Sculpt into 4DS Kickboxing core work. It felt tough and my lower body is going to be talking to me. But it also felt really good.

    Thelma, great workouts. Yes, that 4DS upper body workout is a long one for sure. The Barlates workout I did today was a repeat of the one I did last week, and it was a little better today. But I am a long way off from using a 5# weight when working my outer thigh, that’s for sure. You are right about having so many to choose from. It sounds like you got hit a little harder by the storm than we did. I am glad it wasn’t any worse for you.

    Becky! So good to see you!! I hope you and your family are doing well. Good job keeping up with your workouts. If my memory serves me right (and it might not) last time you were posting, you were working and going to school and raising your children. That you have kept up with working out through all of that is amazing. Please pop in whenever you get a chance and let us know how you are doing.

    Laurie, sounds like a perfect Friday workout! I imagine it is a little bittersweet that your youngest is moving out. I find cooking for two pretty easy, and I do a lot of meals that give us leftovers I can freeze and pull out whenever. I am very fortunate that my DH isn’t at all picky about what we eat....or how often we eat it. B)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,770 Member Member Posts: 1,770 Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. We had a great weekend. On Saturday we played pickleball in our driveway and today too. We also started deep cleaning in places we normally don't look at like above eye level. We have vaulted ceilings so I had DH get his ladder and clean places not easily reachable. No one but me would look up there so closely but once I see a spec of dust or a little cobweb I can't get it out of my mind. He did half of the open concept area. He has the highest point of our ceiling to do. Hopefully next weekend!

    We went out on our first date in a year. We decided to go out to dinner at my favorite Cuban restaurant. I can't believe it had been a year since we'd dinned in a restaurant! Now we can't wait go out to eat again.

    My workouts on Friday were: 4 Day Split Lower Body and Bodycombat. On Saturday Pickeball and on Sunday Pickleball and a Barlates thigh workout which killed my hip flexors and outer thighs.

    Hi Becky! How nice to hear from you! I'm so glad you're doing well and continue to do Cathe workouts! Did you finish school yet?

    Laurie, that KCM workout sounds great! I have to keep it in mind for those days I feel very tired like today! I wasn't planning on playing pickleball today but now that we know we can play in our driveway DH wants me to keep practicing which I totally appreciate but I had spinning on my schedule for today. The good thing about pickleball is that it is a good cardio and lower body workout.
    I don't think I had ever done a Les Mills workout but I am having fun with them now that I've discovered some freebies on youtube.

    Laurel, great workouts on Friday! You really killed your lower body! I don't think those Barlates workouts will ever get easy. The one I did today was only 25 minutes but it was 25 minutes of torture! OMG!

    Have a wonderful week ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,812 Member Member Posts: 2,812 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had a nice weekend, and I'm officially done with the paraments for church. I'm glad to get that off my plate, and very happy to get back to doing some quilt blocks. On Saturday I did RAW Shadow Boxing W1, no workout on Sunday and this morning was RAW Boxing and Tubing. I took the plunge and measured my waist..... an inch smaller. B)

    Becky, Glad to see that you are still working hard with all your workouts. I'm sure that your year has been a crazy one.

    Laurel, Great job on the lower body work and of course your kickboxing. DD will probably be home until the end of the year, but she let us know that she is on a list for a place to rent. So it will be hit of miss if she gets a place. I'm just glad that she has a place to live until then. I'm actually looking forward to cooking just for the two of us, but I'm really going to try for only one day of leftovers. My DH doesn't really care for them, except for some of his favorite meals. :D

    Thelma, Glad that you had a nice weekend, and you are able to handle pickleball in your driveway. Great job on all your workouts! Nice that you where able to go out on a date. We went out for the youngest dd's birthday on Friday, and the place was packed. Of course I'm okay with it. I'm sure that you will be back to your normal schedule, because you will have become an expert with pickleball soon with all the practice. ;) There are some boxing workout on Popsugar also, so you may want to check those out.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,069 Member Member Posts: 3,069 Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you had a good weekend. We were busy this weekend, but it was good. Saturday was spent doing some more work in our garden. Yesterday I spent time cleaning the floors while DH worked on our lawn. Then we went for an extra long walk, which was wonderful.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith’s HiiT Walk from her Walk On series followed by 30 minutes of yoga (hip focused) with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was Cathe Live Cardio Fusion into Cathe Live Legs, Cardio and Core Galore, for a fun combo. And today was XTrain Burn Sets Upper Body premix with Core 1 followed by a fantastic 30 minute HiiT and Hills spin with Peloton.

    Thelma, sounds like a great weekend. I am so glad you were able to go out on a date with your DH. The pickle ball also sounds like a lot of fun. I agree about the Barlates workouts. There is no way they will ever feel easy to me, that’s for sure. Great workouts this weekend.

    Laurie, sounds like more great boxing workouts! And yay for the waist measurement! I haven’t measured my waist in years. :# I definitely want to do some slimming down before I do that though. Anyhow, I am glad you were able to finish the paraments this weekend. I bet that eased your mind quite a bit. It is hard to believe Easter is only a couple of weeks away. This year is flying by.

    Enjoy the day! See you tomorrow.

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