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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,808 Member Member Posts: 2,808 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was 30MTF Meltdown Boxing. I used my 1.5# egg weights which appears to be a good weight, because I'm feeling the love right now. The painters where at our house yesterday, and Rocket was barking at them every time they came into his view through the windows. :D The owner of this business is a classmate of one of my dd's, he took over the business from his Dad. Apparently he has a very good reputation.

    Erika, Glad that you are still on track with your rotation. I will keep sending good vibes for you job situation to get resolved. Not fun when you are super busy though. You are probably like us in wanting this cold weather to head out so that we can enjoy the sun outside in comfort. I guess we have to remember that it is only April after all. Glad that you where able to have your ds's confirmation party, just to bad that it was so cold.

    Laurel, Awesome workouts! Great way to get in workouts and still protect your arm. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the boxing workout. The Box & Pump should work really well, because you can pick a good weight to use for the pump portion. I use the 2# weights for shorter boxing workouts, and the 1.5# for longer. Using the 1# probably was a good thing with the vaccine, and then you can think about investing in some 2# weights when you want to. I have been wanting her to do a boxing add on since she started her RAW channel, and I hope that she does more. ;)

    Thelma, Great job on your workouts! Hopefully your thigh will improve so that your able to get more of those shots in pickleball. I really don't take anything for the headaches, they usually go away fairly well. The worst times for me are when a front comes through, and then I have to take something. I know it sounds really strange, but that is what I have noticed. I will sneeze constantly before it starts to rain. :o I didn't realize that GHUTV access didn't allow for the premium membership. To bad, because you are right the better workouts are on there. Instead of AC being on we are doing the blanket switching form really warm one to the lighter one. It does sound like your hydrangea does have a flower bud, because that is what they look like. It may take a while for the to actually bloom though. One of my bushes actually had some buds, this one can bloom more than once.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 60 minute spin from Peloton. I followed it with the core work from Muscle Max and 30 minutes of yoga focusing on the hips with Kristin McGee. That felt wonderful after that long spin, that’s for sure. And I just pre-ordered Cathe’s new DVDs. :)

    Thelma, great workouts. I am glad you were able to play Pickleball with some comfort. It does sound like your hydrangea is going to bloom! They are such beautiful plants. We used to run across wild turkeys when we were playing golf in both Virginia and Colorado. They are fearless, that’s for sure. My favorite turkey memory though is of the one who walked right up to our front door on Thanksgiving morning when we were living in Colorado. I remember sending the photo to my mom with the caption ‘Dinner delivers itself!’. She loved that! About the vaccine, neither DH nor I had any effects from either shot outside of the sore arm. Both of my sisters got fevers that lasted 12-24 hours. So it just impacts everybody differently. All I know is I drank more water Sunday through yesterday than I ever imagined I could drink. I don’t know if that helped (many people claim it does) but it certainly didn’t hurt. :)

    Laurie, great workout. I am going to look into those egg weights because I think I would enjoy them for other boxing workouts as well. Yay for house painting! That always makes a huge difference when it is done. And I’m sure Rocket just wants to play. :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    My Hydrangea. I have two of what I think are baby flowers.
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,767 Member Member Posts: 1,767 Member
    Hi Ladies, I was feeling tired today so I kept my cardio lite. I did KCM 15 minute Boxing workout,
    STS Meso 1, Disc 5 Back & Triceps, followed by a stretch session. My thigh is definitely better and it's been good to feel DOMS from the leg and pickleball workouts.

    I posted a picture of my baby hydrangea flower bud in a separate post. Let me know what you think. I think it is a flower and I have two of them. I zoomed in 10 times which is the max my phone camera does. This hydrangea blooms from spring into fall but I imagine this bud will take a long time to become a beautiful Bridal Bouquet flower.

    Laurie, great workout! I agree with you on the 1.5 weights for the boxing workouts. I have 1lb dumbbells and they are a little too lite but my 2 lbs are too heavy.
    OMG poor Rocket with the painters! LOL

    I forgot to ask you the other day about your vinegar remedy for fruit flies. Do you just put it out in a bowl? We are so careful about bagging fruit/vegetable scraps in order to avoid fruit flies so we don't have a big problem.

    I'm glad your sinus headaches go away on their own. I wonder if the mercury is in retrograde when those fronts come. My friend is always saying the mercury is retrograde around fronts when she gets migraines.

    The $3 GHUTV membership was a big disappointment. They do try to get you to upgrade to the premium membership when you first join.
    We haven't switched our heavy blankets yet but that will happen this weekend.

    Laurel, great workouts! Thanks for letting us know about your pre-order! I'll be pre-ordering mine in the next few days. They look like great workouts!

    I am so excited about my hydrangea. Now I'm waiting for my frost resistant Gardenia to start producing some flowers for me. I can't wait to smell them. I told DH I may get another hydrangea but it has to be the compact kind.

    OMG that story about the turkey showing up at your door on Thanksgiving is funny!
    I am so glad neither you or you husband had any of the bad vaccine side effects! Lucky you!

    Good night ladies!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,065 Member Member Posts: 3,065 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 6/Legs followed by the STS Extended Stretch. For cardio, I did Shock Cardio MMA Kickbox. After that tough leg workout, the MMA workout felt perfect today.

    Thelma, I definitely think that is a bloom on your hydrangea. We don’t have any blooms yet on ours (it blooms later in the summer) to compare it to, but I would say you are going to have some beautiful flowers. I have had two beautiful flowers on my gardenia, though, which are so beautiful. This is my first year with a gardenia. Anyhow, great workouts. I am glad I am not alone in feeling tired. These STS workouts this week feel tougher than last week’s! But I do wonder if the increased heat and humidity is playing into that. My workout area is about ten degrees hotter this week than last, and I am feeling that. I am glad to hear your thigh co tiniest to do better.

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,767 Member Member Posts: 1,767 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were Zumba, Vinyasa Flow and KCM RAW Boxing & Legs workout.

    I woke up because my back and my right leg were hurting. It was weird as if my right oblique was really tight. I knew I needed some Zumba to get my hips and core moving to help my muscles relax and it worked.
    The yoga class as always was a sweat fest! I love how this class is always a tough workout. The instructor is always coming up with challenging ways to flow from one pose to another.
    I loved KCM's Boxing & Legs workout! So much fun and very effective. I like the ways she gets ab work into the standing work. She has an upper body/boxing workout too so that will be tomorrow's workout. I did a lot of stretching after yoga and also massaged my lower back with my massage balls. It felt so good! I also stretched after the boxing class. I LOVED today's workouts!

    We had a really windy day. It's always windy here but it seems (to me) that it's been windier than ever before during the last two weeks. It's a good thing DH tied all our deck plant stands to the railings! The wind had died down but it picked up big time tonight.

    We are going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night and on Saturday we'll have more gardening to do. I hope we can get started on waterproofing my birdbath.

    Laurel, great workouts! That leg workout is really good!

    Thanks for confirming that what I though was a bloom on my hydrangea is actually a bloom! I'm soooo excited! I can't wait to see these flowers. The plant is very small so I imagine these first flowers will be small too.

    I think the STS workouts are really exhausting and I wonder if it's because this is an endurance phase? It just goes so fast. My workout area is warmer at times too. It's so much cooler downstairs that I can't regulate the temperature now that we have the AC on. I had to turn the ceiling fan on during my yoga class because I got too warm.

    I am so glad you came up with the idea of doing body parts after a full STS week. It allows our bodies to recover! I don't think I could've done the STS rotation as prescribed by Cathe! It would kill me!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    I thought this morning would start a lot better than yesterday, but it was again a busy one. I'm just glad that I was able to get the problem solved. So yesterday my workout was RAW Strength 1 Cardioacceleration. It is a strength workout that you can either wait the 30 sec between muscle groups or do cardio. I opted to do some cardio, but low impact because I knew that I had a HiiT workout today which was RAW Real RAW #2 Cardio HiiT. I have done this one before, and it didn't disappoint.

    Wednesday I purchased another sewing machine from fb marketplace. I've determined that I'm a collector and not a hoarder. :D For some reason I find them interesting, and have this need to have a variety. Anyway I purchased a Singer 99K, and will be picking it up on Saturday. It looks to be in excellent condition. There is still one more machine that I'm thinking of buying, but have not found one that is close. Actually, I have to drive up to the Appleton area so get this one. So dd and I will be heading out tomorrow to pick that up.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts, you have to love the abs in MM. I have to ask what package did you purchase? I have the cloth bands, but none of the packages just have the DVD's with the one type of bands. I'm interested in those longer bands, they have to be tough. I think that you would really like the egg weights, they really let you punch without it feeling out of balance. That's the way I feel with the weighted gloves and the weights, plus they don't get stinky like my gloves. :p I don't know if Rocket wants to play or he wants to rip their faces off. :D

    Thelma, Oh for sure that is a blossom! Can't wait to see it in bloom. Great job on your workouts, and so glad to hear that you enjoyed the Kelly RAW workout. For the fruit fly trap I use a small glass, like a juice or jelly jar. Put a piece of plastic wrap on the top, and poke some holes in it. I use a rubber band to hold the plastic in place. I place the jar where most of the flies are. The flies go in but don't seem to know how to get out, and they really like the smell of the vinegar. I've had to deal with quite a few infestations of flies, because the girls would always leave something fermenting in a place I didn't know about. :D We had a very windy day yesterday too. Enjoy your evening with your friends.

    Have a great weekend,
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Upper Body Bootcamp followed by a 30 minute HiiT and Hills ride with Peloton. My legs are feeling yesterday’s workout pretty intensely, so I am surprised I managed that spin as well as I did! But it felt good to move my legs as well.

    Thelma, great workouts! We have had the same experience with the wind this year. I just went to feed the birds and noticed two big tree branches in the yard from yesterday’s wind. It just seems so different from the two previous years, including the warmth. I didn’t have the AC on until late May the last two years, and it came on in March this year! But when the lows in March are in the 70’s, as we had, it was just way too hard for my already warm sleeping body to adjust to that kind of temperature increase literally over night. Anyhow, I so agree about alternating one body part with full workouts during this rotation. And I am glad we are taking a break every four weeks. I wasn’t ready for one after two weeks, but I am looking forward to having a break after next week. I think I may go to my grave saying that STS is the most intense strength training program in DVD but, for me, it just is....more so than P90X or Body Beast. I think part of it is the length of the workouts but, also, that the workouts are similar but not identical each week. And that added element of change (plus the increase in weight) is what I think has made this week’s workouts seem so much more challenging. I love the feeling of this kind of challenge again. But it isn’t easy, that’s for sure!

    Laurie, sorry to hear your day didn’t start well, but I am glad you solved the problem. Great workouts! Yay on the new sewing machine. I laughed out loud when you made the distinction between being a collector and being a hoarder. I find old sewing machines fascinating. My mom had one in a wooden ‘stand’ until she died. I have no idea how long she had it, to be honest, but I think it was probably from the early 50’s (and it was a Singer). But I learned how to sew on that machine and it still worked all those years later. And here today I am finding it difficult to find any appliance that works for more than a few years. :| Anyhow, I bought the $59 package with the DVDs and the bands. I don’t have any fabric bands at all, so buying the workouts without bands wasn’t really an option for me. And I am finding that I like knowing I am using the same tubing and firewalker bands that Cathe is in some of her newer Live workouts since she has put out those products. I find resistance varies so much on those products depending on the brand. What kind of egg weights do you recommend? I looked on Amazon but I am totally new to the concept of egg weights. All recommendations appreciated.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Morning Ladies,

    Had a very warm weekend. It was a nice drive to get my new machine, and it looks great. There where a few issues with it, but the paint on it looked great.
    The people where having a rummage sale, and where very nice farmers. The gentleman carried the machine to my car for me. On Sunday I did some gardening, dropped my new machine off to get serviced, and then spent the rest of the day sewing. I was very happy to see that all of the plants that I put in last year are sprouting. I was afraid of one hydrangea, because it wasn't looking that great at the end of the year.

    Saturday my workout was RAW Weights 1, which was a tabata weight workout. Surprised how that really fatigues the muscles. Sunday was a rest day, and this morning was RAW Weights 2. This one was different than the one I did on Saturday. She used 3 sets of weights instead of using just one weight. It was also a superset format.

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts, and glad to hear that your legs where okay with the HiiT Hills. I love old sewing machines, and I want them all but realize that I can't. I'm looking at another one, and this one is a Viking/Husqvarna. I just can't help myself, and DH just looks at me like I'm nuts. I love to see how each of them sews, and I use them all. Right now my old Kenmore is making half square triangles. When I make a flying geese square, there is always leftover triangles that I sew together. So that machine now has a very long continuous string of them. Eventually they will be put into a scrap quilt. I think that is what I love about these old machines, they still keep going because they didn't use plastic parts in them. I priced out the different options for the DVD's and bands, and I will probably do the same package as you and get more bands. :D Why not. I actually went to to purchase mine. If you are a first time purchaser they do offer 15% off with Save15 code. At least that is what I had gotten. I got the 3lb and 4lb sets. I use the 3lb set for longer workouts, and the 4lb for shorter. I'm not quite ready to do 4lbs for a workout over 30 min. You don't even realize that you have something in your hands. I do use my lifting gloves with them, probably because Kelly does also. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. The weather was very nice and the wind finally died down. We were super busy again this weekend. We had fun with our friends on Friday night. Saturday we did things around the house, played pickleball and went to the nursery where I didn't find the plant I was looking for but I found three more! LOL. Today was busy with housework and cooking.

    My workouts on Friday were Peloton Low Impact Ride, KCM "RAW" Upper Body Blast followed by a nice stretching session. These two workouts turned out into a major sweatfest! I LOVED KCM's Upper Body Blast. I thought it was going to be easy but it was an endurance workout and she did four sets of each upper body move. I was drenched in sweat. I hope Kelly keeps adding more workouts to YouTube. She has a full body workout that I'm going to do the next week during our recovery week.

    On Saturday I did Zumba and Pickleball also followed by a stretch session. I could feel the tightness in the injured area when I was playing even though I had warmed up. Thankfully it relaxed as I played.

    Sunday I did a Peloton low impact ride, STS Meso 1, Disc 4 Chest only and a stretch session. I know I am going to feel the 5000 pushups tomorrow and I did them on my knees!

    I preordered my Boss Bands and DVDs $59 package and also bought the MMA Kickbox DVD because it was the deal of the day. I wished her shipping and handling charges weren't so high though. I did buy the package with the bands because I can tell by the workout pictures that Cathe's bands actually do stretch unlike the three that I bought. I can only use one of my bands. The other ones were made for the Incredible Hulk! LOL

    Laurie, I'm glad you were able to resolve your work problem. Congratulations on your new sewing machine! Hopefully you'll find the other one you want soon!
    Fantastic workouts. Great workouts!!

    I am so excited about my hydrangea blossoms. I have either two or three. I've not been looking too closely because we have a Phoebe's nest above the hydrangea and the babies are about to leave their nest.
    I am really loving these boxing workouts. I will do them when I need something effective and short.
    Thank for the fruit fly trap idea!

    Laurel, great workouts!!
    I hope the winds died down in your area too. We were pretty cloudy on Sunday and expected rain but we only got a few drops in the afternoon and rained for a few minutes tonight. I hope we get more rain than that because the grass needs it!
    I was telling DH that FB showed me a memory from last year. I had posted a picture of our view a year ago last Monday and everything looked so green. We still have a few trees that starting to show baby leaves. So things are a little behind this year. We did have some warm days in March for sure and much cooler temps in April!

    It really is good that we are taking a break every four weeks. I think this is a very 'wise' rotation! LOL. STS is definitely more intense than Body Beast and P90X for sure. I am loving this rotation even though it is hard. I still don't know how I did it while I was working full time!!

    Have a wonderful week ladies!
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    Happy Monday!!!

    Still enjoying the ICE/RWH rotation, although I'd say the RWH workouts are feeling extra high impact to me. I've had to modify a bit to avoid a potential injury. The weather was nice over the weekend, now we're back in the "cooler than average" weather for the week. Hopefully we see some sunshine!

    Nothing new on the job front, still waiting for the right opportunity to come my way. It's tough being down a person on the team right now (extra work in the job I'm not really loving), but something will surface in time, I'm sure of it.

    Thelma, good job with getting in some Zumba to loosen up the tightness! I hope you enjoyed your dinner out over the weekend!

    Laurie, great find on the sewing machine. I totally get the draw, as they are very fun machines! I'm glad to hear you have some plants sprouting. Ours are a little slow here with the cooler temps, but I'm seeing some start up. I'm happy to hear the egg weights are working well with KCM!

    Laurel, great variety of workouts, I'm loving all of the shocking you're doing to your muscles! I haven't pre-ordered the Cathe' DVD's yet...still waiting for some videos. I'm curious what they will be like!

    Have a wonderful day!

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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was very busy. On Saturday we started tackling some of the projects on the yard. While DH mowed and worked on edging some of the flower beds in the front, I tackled the portion of the yard the builders decided not to finish. We had been ignoring it until the two houses on either side were complete because of how much damage the builders do to neighboring yards during the process. So I cleared out of the leaves, building materials left over from our house, and other stuff, cut the weeds, put down weed block and then covered it with a blend of mulch and pine straw. I went the length of our property (it is 1/2 acre), about five feet wide and then, in one corner where we have too many trees for grass to grow, covered about a 30’x20’ section. It was exhausting but it looks so much better. Now it feels like that part of the yard is truly part of the yard. We still have to put down some paving stones, work on fencing our blueberry bushes, and put down seed for more grass. We bought all the supplies for that yesterday and will, hopefully, get that done next week.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith Power Interval Walk and Jog followed by 45 minutes of Power Yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was STS Disc 4/Chest, STS Stability Ball Abs and Cathe Live Cardio Leg Crush. Today was STS Disc 4/Shoulders, a 45 minute Peloton spin and 30 minutes of core-focused yoga with Kristin. Good stuff.

    Laurie, I am glad all went well with getting the sewing machine. I love how you use the different machines! Thank you for the information on the egg weights. That will be my next stop after I post this because my old weighted gloved for boxing are just getting.....yucky. :# Great workouts!

    Thelma, great workouts. I definitely was feeling those push-ups in my shoulders today. I am glad your leg is still getting better. We had a hummingbird visit us on Saturday! That made me very happy and tells me there are some still around. Like you, we need rain but got very little this weekend. They are predicting some storms for tomorrow, though. It would be nice to just get rain without the violent storms though!

    Erika, I am glad the rotation is going well. But I understand what you are saying about RWH. I did the HiiT Circuit Lower Body a couple of weeks ago and really modified some of those jumps on and off the step. I don’t know if I will ever do the Plyo HiiT Two workout again, but if I do, it will be modified for sure. I am sorry you haven’t found a new job yet. I really hope something turns up soon.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Monday were KCM 30MTF Cardio/Pump with 2lb dumbbells and STS Meso 1, Disc 4 Shoulders Only followed by some stretching. I am feeling the pushups from Sunday's workout!

    I forgot to hit the post button on Sunday night. By the time I realized my mistake and posted Laurie had already posted her update.

    We got serious rain this morning. Apparently there tornado warnings south of here today.
    One my Peonies is sprouting! DH only planted 3 out of 4. I hope the other two are also alive.

    OMG, I don't know if you read about Cathe's emergency eye surgery! I just saw this posted on FB by her team:

    Cathe wanted us to take a couple of minutes to let you know that over the past weekend she encountered a medical emergency in one of her eyes. An urgent trip to Wills Eye in Philadelphia led to a diagnosis of a full retinal detachment in her right eye and she was taken in for emergency surgery. The surgeon placed a scleral buckle around the eye and injected a C3F8 gas bubble into the eye to position the retina back in place. She was very lucky to have taken action so quickly after experiencing bizarre floaters, flashes and dark spots randomly appearing in her right eye because she later learned that a detached retina could lead to blindness within days. All went very well with surgery and the doctors are confident that she should regain most (she’s hoping for all) of her sight back in that eye.
    She asked the doctor how this happened and he said it was nothing that she did or even could’ve prevented. Sometimes things just happen. He did tell her that nearsighted people (which she is) are at a higher risk, but what’s important now is that the surgery was successful and she is home recovering ❤️
    All this being said, we will have to take a short break from Cathe Live while Cathe recovers. We aren’t sure how many weeks it will be until the doctor clears her for exercise, but right now she isn’t even allowed to stand up for more than 10 minutes per hour for the next 5 days. (Just imagine keeping someone like Cathe completely still for that long!)
    Just before all of this unfolded, Cathe had been planning to pre-record a few live episodes so that we could stream them for you while Cathe was up north later this month helping her mom through a hernia surgery. Cathe had only finished one of the three that she was planning and with this turn of events, she won’t be able to complete the other two at this time. She will, however, air that one pre-recoded episode this Thursday at 9:30am est.
    We appreciate your understanding and Cathe will be back and better than ever just as soon as possible!
    Thanks, Everyone!

    I hope she fully recovers her sight in that eye. I think it will be a while before she can do her live workouts. I'm nearsighted too. I hope I never have to deal with a retina detachment!

    Erika, I'm glad you're continuing with your rotation. Good for you for modifying into lower impact!
    How nice that you had warm temps over the week. Hopefully more of that soon!

    I hope you will find a better job soon. I am sure it's really hard having to do a lot more work now that you're short one person.

    We did have a great time with our friends on Friday night.

    Laurie, I'm glad you had warm weather and you picked up your new machine and it's already getting serviced! I hope you made good progress with your sewing! I love that you use all of your machines.

    Yaay on your perennials including your hydrangea are starting to sprout! Our Phoebe fledglings left their nest today but I forgot to check my hydrangea blooms!

    Laurel, wow! You sure had a busy weekend! I was exhausted just reading what you did! Good job!

    Great workouts! I love the sound of that core-focused yoga workout! Is it a fast flow?

    I am so happy you saw a hummingbird!! I am sure it made you happy. I just have the feeling it shows up when you're not looking. You probably have a pair like we do.
    A lot of people in my GA hummingbird group are saying they haven't seen any at all and are worried. We still have our two.

    I got tornado warnings during the morning which I didn't see until tonight. Apparently Fulton County was hit by a tornado. That's where Atlanta is.
    We were supposed to get more rain tonight but I've not heard any yet. It will probably start at 7AM when we have to go to the supermarket! LOL

    Have a good night!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,808 Member Member Posts: 2,808 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was RAW Step 2; 6/60 Abs and Core. The rotation is adding on finishers and ab work this month, so I have to really get my butt downstairs a little earlier than usual. I think that this rotation is doing some good, I put on a pair of jeans this morning that have been a little tight, and they fit! I have not lost any weight, but have noticed that the lower part of my body has been changing. Progress!

    Thelma, Awesome job on all your workouts! Very glad to hear that you injury is getting better, and I'm also happy that you are enjoying the KCM workouts. She really hasn't posted anything about youtube, so I don't know if she will be adding more. Nice that you where able to order the new DVD's, and thanks for the Cathe update. I had not seen that information, but I'm glad that she was able to get it taken care of right away. Nice that your plants are starting to sprout. My Peonies are quite tall right now, so we should have blooms by the usual June. I think everything is a little confused about the weather that we have been having. Some things are blooming at the usual time, and other things are just seeming to drag.

    Erika, Great job on your workouts, and I don't blame you for taking the workouts down the impact. We are also down to the cooler temps. Glad to hear that you are patient for the right job to come along, sometimes that is hard to do. I think our plants have had some really warm temps earlier in April, so they had a bit of a head start. Just interesting to see that the ones that are closer to the house are progressing normally.

    Laurel, Wow you had a very busy weekend with yard work. Nice job on all your workouts! Can't wait to hear how you enjoy the egg weights. I know that stink of the weighted gloves. Now my hands don't sweat like they used to either.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 4/Biceps followed by a fun cardio combo. I did Cathe Live Cardio Kickboxing Mashup into KCM Boxing Add-on. This week I did the latter with my weighted gloves and one pound weights and it was wonderful. This was a great combo because Cathe focuses a lot on kicking drills in that Live workout and the KCM workout really balanced that out with the upper body. I finished it all off with the core and extended stretch segments from Perfect 30.

    Thelma, great workouts. Thank you so much for posting that information about Cathe. I am glad she got in when she did, that’s for sure. I hope she takes the time she needs to make a full recovery. I heard about the tornado in Atlanta and wondered how bad your weather got. We have had quite a bit of rain today with lots of thunder and lightening but, so far, no tornado watch or warning in our county. I think the worst of it has passed, though it is dark and rumbling a lot outside. Hope this doesn’t hit you too hard.

    Laurie, great workout. And yay for the jeans! That is a nice feeling. After a year in my workout clothes, I have taken to wearing more ‘normal’ clothes when we go out (like you said....progress :) ) and I am pleasantly surprised everything is fitting. I think DHs diet is helping me immensely. I ordered my egg weights yesterday! Thank you for pointing me to that site. They had a ‘fitness’ pack of 2, 3, and 4lbs, and so I got that. I figured the lighter weights will come in handy on days where, given a choice, I might opt for no equipment. I am really looking forward to getting them.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Zumba, Pickleball, STS Meso 1, Disc 4 Biceps Only and stretching.

    The torrential rains and thunderstorms continued today. As I predicted it was raining when we went food shopping. We passed a few creeks on the way to the recreation center and they looked like rivers and were pretty full. I'm sure there were flooded areas around here.

    Today for the first time during pickleball I felt normal. No tightness and I was able to run but I know that I was still playing it safe. Thursday will be our last session until the week of June 1st. The courts will be redone. Hopefully DH and I will be able to practice in our driveway.

    Cathe's staff posted an update from Cathe herself and it was a picture. She has a gel patch on.

    Snug as a bug in a rug, lol! Hi Everyone! It’s been so hard to have to lie on my side for so many days straight... not to mention also only being able to spend very limited amounts of time looking at a phone, computer or TV screen. I need to let my eyes rest for a couple of more days for my best possible outcome. Jenn has been so good about reading me all of your many, many, beautiful messages and I’m so grateful to all of you for them. You’ve helped cheer me up and I love you all dearly ❤️. In a couple of days I’ll be free to finally sit up and share an update but for now just wanted to pop in and say I miss you and thank you ❤️🤗

    Seven years ago on 5/4/2014 I joined MFP. Soon after that I found you ladies and started training with you and Cathe! Wow! I'm so fortunate to have found you!

    I checked my hydrangea plant today and it has three baby buds.

    Laurie, great workouts! Your rotation sounds wonderful! Congratulations on reshaping your body and fitting better into those jeans!

    Somehow my inner thighs were a little sore this morning and I've not done legs yet this week. I have to attribute it to KCM's boxing workout on Monday. She is definitely a great instructor.

    How nice that your Peonies are doing good! I think you're right about plants being confused.

    Laurel, fantastic workouts and I love how you added KCM's Boxing add-on!

    I am so glad that Cathe was able to get her eye treated when she did.

    We had a lot of rain but not the scary wind we have sometimes. I heard today that there were tornado warnings around Atlanta again!
    I was working out downstairs when a huge and long thunder hit. It felt like an earthquake. It shook the house a little bit. We had serious lighting tonight.
    I heard that a man in town got hit by lightning but no one knows if he is OK.

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was RAW Ripped and Ride October; Dead Bugs. The dead bugs is a core move, that is opposite leg and arm while lying on your back. In this workout Kelly is doing the cardio on the floor and Noelle is on the bike. I opted for the elliptical again. She uses a heavy and light dumbbell for the weight work. Again a sweaty mess.

    Crazy lady alert!! I purchased another sewing machine. :D I think this will be my last, but I always look at the thrift stores for some. I found a Viking/Husqvarna Class 21. I will have to get is serviced, but it was in a case and had (from what I could tell) most of it's attachments. This machine will be able to sew through leather, so it is a good one to add to my stash. I think that people are still cleaning out their houses.

    Laurel, Great combo of workouts! Nice variety of egg weights. You will be using those lighter weights at some point. Another reason to like them is you can put them down and pick them up quickly. I think that I'm the opposite with the clothing. Since I have to dress up everyday, the weekends see me in my sweats and t-shirts.

    Thelma, Nice job on the workouts, and glad to hear that pickleball resulted in no tightness. Sounds like a lot of rain. I saw that update from Cathe on fb. I'm sure that it is hard for her to stay still. Happy MFP anniversary! Can't believe that it has been that long already, time sure does fly bye.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 6/Legs, a 45 minute Peloton spin (my 400th with Peloton :o ) and the STS Extended Stretch. My legs will be feeling this tomorrow. Actually.....they already feel it!!

    Thelma, great workouts. I am so glad you felt no issues with you leg during Pickleball. And Happy MFP Anniversary!! I can’t believe it has been seven years since you joined us. Thank you for the update on Cathe. I have to appreciate her staff (and Cathe, of course) for keeping people informed. I bet she is going crazy though. Well, we got quite a bit of rain again last night but no bad storms, which is nice. We needed the rain. DH and I sat outside on our deck and enjoyed it for a couple of hours last night. But other parts of Alabama got hit with some pretty bad winds. Again....we got lucky.

    Laurie, you make me laugh! I don’t think you qualify as a ‘crazy’ lady if you put your purchases to use. Maybe ‘enthusiastic’ lady, but definitely not crazy. :D Anyhow, great workout. I love the ‘Dead Bug’ move. Kristin puts it in some of her yoga, and I like the controlled challenge it brings.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Ladies, KCM added a new step workout today to YT!! Yaay! It's just basic step choreography and not the kind where I feel I'm going to break my ankles on the step. The music is fun and upbeat. She was using egg weights.

    My workouts on Wednesday were KCM "RAW" Step Aerobics, STS Meso 1, Disc 6 Legs and stretching. This leg workout is fantastic. I was a sweating mess after doing these two workouts back to back!

    I am really loving this rotation but my favorite week continues to be the one body part one.

    The rain finally stopped early Wednesday morning but the wind kicked in again in the afternoon. It felt cold by 6PM out on the deck.

    Laurie, awesome workout! I love the Dead Bug move.

    I don't think you're crazy for getting another sewing machine. Like Laurel said you do use them! If you ever decide to go into the sewing business when you retire you will need all those machines. Congratulations on the find!

    Thanks so much for the MFP anniversary wishes! I can't believe it's been 7 years since I joined MFP.
    It has to be hard for Cathe or anyone to stay still for so long and she has to be on her side too.

    Laurel, great workout combo! I know my legs will feel it too. I used the step with one riser today and it actually made me feel the injury so I expect to be a little tight there tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for the MFP anniversary wishes! I get get over the fact that it's been 7 years since I joined you ladies and MFP.
    No doubt Cathe is going out of her mind. Thankfully she has a great staff.

    I found some news online about the floods and power outages in GA, AL and some other state! It's terrible!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Rainy morning, so no walk. My workout was 30MTF BoxFit W2; RAW Boxing Finisher. This had to be my favorite combination! Of course I used my egg weights at 1.5# I'm off for a vacation day tomorrow, so don't know if I will be on line.

    Laurel, Awesome job on your workouts! I hope that your legs are okay today after all of that. Impressive that you have done 400 spin workouts. I tell you that all of these workouts incorporate the core, so that area has been worked really well this week. It was kind of nice to do the boxing today to help loosen that area up a little bit. Kelly has a 10 min. Dead Bug workout on her fb that I have been using, and it is tough.

    Thelma, I see that you found Kelly's newest add to her youtube channel. I watched it yesterday, and can't wait to try it out. I agree on the music, that was one of the first things that I really enjoyed. I like that she used the egg weights, even though she wasn't doing boxing moves. I think that I will be adding those to any future step workout that I have to do in this rotation. Yesterday my youngest dd scolded me about buying another machine. She said that her and her sister are the ones that have to deal with all my machines after I die. WHAT! :D

    Have a great weekend!
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