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    Okay, so here is the next rotation. I have tried to give as many options as possible. Some weeks are meant to be heavy and others a little lighters, but 5 out of the 12 weeks are left open to heavy or light depending on how we all feel during that given week. So the workout suggestions for some weeks are vastly different in time, intensity and strength focus. I have tried to put the suggestions workouts in order from more intense or longer to less, but that is just a judgement call in most cases. So here goes!

    June 5-11–Week 1 - Circuits or Metabolic (total body focus)
    Suggested workouts:
    -PHA 1, 2, or 3
    -Flex Train
    -ICE Metabolic Total Body
    -F/S Metabolic Conditioning

    June 12-18–Week 2 - Split Sets (higher reps/lighter weights)
    Suggested workouts:
    -XTrain Discs 1, 2 and 5
    -ICE Muscle Meltdown done as Split Sets/Chest and Back as one split set, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders as another split set), and ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast or Lean Legs and Abs
    -CTX Upper Body Split done as Split Sets/Back and Chest as a split set, Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps as another split, and CTX Leaner Legs or Great Glutes
    -LIS Total Body Trisets/Chest, Shoulders, Triceps premix, Back, Biceps and Core premix and Lower Body
    -LITE Pyramid Pump as a split set/Back and Chest, Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps, and LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body

    June 19-25-Week 3 - Upper/Lower (Heavy)
    Suggested Upper Body workouts:
    -Burn Sets All Upper Body
    -4DS Upper Body premix
    -S&S Ramped Up Upper Body
    -Intensity Series Pyramid Upper Body
    -Perfect 30 Upper Body
    -Upper Body Only premix from Body Blast Push/Pull

    Suggested Lower Body workouts:
    -any lower body workout from STS Meso 2
    -Intensity Series Pyramid Lower Body
    -CTX Leaner Legs
    -XTrain Cardio Leg Blast
    -Perfect 30 Lower Body
    -4DS Lower Body premix
    -S&S Total Body Giant Sets Lower Body premix
    -Lower Body premix from Body Blast Push/Pull

    June 26-July 2-Week 4 - Circuits or Metabolic With Cardio Segments
    NOTE: The intensity of the suggested workouts vary tremendously!
    Suggested workouts:
    -Body Max 1 or 2
    -Drill Max
    -Step, Jump and Pump
    -Low Impact Circuit
    -High Step Training
    -High Step Circuit
    -Intensity Series Boot Camp
    -Intensity Series Cardio and Weights
    -LIS Athletic Training
    -ICE Boot Camp
    -S&S Boot Camp
    -Shock Cardio Circuit Blast
    -LIS After Burn
    -LIS Slide and Glide
    -LITE Metabolic Blast
    -Fit Tower Boot Camp
    -X10 Fat Burning

    End of Part 1
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    Part 2

    July 3-9-Week 5 - Push/Pull
    NOTE: This is another one of those weeks that can be intense or not as intense
    Suggested workouts:
    -F/S Push/Pull premix
    -Body Blast Push/Pull as is or upper/lower premixes
    -F/S Push
    -F/S Pull

    July 10-16-Week 6 - One Body Part
    NOTE: Again, another week where the intensity can vary greatly depending on how you feel
    Suggested Upper Body workouts:
    -Ramped Up Upper Body one upper body part premixes
    -STS Meso 2 Discs 13 and 15 done as one body part per day
    -ICE Muscle Meltdowns
    -CTX Upper Body (single body part)
    -LITE Pyramid Pump (single body part)

    Suggested Lower Body workouts:
    -Butts and Guts
    -Lower Body Blast
    -STS Disc 14
    -Legs and Glutes (Body Blast series)
    -Pyramid Pump Lower Body
    -F/S Legs and Glutes

    July 17-23-Week 7 - Band and/or Body Weight
    NOTE: I see this as a recovery week.
    Suggested workouts:
    -LIS Turbo Barre
    -Boss Bands Total Body
    -Boss Loops Glutes and Core
    -Travel Fit
    -LITE Body Weight and Bands
    -Fit Tower Boot Camp
    -Fit Tower Legs, Glutes and Core

    July 24-30-Week 8 - Split Sets Heavy
    Suggested Workouts:
    -STS—any week from Meso 2 or Meso 3
    -Slow and Heavy
    -Gym Style workout
    -Pure Strength series
    -RWH LIHI workouts
    -Burn Sets Split premixes and XT Cardio Leg Blast

    End of Part 2
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    Part 3

    July 31-August 6-Week 9 - Circuits or Metabolic with Cardio
    Suggested workouts—Same as Week 4

    August 7-13-Week 10 - Upper/Lower (Lighter)
    Suggested workouts:
    -LIS Total Body Trisets - Upper Body and Lower Body premixes
    -LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper and Lower
    -LITE Pyramid Pump Upper and Lower
    -ICE Chiseled Upper Body and Chiseled Lower Body Blast
    -High Reps Upper and Lower Body premixes

    August 14-20-Week 11 - Total Body Workouts
    NOTE: Another week where the intensity may vary tremendously based on workouts selected.
    Suggested workouts:
    -4DS Total Body premix
    -LIS Total Body Trisets Total Body
    -LITE Pyramid Pump Total Body
    -Maximum Intensity Strength
    -STS Total Body
    -Muscle Max
    -Muscle Endurance
    -Power Hour
    -High Reps
    -Supersets (Body Blast)
    -Flex Train
    -S&S Total Body Giant Sets
    -Fit Tower Total Body
    -Push/Pull (Body Blast)

    August 21-27-Week 12 - Circuits Upper and Lower
    NOTE: There are very few choices from Cathe on DVD for this week. I will most likely be doing Cathe Live workouts, where she has a lot of options. But I looked at Jessica Smith’s YouTube options, and she has some dedicated upper and lower body circuit workouts that will work. If all else fails, do whatever feels good!
    Suggested workouts:
    -4DS Boot Camp Upper Body Circuit premix
    -4DS Boot Camp Lower Body Circuit premix
    -RWH Upper Body Circuit
    -RWH Lower Body Circuit
    -ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast

    Okay, I am sure I made a ton of mistakes. :p Let me know if you have any questions!!

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were RWH Low Impact Hiit and Xtend Barre Signature. I over did it yesterday with my workouts and I was feeling tired today.

    I just realized we on the last week of this wonderful rotation! Geez! That went so fast!

    Laurie, great workout! I like those workouts too.
    Louie does everything his big brother Chico does. It's so cute. I wish our dogs would recognize the sounds the delivery trucks make too! The same delivery people come here all the time and Chico still goes crazy defending his house. I went out to get a haircut this morning and when I came back DH had the boys outside. Chico went crazy barking at my car. I opened the window and started talking to him. As soon as he recognized me he switched his tone from defensive to totally excited. LOL.

    Laurel, fantastic workouts! I love it when our least favorite workouts all of a sudden turn into something enjoyable.

    DH and I are having so much fun watching Louie become a member of the family.
    I'm sure Huntsville won't be the place to live for its housing affordability much longer! LOL. Housing pricing here is insane too.
    Our builder has sold houses before he even starts building them.
    You are going to have hot temps! Today was a gorgeous day here. We are going to be in the mid to high 80's through Saturday and apparently we'll get some rain Sunday and Monday.

    Thank you sooooo much for putting that rotation together for us. I appreciate your work very much!
    I've taken a quick look and it looks great. Thank you for going through the effort of listing the workouts in order from more intense or longer or less! Thank you!

    I have one question. How many times a week do you suggest we do upper/lower body work for non single body part weeks? 3x upper, 2x legs?

    Thanks again Laurel!

    See you tomorrow!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning's workout was 30MTF Build & Burn Cardio Core. I love doing the weight work from FitSplit and incorporating these Build and Burn workouts. It is a good balance, and of course now that I have done the cardio core, I don't feel like I need to do two sessions of the abs in the FitSplit series. I know the ab workout is tough.

    Laurel, First of all thank you for all your hard work on this rotation! Great job with your workout also. Still loving this cooler weather. We actually where able to get our walk in before it started to rain this morning. I'm going to take some time to look through the rotation, but what I have seen so far looks really good.

    Thelma, Love that you got your workout done despite being tired. Totally funny how our animals react to different sounds. I know that Rocket knows when my car comes home, because he doesn't bark. When DH comes home, he will sometimes bark because he isn't looking out the window when he drives down the road. They are very clever animals.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! I reached back for another oldie today and did Pure Strength Legs. This workout is 22-23 years old and is still so good. I really felt it in my legs, especially since I followed it with a 30 minute spin. My walk after that was…..not easy. :)

    Thelma, great workouts. I, too, can’t believe how quickly this rotation has flown by. But I also can’t believe we are closer to June than April right now. What happened to May? :o I find I can work my lower body more times a week than my upper body to be honest. For me, hitting each muscle group twice a week is good. I will do lower body three times a week if my legs are up to it. But I will only hit my upper body twice unless a third upper body workout is light, short and easy. Hitting each muscle group just once a week outside of the one body part a week format just doesn’t feel like enough for me. But do what works best for you. I have dicey shoulders and elbows which limits my upper body work, while you may have back or hip or knee issues (just tossing these out…not saying you do!) that limits your lower body work. Hope that makes sense. Glad you like the look of the new rotation.

    Laurie, great workout. That Fit/Split core workout is definitely not my favorite so good job finding a way to avoid it! We are going to be in the 90s for the next several days. Looks like summer decided to come early this year! Glad you also like the look of the new rotation.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Wednesday were Gentle Flow Yoga, Jessica Smith Power Walking and Perfect Pump: Lower Body + Core.

    Laurie, great workouts! Dogs are very clever for sure. Sometime our dogs bark for no reason at all. They probably hear something we didn't hear.

    Laurel, great job with the leg workout! I can't believe you did spin after the Pure Strength Legs workout! Good job!

    Good question about what happened to May! Time is flying by so quickly!
    Normally I do 2 upper and 2 lower body workouts a week, so I will stick with that. I agree that once a week isn't enough. I think when we have short workouts I am OK hitting a muscle group more than twice a week. You totally made sense on workout frequency! Thank you!

    See you tomorrow!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning's workout was FitSplit Pull Day. I figure with all those roll in's, that I'm good for a few weeks with not having a workout that they are in. Along with push ups, roll in's are on my love to hate list. :D

    I saw that Thelma did Jessica workouts. She did announce that her new workouts are coming out soon. It appears that she has 6 DVD's. They look interesting.

    Laurel, Awesome job with the workouts! I really do love all those Pure Strength workout. Just have to remember to do a different warm up for those. The warm ups seem to take forever. :D The floor work is probably one of my favorites in the leg workout. Any of the workouts that Cathe uses the sliders for ab work are so dang tough. I don't know if it is because my legs are long, and that makes it more difficult. Probably not. :D I'm going to be thankful for our 50 and 60 temps. ;)

    Thelma, Great job on the workouts! I'm usually hitting my whole body twice a week. I like to do an upper / lower and then a full body of some sort. Most times those full body ones include some boxing or cardio. This is probably because I'm limited on my workout time.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders and Triceps followed by Cathe Live Warrior Kickboxing 2. My quads are on fire from that workout yesterday! I guess she focused more on them in that workout than she usually does. :o

    Thelma, great workouts. So my DH was talking to a neighbor last night and the reason everybody’s grass is dying isn’t just because it is dry. They put cold weather grass in these houses (which we have known since we moved in) and when the temps get over 60, a fungus will grow (especially if you fertilize and water the grass…as most people do) unless you treat for the fungus monthly. :o:o:o You are so smart not having a yard. The troubles we have had with this lawn are insane. But at least we aren’t alone in our neighborhood.

    Laurie, great workout. Those roll-ins in that workout are brutal. I always start them thinking ‘I got this’ and by the end I am in tears. ;) Not my favorite move either. Pure Strength has been so worth revisiting. This morning, because it has been years since I did this workout, I picked up really heavy weight for chest. By the time we got to shoulders, I remembered why Cathe uses lighter weights. It really just keeps layering. So good. Thanks for sharing that update from Jessica. I haven’t seen it yet and will look for it.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were spinning and XTrain Burn Sets Bi's & Tri's.

    Jessica's new Strong + Centered Series DVDs came out on Thursday and sold out very quickly it seems. I had a busy day so I didn't check until tonight and they are sold out. She sent another email saying that they will get more dvd's and extend the sale which includes a free DVD for a total of 6. $69.75 for 6 DVD's is a good price. She also sent a link to a rotation for this program. I downloaded it because I'd like to get the program. It's a 56 day rotation.

    I think both of you were going to get the program, right? Maybe we can do a JS rotation! I don't think this is something we want to do exactly as is. I think we'd have to add at least cardio on the days she does strength training.

    Laurie, great workout! Are you talking about the hamstring roll in's? Those one legged ones are hard! Not a fan!
    I like hitting the whole body twice a week too.

    Laurel, sounds like you did a killer workout combo today! Great job!

    OMG! I didn't there was 'cold weather' grass! What a pain to have to treat it for a fungus on a monthly basis! What a bad move to plant that type grass on the builder's part.
    We really could care less about having grass. Our land looks beautiful when mixture of grass and weeds are green. We're OK with dead grass and weeds too! LOL
    Have you seen any hummingbirds this week? I've not seen a single one in at least 3 days. This has never happened before. I hope the little guys are OK. I washed my feeders the other day and I thought it was strange that there was so much syrup left.

    I was just looking at the new rotation and you have us starting 6/5.
    Are we treating the next two weeks as recovery/free style weeks? I wish I had Jessica's new program now!

    We're in for a rainy week next week! We might get some rain starting Saturday. Fingers and toes crossed!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning's workout was RAW Stretch. Felt great. Looking forward to the weekend, even through it is going to be rainy and chilly.

    Laurel, Wow I love the sound of those workouts, great job! Warrior Kickboxing has to be really good. ;) I had to laugh at you saying, I got this with the roll ins. I had that same feeling until I just had to put my butt on the ground. :D Will have to set some time for those Pure Strength workouts into the next rotation, I'm sure that I can make it work time wise. I can for sure do the leg workout with standing one day and floor the next. I think the other long one was the workout that you mentioned above.

    Thelma, Nice job with those workouts! Can't believe that those DVD's are already sold, didn't have a chance to get them yet. I wouldn't mind doing a rotation, it would probably be fun. Yes it was those hamstring roll in's, but she was good enough to do them with both legs. I always do both legs when she is doing singles. It's tough enough with just the two. :D

    Have a great weekend!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Pure Strength Back, Biceps and Abs, a 45 minute spin and a 15 minute stretch from Open Fit. What a fun week of workouts revisiting the past. I really enjoyed it.

    Thelma, great workouts. By the time I checked on Jessica’s DVDs, they were sold out too. I was mulling around in my head maybe trying her digital platform, but I am not quite sure I want to do that yet. But when I saw the workout list, I thought so many of them would be perfect for our next rotation. Hopefully they will be back in stock soon. So I certainly wouldn’t mind doing a Jessica rotation. Yes, the next two weeks are ‘whatever’. I think I will focus on total body or total body circuits next week. The week after I will be visiting my in-laws, so whatever I do will be whatever I can do. :)

    Laurie, great workout. Those stretch days are becoming my favorite workout days. The Warrior Kickboxing was a good one for sure. And Al was there, and he always makes me smile in those Live workouts. :D One of the things I like about Pure Strength is the upper body workouts are pretty short. And, like you said, you can split the leg work into two workouts. It is just a very manageable series.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Thelma, I forgot to answer your question about hummingbirds earlier. We haven’t had any in a few weeks, but, for us, that isn’t unusual. We probably won’t see any again until closer to September. I wouldn’t worry too much since the weather has been so different this year.

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was nice and busy as always. I got into deep cleaning mode on Saturday and ended up exhausted but got a lot done.

    We are finally getting some rain! According to my weather up the entire week will be rainy.

    My workouts on Friday were Gentle Yoga, Pilates and Spinning
    Sunday: Gina B Power Walk 80s Style and ICE Boot Camp Circuit

    Laurie, great job getting a stretch workout in!
    I'm happy Jessica sold out of her new program so quickly, but I'm disappointed that we couldn't get our sets! I'll keep checking every day.
    I do the rollouts with both legs now too. There was a time when I used to do the one legger ones, but not anymore.

    Laurel, great workouts! I hope you're getting some rain too!
    I don't think I want to do Jessica's digital platform. Call me old fashioned, but I like my DVD's! LOL
    I've been looking at my workouts for my 'whatever' two weeks and I am excited about doing some workouts we hardly do like the Boss Bands workout! I may even throw in there some step workouts! LOL
    People in Blue Ridge have been asking in Facebook about the hummingbirds. This is most unusual for us. At least I now know that some people in the area still have hummingbirds around. I'll be happy if I get to see them again. I will keep my feeders with fresh syrup for them just in case they come back.

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Had a nice but cold weekend. We had rain on Saturday, and Sunday was sunny and cold. I just wish that my weekends where not so busy, it seems that I'm running around more than being home. Oh well, hopefully that will change for the summer. I took the day off on Saturday for workouts, but Sunday was 30MTF Circuit Burn W1 and this morning was 30MTF LIFT Olympic Lift. This one always reminds me of the workout Hammer Power in the Hammer & Chisel series.

    Laurel, Great job with those workouts! I always enjoyed seeing Al in the DVD's, he was there to get the job done. The other guys in her workouts, seemed to be there to be seen. I will for sure be putting the PS series on my list of workouts to try over the summer. I think that I will be putting Hammer Power on that list also. Doing that LIFT workout this morning made me want to do that one also. :D

    Thelma, Nice job with all your workouts! Glad to hear that you got some rain, and hopefully that will continue through this week. I'm okay with the digital platform that Jessica has. I do have some of her workouts on digital, and I just plug my laptop or ipad into my smart tv and away I go. Looks like you have a solid plan going for the next two weeks. I'm probably going to be doing mostly total body/metabolic type workouts.

    We will be having the internment for my MIL tomorrow, so I probably will not be online. I can tell you that I'm planning on doing a step workout. Probably one of Kelly's Stepboxing workouts.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was nice and not quite as busy as usual, which made for a wonderful change. :) Saturday we played golf, and yesterday was some chores and errands, but nothing too brutal. And we finally got rain…..buckets and buckets of rain last night. Hopefully things will start looking alive again.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a Jessica Smith Strength Interval walk and 60 minutes of yoga. Yesterday was Cathe Live Bun Burner Barre and Ball, 45 minutes of spin and 30 minutes of XTend Barre Pilates. Today was Cathe Live Lower Body/Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge, Cathe Live Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing and 20 minutes of yoga.

    Thelma, great workouts. I am glad you got some rain too. It was nice to get so much rain without a violent storm attached. We had a little thunder and lightening, but nothing specials and just hours of solid, heavy rain. Just what we needed. Well, no sooner had I typed that message about hummingbirds when one showed up on our deck! So I guess they are still around. We need to clean and refill our feeders. This little guy stuck to our salvia plants, though. I am glad you are looking forward to trying different workouts these next two weeks. Sounds like fun!!

    Laurie, great workouts. I remember that Hammer Power workout being one of my favorite of the set. I am sorry your weekends have gotten so busy. That must be frustrating you, especially if it is keeping you from your crafts. But hopefully things will calm down this summer. I hope all goes well tomorrow. Will be thinking about you.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my Monday workouts were Gina B 2500 Steps and Boss Bands Total Body - Legs, Glutes & Core Premix.

    I think I'd only done this workout once when we first got them. I'm glad I tried it because I really liked it.

    I was able to order Jessica's DVDs today. I checked at the right time of the day apparently. They sold out again and became available again tonight. It's strange that the DVD's are not shipped in one single package. I think each DVD will be individually shipped. I should get my first one on Tuesday and should have all six of them by Friday. I can't wait to try them.

    The rain started on Sunday night and continued until about 3PM. The chances of rain the rest of the week have been reduced. Hopefully we will get more rain this week.

    Laurie, I hope your weekends will get less busy soon! Good workouts!
    You're making want to pull out some of those Hammer & Chisel workouts! I'll have to take a look at them again.

    At the rate Jessica's new DVDs are getting sold you may have to get the digital version!
    I'm glad you are finally going to be able to have your MIL's internment. Prayers for the entire family.

    Laurel, I'm glad you finally had a more relaxing weekend! Things are looking much greener already around here!
    Great workouts!

    I was glad the storm wasn't a violent one. I did hear thunder in the distance. I think the rain brought the hummingbirds out again. I also had one at the feeders and the little swing in the morning. I've not seen them again though. I told you they loved salvia!

    See you tomorrow!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 60 minute spin followed by Perfect 30 Yoga Basics and Core Bonus. What a great workout combo.

    Thelma, great workouts. I remember last time I did that band workout, I felt it the next day. That band just seems to work things in a different way. Yay for getting Jessica’s new workouts! I keep trying, but they keep showing as unavailable for me. I will be curious to hear your feedback on them. You may be right about the rain bringing out the hummingbirds again. We had another little visitor last night. We are supposed to be kind of rainy all week still, and that is so welcome right now.

    Laurie, thinking about you today.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, Tuesday's workouts were ICE Low Impact Sweat and Boss Bands Total Body-Back, Biceps & Core. My biceps were fried! Cathe and her crew use the heavy and medium bands at once for the biceps! I had plenty with the heavy band. I didn't realize that the upper body workouts included the full warm up which is mostly the leg portion. My legs are feeling the workout after having done it on Monday too! Inner thigh DOMS are always good.

    No rain today at all. Maybe tomorrow.

    Laurel, definitely a great workout combo!
    Those bands really make you work things in a different way! I really like the bands. Hopefully Kathy will do other workouts with bands.
    I am so glad you were finally able to get Jessica's DVDs! The DVD I was expecting on Tuesday didn't come. It may be in the mailbox but I wasn't notified of it being delivered.
    I saw a hummingbird again today. Life is good now! :)

    See you tomorrow.
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    Morning Ladies,

    Everything went very well with the internment. It didn't rain, but it was chilly. We then went to my MIL's condo and my SIL and I went through all of her clothes. We where able to do some cleaning of the two bedrooms. I think that we have everything sorted, but our daughters will have to look at some of the things. She did have some retro items that they may enjoy. I was super tired after all of that. DH said that we where at it for a solid 4 hours. My SIL told me at one point to sit down. I just want to get this done, so that we don't have to worry about it all summer.

    My workout yesterday was 30MTF Stepboxing W1, and this morning was 30MTF Weights W1. Both where very enjoyable workouts.

    My oldest dd has a new job, she went for a manager position with her company and got the news yesterday that she got it. I'm a very proud and happy Mom. :)

    Laurel, All of your workouts sound great! Thank you for thinking about us yesterday. We found out that they are going to be demoing the office/chapel at the military cemetery and moving it 10 feet. I was like why? It is a very pretty area, and they where in the process of getting ready for Memorial Day.

    Thelma, Awesome job on your workouts! We have a rainy cold day today. :/ Glad you where able to get the DVD's. I decided to get the digital version of Jessica's workouts, so I will have to look them over when I have the chance. Yay on seeing those humming birds.

    Have a great day!