Topic: T.H.E. (Trying Hard Everyday) TEAM Week 32



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    Thank you very much Anita :smile:

    Well my works Biggest Loser Contest weigh in is today ... going to join it again with my daughter this time... hopefully it will motivate her like it did for me 4 months ago :smile:

    This week has been great so far ... healthy choices and logged everything... been drinking a lot of water and getting in 2 walks a day. So hopefully tomorrow will bring good results .. but it is TOM so who knows :smile: as long as it's not a gain I will be happy

    Well I better get back to work, I didn't have time to check in this morning before I left so I thought I would now... Have a great day everyone and good luck for tomorrow!! :love:

  • TOTALS: 1,119
    Bicycling TOTALS: 2,058

    I had a great eating and exercise week. Ok, I never have a bad exercise week truth be told.
    Today however I forgot to eat my dinner before leaving work. Then I forgot my water for my bike ride home. Man I could hardly make it home. Bummer. Better make a better attempt to get my dinner in before I leave work.

    Tomorrow is the big day.
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    Total in: 1291
    Out: 798 (45 min cardio, 15 min strength, 15 min flexibility)
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    Holy ravioli batgirls!! Everybody is rocking it this week! I'm soooo proud of us! Can't wait to see it show up on the scales - and since some of us are just starting to kick it back up - no tears if it doesn't show up tomorrow - just stay in the groove and the scale will move!!!

    Love our newbies as much as I love the return of our veterans (that sounds better than oldies:tongue: )

    Page 76 of this month's Fitness magazine has some GREAT 30 minute calorie cruncher bonus burner workouts. Check it out if you can - this weekend i'll try to post them for anyone that's interested.

    I'm off to nighty-night:yawn:

    besos amigas!:heart:
  • Hey, managed to get to a computer at work. The internet is still down at my house and thier say ing it could be next thursday before its fixed:(

    Any how here are the numbers:

    SW:198, GW:135, CW:170 = 1lbs loss

    Also loosing the inches! I always check my measurements in weeks I don't loose weight just to renforce the fact that things are changing even if the weight hasn't. I got out a pair of jeans that were in my winter trunk. I haven't worn them since the end of last school year. They are way too big!!! I was a big14/16 and now I'm a big 12/14!!! Its so cool but it hasn't happened over night. I'm glad of that though I feel like I'm really learning to be healthy and not just loose weight. Thanks for all the encouragement. When I get the internet back at my house I'll be changing my pic. Have a great day.
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    Good morning ladies!

    That's awesome, Manda! I can hardly wait to start wearing some of my clothes I've "outgrown" again.

    My Friday check in:
    MFPSW: 266.8
    09/17/09 - 261.4 = -5.4 pounds :bigsmile:
    I'm feeling pretty bloated today so I'm definitely claiming TOM on this one. I'm pretty pleased with losing 5.4 pounds in a week anyway! I've lost about 9 pounds since I started 09/08. :drinker:

    Assuming a lot of the 5.4 pounds is water weight, I don't want to set myself up for failure so my goal for next Friday is to lose 3 pounds. :wink: