Are Manners a Thing of the Past?



  • ladytxn
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    I would let them know it isn't ok for them to just come into your yard without permission. Maybe put up a no trespassing sign...

    This.. It is your property
  • apedeb09
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    That would seriously bother the heck out of me.. I'm a very nice person too. It's usually hard for me to say certain things in fear that I'm being rude or hurting someone's feelings, but if they came by on my property and starting taking stuff that didn't belong to them without asking, I'd definitely have said something! That's just downright rude and probably quite annoying.
  • digitalbill
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    Sadly, I do believe that manners have fallen into some strange abyss.

    Like many, I am also from the South and I was raied with a "Please" and "Thank you" kind of attitude.

    Yesterday I was at Dunkin Donuts and waiting in line for a cup of coffee.
    The man in front of me was probably in his 60's and from New York.

    (Counter person): Hello.
    (Guy): Gimmie a coffee
    (Counter person): OK. What size?
    (Guy): A small! Wadda think? Thats the free one, right?
    (Counter person): Yes it is sir. Would you like anything else?
    (Guy): No I don't want anything else!
    (Counter person): OK. Thank you.

    (Counter Person): (to me) Hello sir, can I help you?
    (Me): Yes ma'am, Can I get a medium sugar and cream please?
    (Counter person): OK, medium cream and sugar. Anything else?
    at this point, the New Yorker interrupted.
    (guy): Hey, there no cream in here.
    Now I had had enough.
    (Me): Excuse me sir, you just interruped my transaction. That was rude. You need to wait until I am finished doing what I am doing. You didn't ask for cream so that's your problem. Don't make it mine.
  • jsmith0644
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    Your'e a good and calm person. Maybe you shouldn't be. I wouldn't be.
  • Jxnsmma
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    By not addressing it right off the bat, they may assume that youve applied consent to their picking the fruit so I think you should speak to them or put up the sign before calling the cops.

    The pruning thing is outrageous! Crazy!

    Similar but different: My neighbors used to let their dog out to crap in my back yard. So Id go out with a bag, pick it up and chuck it back over to their yard. LOL.

    I moved to the country. Now sometimes i forget to take my keys out of the car before bed and its still there when i wake up :)