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    Hey, gang, sorry I have been MIA for a minute. My internet at home was down over the weekend, then it snowed here yesterday and I needed to get the yard and garden ready for that, so today is the first time in a while I have to sit down to the computer. How are you all?? I will catch up on posts later. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still on track. water drinking is my challenged this week. Am getting back on track from TOM last week. Take care and be safe!
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    crazyb - are you kidding me???? i cannot believe how rude some people are? i thought she was just you know, a little hurt or something about the one thing, not a totally rude person like that! it's not polite to go to someone's house and eat and eat everything in sight, particularly when you didn't provide that food! i totally understand why you'd want to NOT go thru that again. sheesh. what a *&$**% *&*###)& *^^@)#$

    I'm so sorry that your "friend" was SOOO rude. OH my gosh I still can't believe that. Yes there have been plenty of times we've eaten at someone's house and gotten BK on the way home, because they weren't really "serving" food but showing it off, LOL. But so what? We were a guest at their house.

    Sounds like your "friend" is more like - you're a friend to her, she's not a friend to you. Got plenty of those. They're easy to find. This doesn't sound like a "one off" situation but that she's totally wrapped up herself and you're supposed to be there "for" her whenever she wants. Not cool. Maybe not invite HER anymore? Or anyone else that is rude, and just have the nice giving people over? :) Or maybe ya wanna drive on down here for a big Sunday dinner, we'll get losingits and my families together and have a big ole time. :)

    Went off track a little yesterday but only because I didn't figure out what the calories were gonna be BEFORE I ate the casserole. Oh well. Only drank half my water so need to get back on track with that. Boys are home from school for 3 days so I'm not at my computer much!!
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    Hello! I am a newbie to this board, but am so very glad I found you guys! I'm starting today 1 anew, shedding off the past and beginning a new start. My starting weight is 196. I will complete weekly weigh ins on Sunday and post the results here (hopefully I won't forget!)

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    yay leedabeeda!!! welcome!!! Glad to have you with us! Hope you enjoy THE team! I have just a minute today, I am going to a conference for work today and tomorrow and have to be there in about 30 mintues. I am very proud that I got up early and went for a 30 minute walk. Whew! HRM said I burned 612 calories. This has been a great workout week for me. On the other hand, like you, LULU, my weight is doing something weird. Yesterday, I was down three pounds for the week, today I am up four, so a seven pound swing in a 24 hour period. Thats very frustrating, and I am not sure what it is all about. Anyway, no more time today. Take care, drink your water, love you guys!
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    Things get so busy this time of year! I thought I had my calendar under control and now Nov looks like I beld ink all over it. Its all good stuff (choir, yoga retrea, writing workshops) but man it piles up. And on top of the my hubbie is complaining that he doesn't see me enough :( That really hurt so we tried to talk about where there are holes in the schedual and where we can make some. It really difficult to balence work, Husban, work outs, obligations and interests. I know that I'm not healthy when I give up on the workouts and interests, but my marriage is not happy when I don't make time for the husband too. Looks like its time to list all the crap I do and cut some. I promise myself every year that I will get better about not over loading myself and some how it always happens anyway.

    Crazybee: I can't believe how your friend treated you. You should be allowed to do anything you want in your own home and I would never dream of being to unkind to someone that I have know so long and has cooked for me. If she has a problem maybe she can do all the cooking next time. Maybe you should go to her house. Than she will have nothing to complain about. But honestly I have spent too much of my own short life putting up with people who wanted things from me and not just my company. You don't have to keep abusive negative people in your life. Much as it hurts at times to let them go it is what needs to be done. If she really is someone that you love nad that is not a option be painfully honest with her. If she is really your friend she will listen.
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    Okay, so I'm not a big fan of pre-packaged foods. But, my favorite grocery store is having an awesome sale on lean cuisines so I bought 5 just to eat for dinner on my occasional 13-14 hour work days when I don't have anything else prepared or when I don't have an leftovers for lunch at work, etc. This morning was an "oh, crap I don't have enough time to even make a sandwich for lunch" kind of morning so I grabbed a Lean Cuisine for lunch. It's been a long time since I've had one. It was so much better than I thought it would be. The chicken was *real chicken,* not pressed chicken, real actual white meat chicken tenderloin. The potatoes weren't the watery flavorless mess I thought they would be, they were respectable, and the cornbread stuffing was pretty much just delicious. I'm really glad I tried it. 240 calories, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and just 610mg sodium (which isn't so bad considering it's a frozen dinner).

    Anyway, I'm going to buy more this evening (the sale makes them $1.49 each). It's at Kroger in case anyone is interested. They're on sale for $1.99 each but if you buy 10 items included in another sale (the lean cuisines are included), you get an additional $5.00 off. So you could buy 10 LCs for $14.90 which I think is a great price. Add some green veggies to most of the meals and you've got a decently well-rounded ~300 calorie meal for whenever you're in a pinch (the occasional pinch. Again, I don't think eating them every day is a very good idea, but that's just my opinion).

    I normally would never endorse a frozen dinner, but the real chicken thing and the quality of the food kind of changed my mind about Lean Cuisine. I wouldn't eat them every day... or even several times a week. But when your other options are fast food or not eating at all, I now think they may be a decent choice.
  • Hey All! Newbie here. Well to the site anyway. I have been on my journey since January. 97 lbs down so far. I would say my Holiday challenge is to reach my 100 lb loss before Thanksgiving.

    Anyone scared about the holidays coming up? i am a little nervous. I thought about letting myself endulge in the Turkey, stuffing, etc. But I am so scared that it will cause me to fall way off track. I have this issue. As long as I stay on track I am good. but the minute I fall off, it takes me a while to get back on. I always do make it back on . my results are proof of that, but it gets harder to resist those urges more and more. I think a lot of it has to do with coming this far. I catch myself trying to use the excuse "Well I have done so good that I deserve a cheat day". 1 cheat day turns into 2, then 3,4,5,6 before I know it the whole week is ruined. :mad: As they say though "There's always tomorrow".
  • Hi gang, I just wanted to let you all know I found another free site that is more compatible to use on my phone. I need to be able to log my food throught the day and this program doesn't allow me to do that on my cell phone. I'll miss you all. :flowerforyou:
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    Morning everyone!

    jlb123 SW: 270 GW: 150 CW: 246.6 = -1.2 pounds

    I'm happy with that. Especially since I've been weighing in at 249.8 all week until yesterday due to the water weight from heavier exercise.
    I kicked my Halloween goal's butt. And I'm only 6.6 pounds away from my Thanksgiving goal! :drinker:
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    good job jlb !! Looks like no one started a new thread. I'll check back later