• louisedavies311
    louisedavies311 Posts: 110 Member
    Married 18 years 9 months together 19 years and very happy
  • Deestrong68
    Deestrong68 Posts: 119 Member
    Married 18 years - Together for 23 years
  • MonicaA2013
    MonicaA2013 Posts: 753 Member
    second marriage... together 11.5 yrs married 5.5 yrs. never been happier. :love: :smooched: :heart: :bigsmile:
  • Single for about four months.
  • Married 5 1/2 years and he is absolutely my other half.
    DJMIKEY1 Posts: 523 Member
    Divorced & single
  • AKcanookie
    AKcanookie Posts: 230 Member
    married 13 exciting fun and unusual years :laugh:
    sadly separated only by miles, 3060.8 miles to be exact :noway:
    can't wait to see my DH at the end of May :love:
    he has no idea i've been working my b*tt off to lose weight and get in shape :devil:
  • rachrach7595
    rachrach7595 Posts: 151 Member
    Divorced... in another life.
    In this happy life.. Married 8 years this March :heart:
  • Love that costume!
  • *Jelie's costume!
  • Divorced after only a year of marriage.

    Warning to everyone - If they cheat, do drugs, and are alcoholics before you get married, dont be dumb like me and think theyll change and be forgiving. Itll lead to a lot of unhappiness
  • Now 60, Married for 32 years, a 16 year old daughter at home and a 25 year old on her own. We know others our age with grandkids older than our kids.
  • Fatgirlslim80s
    Fatgirlslim80s Posts: 7 Member
    Single for 4 years on 25 th when I lost my partner.
    When I loose my weight I'm ready to get back out there again ????????????????????❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????