Is one twin bigger than the other??

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I have three year old twin girls, one of my girls loves fruit and veg, the other one isn't keen, I am big and always have been, I fear she is going to be just like me, pulling chairs over to cupboards to eat food, helping herself in the fridge. She is only 2.5 lb heavier (at the moment,!!!!!!) but I feel I will need to watch her like a hawk.

Anyone else have similar concerns???


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    Mine have always had a 6 lb weight difference. Our concern has always been the underweight one. We have to force her to eat her meat before she can have any vegetables. She has gone from the 0.1%ile up to the 8th. He has always been in the 50th.

    As long as they are both healthy, a difference that small doesn't seem significant.
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    I have a twin who is a foodie. A good appeite in a toddler is a good thing, I just moderate her choices. No one, even toddlers gorge on carrots, apples ect. :)
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    I'm glad this post was pulled up and I hope the OP reads my response.

    I have 3yo b/g twins. My son has always been bigger, a pound and half inch bigger at birth. 6 pounds and 2 inches bigger now. His favorite foods are fruit and vegetables. He would prefer a banana to a cookie and doesn't like meat/pasta. He was a very chubby baby, but slimmed down when he started walking/running everywhere. My daughter (remember, always been tiny) loves to eat period. She especially loves meat and potatoes, not crazy about fruits and vegetables. My son wears 3T (mostly 4's) because he can't always get his bottom in size 3s. My daughter has been wearing size 18 month pants as capris/bermuda shorts.

    My husband and I are big people and always have been. We are very worried about our children's sizes and what they eat. (And then I worry that I worry too much ;) ) But, I really do believe some people were born teeny tiny and some people were more stocky and broad. As long as they eat healthy/good foods and are active they are fine.
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    My twins don't have my genetics, thank goodness. At birth they were 6lb 9oz and 7lb 1oz and 1cm (not quite 1/2 inch) different in length. They're now 4 1/2, and my son is much bigger than my daughter. He's 10cm (4 inches) taller, and 3.3kg (8 lbs) heavier. He eats non-stop, but mostly healthy foods. He constantly raids the cupboards for food, I swear he has hollow legs and fear for his teenage years! He eats more than I do, I can practically see him growing! He's tall and very skinny for his age. My daughter, I call her 3/4 size. She's dainty and eats like a tiny bird. But she loves fruit and I can usually get them both to eat meat. I just think they're different builds to each other.
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    My daughters were born at 35 weeks, Isabella was 6.8 pounds, Mackenzie was 6.4 pounds. They just turned 1 and are currently 24 & 23 pounds, 1 inch height difference--one is in the 97th percentile and the other is in the 85-97th percentile. They are big for their age, but I agree, we only offer them healthy food choices but they are having trouble eating meat. What protein options do you give your babies?? Are they drinking whole milk or formula still??
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    Our twin girls are 8 now and even though they have different tastes in food, they are pretty close in height and weight. Weight is usually not more than 1 lb different. Height is identical.

    At birth, they were .5 lb different, which is a bigger deal, but then they evened out over time. They have always been in the upper percentiles for height and weight, but my husband and I are tall. The girls are fit looking, but solid. I call them sturdy like me! I always weigh more than people think i do by looking at me.
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    I have 9 year old boy/girl twins at birth they were very close in weight 7lb4 and 7lb both on the 75th centile they stayed that way until about 4. Now my daughter is significantly bigger than her brother a whole 16lbs heavier and much taller. Piers has ADHD and is on Ritalin and this suppresses his appetite he would gladly not eat at all, Lydia only likes unhealthy food sweets, chips, chocolate but is healthy and very active. At school their peers don't realise they are twins as piers is a year behind Lydia due to his special needs. I am hoping this rectifies itself as piers is now in the 2nd centile a huge drop from his birthweight.
  • My Twins are only 2 months old but they have a 1 lbs difference so far. But I also have a 3 year old singleton and I have set up baskets in the pantry and fridge of just her snacks. The fridge contains fruits and vegetables (grapes, carrots, apple slices, yogurt tubes, and so on) the pantry contains the crackers and teddy garhams and such. If she asks for a snack I tell her you can get a snack from the fridge in the morning and then she can have a snack from the pantry in the evening. I also tell her that she has to at least eat all her vegetables before she can have a mini ice cream cone or a cookie.
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    My 2 1/2 year old girls are a whole size difference apart. One is in the 50th percentile and the other is in the 10th for their age. I think it's odd that people focus on how much bigger one is when she is a normal for her age. I hope that doesn't continue as they get older.

    I have a weight problem and so does my husband. I also have the weight gain worries me as well.

    I try not to fuss over finishing food. I just offer them healthy choices on their plate even if they don't eat it. I try not to restrict treats, but I try to be mindful about it. I have one that chugs down juice and wants more and more. I mix the juice 50/50 with water. She refuses it if there's too much water though. :grumble:
  • Hi my twin boys are now 4 years old but they were born at 36 1/2 weeks and were 6lbs 5 oz and 5 lbs 9oz. And so far they have always been within a pound of each other and within an inch of each other. Also, they eat all the time it seems. But lucky for me they aren't picky eaters and love fruit and veggies. They are the ones that if a bowl of chips is on the table next to the veggie tray they go for the veggies first. They are very active and probably are burning off the calories as fast as they can put them on. I wouldn't worry to much just make sure that they have lots of healthy options to snack on over the junk food stuff.