180 down to 137.. working for 130



  • It took me about 4 months. I was the same weight for a month though..I just started going down again.'

    Thanks everyone :)<3
  • kgprice11
    kgprice11 Posts: 750 Member
    wow great job!!
  • Marianeyda
    Marianeyda Posts: 60 Member
    you look great...was this only calorie counting?
  • ImKindOfABigDeal40
    ImKindOfABigDeal40 Posts: 807 Member
    You look fantastic!
  • kolkol
    kolkol Posts: 300 Member
    thats awesome! I did the same & then gained some back, losing 30 lbs in 3 months.
  • mostly calorie counting.
    a few crunches, jumping jacks, running up stairs here and there.

    & new NSV this weekend!

    Bought size junior 7 shorts...my profile pic!
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