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Was I being ignorant to my vegetarian friend?



  • yourenotmineyourenotmine Member, Premium Posts: 664 Member Member, Premium Posts: 664 Member
    As an aside, I'm the type of vegetarian who would probably respond with something like "ooh, can I get it with bacon?" and a ;). I'm an ethical vegetarian, but I'm still human, and I remember liking some meats, sometimes.
  • caraiselitecaraiselite Member Posts: 2,631 Member Member Posts: 2,631 Member
    yup, she was rude.
  • entropy83entropy83 Member Posts: 172 Member Member Posts: 172 Member
    Oh wait misread that you knew she was vegetarian. I don't think her response was rude, you could have just replied Didn't know they may have other things at that place that are good.
  • rextcatrextcat Member Posts: 1,412 Member Member Posts: 1,412 Member
    that burger soounds deelish!
  • SoftrbreezeSoftrbreeze Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    Well, it could be interpreted as rude, but sometimes the written word has difficulty conveying the attitude behind it. I can't tell you how many times someone has gotten upset and even defriended me on facebook because of some "attitude" they interpreted as rude, when it was no such thing as far as I was concerned. But as much as I hate the discord, if someone is bound and determined to get mad at me for every little word I type, I'd just as soon see them go, then have to weigh every word before I type it. Too much effort, too little return. I'd wait a while and see if she is a repeat offender. If so, say caio and good riddance!
  • Reinventing_MeReinventing_Me Member Posts: 1,070 Member Member Posts: 1,070 Member
    Sounds like she simply answered that it was a suggestion that would not work for her. It doesn't sound rude to me..nor are you ignorant because you simply didn't know. No harm, no foul. Move on.

    ^^This.^^ People read too much into things sometimes.
  • Irish_eyes75Irish_eyes75 Member Posts: 475 Member Posts: 475
    Ok - you didn't know she was a vegetarian - so why would you even think you were being rude!

    Anyone who starts a reply with "umm" is condescending and rude. Period.
    It doesn't matter what she was saying. Yes she was stating a fact but she was unnecessarily rude about it. Having said that I wouldn't be bent out of shape about it - I expect rudeness from Facebook - and MFP for that matter.
  • junyrjunyr Member Posts: 416 Member Member Posts: 416 Member
    Just a sign that you're not really good enough "friends".
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